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  1. Phaedra quickly spread off-white canvas sheets over the furniture in her house, knowing that any minute now, a soldier would be walking up to her house in the middle of the forest, and if he found anything out of place in a house that was supposed to be abandoned since the war, then within hours it would be swarming with soldiers. Flipping off lights and finding unique places to hide things, the young woman made sure everyone was as it was when she first found the place, before finally getting into her own hiding place.

    Going into the bathroom, she opened one of the cabinets under the sink and went in there, her slightly small frame making it easy for her. And there it was that she held her breath, cursing her informant's stupidity. He had gotten himself caught, looking at her house, which had had lights on at the time, which had led the soldier there. His body was probably in a ditch next to a road now...Shaking away the thought, she heard the front door open, and someone wearing heavy boots step inside.

    The person stepped further into her house, and the sound of a gun being readied filled her ears. Trying her best to keep silent, Phaedra listened to the person move about her house, certain that he could hear her own heart beating. If he found her, it was all over.
  2. Panting, panting and there was going to be no stop for a break for some time thought Jeffrey as he continued running. His mind wanted to stop for a break but his legs became sort of automatic like some machine as they launched left, then right. Fear was the only thing running through his mind and it wasn't going to change til he knew he was safe. He was outnumbered by two pack of demon hunters. Men chasing off demons like some wild rabbit or deer. The forest was dense and Jeffery was sure he could lose his tail as long as he brought distance between them. His torn up clothes were comfortable. His black shorts were swaying intuned with each leg and his white shirt was torn across the chest as wind kept him cool. Not that he could over heat or something because he was a flame demon. Not that being a demon was evil or whatever the cliche is. Humans assume he was growing red horns on his head and a pointy tail but in fact this fire demon looked more human than some. He was very young in the face behind the bruises. The only thing that was different than most humans were his fire fueled eyes.

    The forest was becoming more thick and he could no longer hear the death squad behind him. He knew he could rest but would not til he was sure of the situation. I'll stop when...he stopped immediately when he saw a light go off in a house to his right. What a house was doing in the middle of the forest he had no idea and thought he thought it was a hallucination at first. He approached the home with caution and could hear footsteps inside. Then a gun cocked. He knew one of the soldoers were there but wasn't sure how he could have gotten ahead of him. He wanted to leave with every ounce of energy but stopped himself as he pieced together that the soldier he saw at the front door was not the one who turned off the light.

    He crept behind the soldier and launched his attack which sent the thin soldier to the ground and was knocked out cold in a few seconds. Jeffrey picked up the gun and placed it into the front of his shorts and began searching inside. He needed to warn whoever was in here that the people behind him were not nice at all.

    "Hello...There's someone else here?...listen..we don't have alot of time..." He wasn't sure if he waa going to get lucky and he wanted to get to some place safe as soon as possible but his kindness was keeping him here. He just hoped it wouldn't be in vain.
  3. Her eyes widened as she heard another person enter her home, but Phaedra remained silent, even as she heard the sound of something heavy fall to the ground, presumably, and hopefully, the soldier. However, this wasn't the least of her surprises that night, as she soon heard a voice. It was male, and asked if someone was there. Still, she stayed in her hiding spot, not trusting it. Then, the man said that they didn't have a lot of time. Shifting around slightly, prepared to stay there all night if need be, she cursed inwardly as she accidentally nudged a bottle under the sink, which fell down, creating a hollow, echoing sound.

    The woman was slightly over twenty, old enough that she could remember a few events of the war and what followed, but young enough that she didn't remember most of it. She did, however, remember the night her mother died, leaving her with only her father, who, although he did his best to raise her properly, couldn't be there for her all the time. She had elven features, raven-colored hair, and hazel eyes almost the color of amber. Though she could have been called pretty, she was even more so when she smiled. However, there was little chance of that happening now. On this particular day, she was wearing a black button-up shirt and pants of the same color, though the pants had a bleach stain on the hem of the legs.

    Certain now that whoever it was had heard her, she decided that if she was to die that night she would rather do so on her own terms than on someone else's, she pushed open the cabinet door. Crawling out of the space, she stands up straight, looking at the man who stood before her, and the soldier who was at his feet.