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  1. Dear RP & Readers.

    hey Im very bored so i was wondring what you guy where up to and if you wanted to Rp and eat cookies?
    well to tell you little about myself.

    i am a female
    i right to 1 to 2 phar
    i have alot of characters.
    i like cookies, angels, demons, gods(rp), witchs, romance storys, drama storys, Tragic Endings to storys,
    i hate jurks, mean people, people who talk badly about my writing. and yes i know i have bad grammer the reason is people like you, bullys. >XP.
    i try my best to not do Mary sues. i try my best hear that try I realy dont mean to sorry.

    so what i want to do they are ideas. im not the best with Plots. ^^"

    something like a high priestess is in trouble and a worrie meet her in the woods. and he is the last hope of the world and so is the priestess. Fantasy. Romnce(maybe).

    darkness has came to take over the world and only the light can save the human race. a DarkX Light rp romance. Fantasy. mordern/past.

    With life there is nothing to stop. and when your wanted you cant stop moving. but when that wanted meets someone he/she wants. she/he'll find way for them both to be togather. romance. mordern

    what happens when you knew your boss and he/she was your childhood crush. and he/she was your childhood crush. now that your closer loser will it help or will it just show that your not made for each other and what happens when one of you are hiding something even bigger. Boss/Secretary. Romance. fantasy. Modern

    Wolfs have wanted her/him for many years after saving him from a wolves attack. now its time for the wolf to come back and have his/her mate. Romance. Fantasy. mordern

    ok Thats all I got but if you want to hit me with what you got go of it. just so you know if you want pics i can find amazing ones. for you. ^^

    hope to rp with you​
    PS call me Bella​
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  2. (^_^) Hello Chi-Bella, still want a cookie? *holds a cookie out* :cookie:<(^_^)
  3. yes i want a Cookie please. NOW GIVE ME COOKIE :axeman:
  4. XD XD XD Oho? A little cookie monster? My peanut-butter chocolate chip cookies are the best! :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:<(^_^) *hands them over*

    ^_^ So, chi-be, if we were to do an rp, which would you prefer?
  5. what ever you want my friend. ^3^
  6. (Gives you a bucket full of cookies.)
  7. Lolz thanks
  8. Hello :) (offers cookie) the light and dark rp sounds really interesting
  9. *Eats a cookie*
    In these scenerios, what characters are you looking forward to being?
    *Finishes cookie*
    Like in the wolf one for example: The wolf wanting the mate or the one suppose to be the "mate"?
    *Offers cookie while eating another cookie*
  10. [MENTION=5527]GwenBunny[/MENTION] i am alright with whateves and yes it would be his or her mate.
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