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  1. Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee.
    Blessed art thou amongst women,
    and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
    Holy Mary, Mother of God,
    pray for us sinners,
    now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

    It's the intensity of the hall that fills him with dread.

    He's on his knees before Mendel. His shadow looming before him, cascading him body in the dark. He's doesn't look up. He's not allowed. Not under this circumstance as the chime of the bells ring around him bringing forth the melodic anthem from within the hall. The sword in his hands his heavy, but he doesn't dare let it for the the priest had warned him the consequences.

    "God will judge you boy."

    He shivers at the undertone of a threat that was within Mendel's gravely tone. It's rough like gravel on any other given day, but is smooth like the honey the servants bring in on Sundays. His voice fills the chamber, the ominous chanting by the of the choir is in his ears. Filling him with a strange mixture of sadness and excitement. He cracks open a deep brown eye, and look at the throne. It's polished seat gleaming under the sunlight and the jewels that were placed by his father years ago are still bright. My father, the thought isn't new. But it isn't welcome either. King James, who gave up his life for the people of the North.

    his eyes fill with tears at the thought of his father. He grits his teeth and closes his eyes aware of the people around him now. He's alone. His mother dead, his father killed, and his brother on the verge of death he can tell that the people are hesitant of putting a man-or a boy they said- so small in stature and personality at the head of the kingdom. His heart aches in his chest. He ignores it as the priest comes to an end.

    "When I am done giving the blessing, you shall stand and receive the water. Enough instructions for the ceremony now. They seem easy enough don't they?"

    he pleads within himself, the're not. He stands up slowly, the sword now dangling by his side. It's scabbard rough in his hands and the weight of it brings him back to reality. Reality, His chuckles to himself.

    "Do you?"

    He snaps his head towards Mendel. Panic rising within his chest as he counts the last minute. He's already screwing up and he thinks he's about the break. "Do I...what?"

    Mendel's eyes are filled with annoyance and sharp agitation. He flinches. Of course he hates me, he thinks. It was Mendel who voted against letting him rule. He felt a sharp thread of resentment. He can't help, but feel angry with him. Who else was supposed to take care of the throne now that his father was dead. Certainty not some withered priest!

    "Do you accept the terms of this life of which you are about to be given?" he can hear the word, child, even though Mendel doesn't say it. "With this crown," he gestures to the golden crown within his wrinkled hands. He gags at his veins at little. "you will lead the people of the North will the virtue and respect of god and his angels. Do you accept?"

    He takes a sharp intake of breathe and slowly puts the sword into it's casing alongside his belt. He kneels down on one knee before Mendel and does the sign of Christ on his chest.

    Leon gazes up the Mendel. Already feeling the swelling of anxiety from around the people and the anger of his coronation from Mendel.

    "I accept."
  2. Thomas hadn't been allowed to go to the ceremony... He was to get dressed for serving afterwards. There was going to be a huge party and they still needed to do so much! Get all the silverware out, decking the tables, preparing the food. A lot of servants hurried around the big dinner hall and Thomas felt a bit lost. He had to do a lot but what did he need to do now exactly?! "You are looking like a fool" someone said to him, a much older more experienced guy. Thomas looked at him and swallowed. "sorry sir" he said hurrying off again. They didn't have much time anymore. He got the candles and started lighting the room and table up with them. He looked at the giant table full of wine and other luxuries... He wished he was rich like that
  3. Leon was sure his ears would fall off as the crowd swarmed around him, the moment the crown touched and fell upon his locks. Congratulations seemed to fall from everyone's lips and breathy smiles from the knights and gentle gestures of love from his hand maidens filled him with joy. Even Mendel looked relaxed despite the dark shade that covered his eyes. Leon breathed in, feeling the swelling of pride and deep sense of sadness in his breast build up, and exhaled softly as he forced a smile. He was sure despite his confident smile that his eyes showed his real emotions. The anger and sense of worthlessness at his fathers death and the controversy of his coronation.

    The crowd fell back with hushed whispers and excited glances at one another. Leon turned to them and drew his sword from it's scabbard, the polished silver gleaming off the walls and mosaics, and raised it above his head with a cry:

    "I, Leon, son of James II and Anne Brown promise to protect the kingdom as me father did with the spirit and glory of Micheal and his angles! I promise to uphold the treaty with the other countries and to feed the the people with the loyalty and graciousness of the lord himself! I, Leon, take this sword and promise to install fear into the hearts of our enemy as did the others who died for this land!" He voice trembled and his back stiffened with fear. Would they accept him? Or had they listened to the rumors of the pope and his men? His relaxed as cheers filled the hall and sunlight filtered through the mosaic.

    Our father would have been proud

    His brothers words fell upon him again as he reveled in the cheers and let the happiness of the ceremony race away his troubles.

    As everyone stepped aside as he walked through the crowd he felt the stares on his back as he led the way out the hall and into the Dining room. They outdid themselves, Leon thought to himself as he stared at the table. His mouth watered inside his mouth. The table was filled with all kinds of food, food he didn't even know how to describe. The smell itself was tantalizing as if wafted into his nostrils. The smell of cooked ham and fresh bread and the assortments of food lined the mahognay table. He ignored the grumbling in his belly as he averted his eyes and sat at the head of the table. His eyes lingering towards the servants who busied themselves already. The other guests filling the table quickly. He sighed as his eyes strayed toward one particular servant.
  4. Thomas stood in the corner of the dining hall, he would be the one to serve the wine. He watched the people walk.in and bowed at them all, which was mostly useless, nobody paid attention to him anyway. Nobody but the most important man in the country that was. He blushed and looked at the ground when he felt the King's eyes bore into him.

    Soon the sound of people talking and silverware clattering on plates filled the Grand Dinning Hall and Thomas was very busy with serving wine and saying 'sir' or 'milady' when he did so. He hoped the dinner would be over soon but everybody seemed way to pleased in their seats for that to happen. He knew he would get sour legs from this but he couldn't complain
  5. Leon felt odd sitting in in his father's old chair. The embroidery that lined the table and the pillow on which he sat upon was hand-spun gold and filled with unexpected nostalgia. He sat there with the priest on his left eyeing the food that was spread around the table. It all looked good, but his appetite had decreased ever since he was asked to give the blessings and prayers over the food. Something that even the church hadn't prepared him for, even after all the Sundays his father made his brother and him go to church. He shivered as he remembered the dull setting of the church as the Monday morning cold air dug into his skin, making him shiver against his brother back then.

    He sighed as he picked up his fork and turned sharply as the priest poked him. His eyes looked sharply to the food and back up again to meet his eyes as if say, 'don't play with your food.' Leon shrugged and decided not the care. Even now the priest still thought of him as a child. He looked around at the guests as they talked to one another, the faces animated as they recalled the elegant ceremony and the crowing of the king. He looked to where one of the servants was standing and raised a hand to call for him. His dark brown hair sitting atop his head like bread just yet out of the oven and his eyes a dull brown. He was muscular, he noted, and he was tall for a servant. His face flushed as caught himself staring.
  6. Thomas saw that the king called for him and hurried over, bowing deeply. "do you want some wine your Grace" he said and looked at the floor. Somebody as low class as him shouldn't look at the King's face, he knew that and he didn't. He waited for an answer and all kinds of thoughts ran trough his mind. It was mostly 'don't look at him' and 'don't spill the wine' he looked briefly at the priest next to King Leon and he saw that he didn't look amused, which shocked Thomas. How could one look like that when sitting next to the King?
  7. Leon blinked twice before letting a smile ease onto his face. "Yes, thank you. I'm sorry, but what's your name? I would like to know all my servants who attend to me." He was kind, yes, because he would have liked to be treated the same way if he were a servant. Plus, he couldn't help but notice just how nervous he looked when Leon had called him over. He's even more handsome up close, Leon thought absently. His features were delicate, but there was no doubt that he was man. His eyes were even richer in color and his hair looked even more softer. Leon sighed inwardly. He mustn't let his urges take control of him now.
  8. Thomas kept his eyes downcast as he should. He suddenly forgot his own name and panicked for less then a second. "Thomas is my name, milord" he said "Thomas son of George" he was the son of the old's king personal Valet and he wished to get the same profession one day, but his hopes weren't high. He was clumsy
  9. Thomas. Thomas Son of George.

    The name felt right in his mind. He supposed that if he were to say it out loud it would trickle off his tongue like honey. "I remember your father! He was especially good with the horses no doubt. Especially Thorn, stubborn one that is." He wished he were able to say something more. Something that they both could have a long chat about, but Mendel's glare at the edge of his vision loomed over him. He frowned slowly and forced a tight stern line across his face and nodded curtly. "I'll see you to your work then." He turned back to his food and shoveled it into his mouth though he wasn't hungry anymore. The once rich meat that sang with flavor now tasted like wood shavings from the carpenter.

    "I'm sorry." He whispered to Mendel, knowing the sharp repercussion he would get from the older man.
  10. "he was my lord king" Thomas smiled but it faded when the King's did aswell.Had he done something wwrong? He bowed and left, pouring the others wine again. He felt sad that the king suddenly turned so... Royal. But he was the king, he wasn't normal like him, he was of blue blood, high above the people. His father had always talked so praising about the old King, May he forever live. But Thomas didn't know what to think now
  11. Leon risked a sad smile at Thomas, hiding it behind his fork and hoped that Mendel wouldn't be able to see it. This is truly a sad existence, he thought to himself as he picked over the ham. For years he was taught by the priests and by the people that being heir to the throne was something to be proud of. Of course, because that means a life without hardships or turmoil. It meant a life of happiness and spending money freely on whatever you choose. Something most people in the kingdom, even the nobles, wished to have. Waving away Thomas, he called to the people around the table.

    It is late and it would not be fare for the children of everyone here if their mother's weren't home before dark." That earned him a few chuckles. "I call this to an end. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for accepting me as king and I will provide you and the people with the richness of victory over our enemies and the wealth of gold from our allies. Now if you excuse I'll be leaving. May God watch over you all."

    He stood stiffly and pushed his chair in, sending a warm smile to the people who watched with interest and weariness and walked out the door. He could feel Mendel's piercing gaze upon his back and could only hope he approved of his words. And with a heavy sigh he walked towards the door and shut it. Knights following at his heels closely. He needed to be alone.


    Lying upon his bed in the darkness of his chambers, the day rolled past him again and again. The events were caught up in his head much to point where his internal monologue was dulled. The pictures racing through his mind seamlessly in a parade of colors and emotions. The warmth of the fire was still there, despite him trying to ignore. He'd much rather have the cold anyway. He turned to his side and rubbed at his sore arm. He had taken his clothes off with the uncomfortable help of the maidens. Trying to ignore their giggles and whispers as he turned to them naked. He still squirmed at the rumors that were bound to show up.

    Glancing over his shoulder with as much flexibility as he could he called to the keeper outside his chamber door. The skin on his back prickling at the thought of having to order people around. He still wasn't used to it despite it being three days since the ceremony.

    He thought of Thomas with his soft smiles and quiet confidence, and laughed as he heard the keeper answer his call with a small 'hmmm?'

    "Could you bring me a servant please? I need help with something." He hoped to himself that it was Thomas they would send. He still needed to apologize about his be behavior on the day of his coronation,
  12. Thomas was just polishing shoes, the only one awake. Theaters of the maids, butlers and velats were sleeping by now. A man walked in and he looked up. "the king wishes for you to come" he said and Thomas immediately stood, normal at the mention of the king. "yes sir, in his bedroom?" the other nodded and Thomas hurried off
  13. Leon paced as he walked the length of his bedroom. He inhaled and counted to ten wondering how he would go about his plan and exhaled gently, pondering the possibilities that would come about. He glanced at the clock and felt tension weave it's way into his body. 9:57. Usually the time when all servants dressed themselves for bed and dispersed into the hours of night into their homes. Tapping his foot he fought his upcoming anxiety. He needed to apologize. To make himself feel better about the way he had dismissively shooed away the servant. Also because he didn't miss the look of shock that crossed Thomas' face.
  14. Thomas put his clothes alright and hurried to the royal family wing. He reached the King's bedroom and knocked softly. Had he really called for Thomas or would any servant do? He waited patiently but nervous on the.opening of the door, not knowing what to say or expect. "Milord?" Thomas voice wasn't totally convincing
  15. Leon's head snapped up at the inquiry of Thomas' voice. He smiled as opened the door standing in the frame as he looked up at Thomas. "Thomas. I'm glad they have sent you." he grinned shyly, suddenly embarrassed at his own voice. Keep it together, he snapped to himself as he opened the door and stood aside to let Thomas in. The air was warm, with a light lemon scent. He supposed they would have to be comfortable if he was going to apologize. "Come, come sit down at the table." He pointed to the small wooden table.
  16. He wanted to ask what was going on but, it was the king. "yes my lord" he said and walked to the table. He had a questioning look but just obliged, sitting down. Was he uncomfortable? No, he just felt slightly weird. He pulled his sleeves and kept his eyes down cast, he wanted to look at him so bad. He knew he was handsome and all that from secret glares but it wasn't the same
  17. Leon sat heavily on the other side of the chair. He looked around slowly, occasionally glancing at Thomas and sighed as he coughed awkwardly. Settling his gaze on the potted plant from beside the door he hummed in his throat to fill the quietness of the air. "I-I wanted to apologize about how curt I was. I'm still new to this being kin-" he paused, mentally slapping himself. What in heaven's name made him confess that. He hated to say it, but Thomas wasn't his friend! He was a peasant, a servant. He wasn't a preist where he could confess his sins as others did before him. He sighed to himself and put his palm to his face. The breathed in, the heaviness of the fire bringing him back to reality and exhaled. Thoughts buzzing as the tension set in. "I-I want to be friends with you Thomas. I just don't-"
  18. Thomas now looked up shocked and then down again. "you can't be friends with me my lord. What am I next to you. You are the ruler of this country and I polish shoes. You should be hunting with the sons of rich lords and flirting with their daughters" he was flattered though, the king wanting to be friends with him! That was amazing
  19. Leon snorted and shook his head. "Do you think I do not know that? Do you think I haven't thought of the endless possibilities my actions would cause because of our friendship?" He spoke softly, almost to himself under the dim light now that the fire had gone out. "Do think me as a fool?" he almost spat out the word with disgust. He turned his attention towards Thomas and threw a small smile.
  20. "I do not my lord I am sorry" Thomas spoke and felt as an idiot. Of course he would know! "Can I ask something my lord?" he said and for the first time directly looked at him. "Why me" he whispered and then looked away again. He was still nervous and anxious of this whole thing. "I am nor special"
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