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  1. Rejected from the shambles of society that still clings to live in a god-forsaken world, a trio of guerrilla marauders strive to right the wrongs unleashed upon them: to take back their dignity and destroy the lives of those who ruined theirs... "With not only our own internal strife and natures conflicting, and the world we seek to bring to its knees; we have the fight with hunger and the elements...the ferocity of the beasts and toxins of the plants and ground...to fight against us as well. We will either be blessed or cursed if we can achieve our goal and survive...but one thing is sure...we will reap our vengeance."

    We're a trio of baddies, of post-apocalyptic jungle bandits trying to survive after being outcast from the cities we had previously been a part of. We banded together for a little bit of survival and a little bit of revenge on the part of the remaining pieces of civilization that decided they didn't want us anymore.
  2. First!

    I am perfectly mature.
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  3. Bianka 'Babs' Babicz

    There are few who can fully describe this twenty-four-year-old woman. Her pointy features point to some sort of elvish heritage, while her childish, childlike reactions are not reminiscent of the long-lived, studious race. There is no doubt, however, that something incredibly fay is in her blood. She stands at about five foot seven and weighs around one hundred and fifteen pounds. She is tall and lanky, with limbs that seem too long for her body.

    Babs has a strange mix of a cruel intentions and childlike wonder, and is the type of woman to play games with her quarry. Her personality is volatile and her actions unpredictable. Nonetheless, whichever mood she is in tends to be infectious, especially her laughter - which ranges from a giggle to a hyena cackle. Her morals are skewed, as is her mind, but in the same breath you could simply say that she's a product of her situation. Babs has a soft spot for children, and will go to great lengths to protect them, as well as an affinity for the mutant fauna that make the aggressive jungle their home.

    She was born in the capital twenty-two years before the missiles rained and the jungle encroached on the remaining wedges of civilization. Her upbringing was surprisingly unremarkable, and perhaps this was the cause of her introduction to organized crime. She made a name for herself as a cat burglar, even then simply known as 'Babs', and made her home on the rooftops of the capital as much as the streets.

    Babs was pregnant when the end of the world sorta happened. The child was born with all of her fingers and toes, unexpectedly mutation-free. Regardless, the world she lived in now was dystopian and unfair, and the child was taken away after only two years with her mother after the discovery of her criminal activities. As a cherry on top of the sentence, Babs was led out into the quickly encroaching, mutating jungle and left there to survive on her own.

    She did.
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  4. OJ said she didn't mind a bullet list. Which is far easier for me. I'll try to write up something better later. Hopefully you don't mind either, Seth.

    Dusty Curnow

    "Your ruggedly dashing rogue has arrived."
    • 28-years-old.
    • Very selfish.
    • Born in a rural forest area.
    • Used to travel to more urban areas to sell furs.
    • Second son.
    • Hunted often with father and brother.
    • Sarcastic joker.
    • Likes dogs, especially his own, Daisy.
    • Relentless Flirt.
    • Confident, potentially over-confident.
    • Fancies himself charming.
    • 6'2"
    • Occasional smart ass and braggart.
    • Good shot.
    • Likes to bet and gamble.
    • Makes an effort toward his appearance, even in the current situation. Especially his hair.
    • Still hunts fairly often.
    • Smoker.
    • Loose morals. He claims he has some.
    • Has no trouble playing nice with others.
    • Takes little seriously...
    • ... except when he is showing off or trying to be "cool."

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  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Igor Anastasiyovich Ipatiy
    Age: 34 (1/18/XXXX)
    Sex: Male
    Race: Pureblood Human
    • Igor was born into a purist family in the outskirts of Dol Cae'thar on the coast of the Allusian Basin to a father who was rarely home and a mother who worked too much for her own good. His upbringing was mostly quiet, save for the instances where his father would come home on leave and instill some of the training he had gained through the service into Igor.

      When he reached the age of sixteen, he enlisted in the same branch of the military his father had joined and been in service to for the last twenty years. During his preliminary examinations and aptitude tests, in addition to his psychological analysis; it was determined that Igor would be best suited as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal technician.

      Following the climactic ending to all known society, Igor put his skills into practice in trapping structures and creatures and taking out traps against him and his as such. However, that lasted but a short while as the community leader had suspected him of espionage (though the man just really disliked Igor's father [who perished alongside Igor's mother during the end]) and had imposed an exile upon him, the first imposed in their settlement.
    • Igor is the definition of cynical. He looks at everything from the practical aspects of life and only takes what he needs and when he needs it. Relationships that he forms tend to be on a more use-oriented theme, whether that person or community has something to contribute directly to his life. Social tenancies tend to be minimal save for when the prior needs to be fulfilled.

      There is, however, one instance where his entire personality changes: explosives. He loves them, as much as a child loves free reign in a candy shop. He becomes giddy and twisted, seeking the most explosive and artistic end to whatever his task requires and often tricks his targets into being part of his light show.
      Contacts (open)
      N/A at this time.

      Relationships (open)
      N/A at this time.

    • Lead-lined, heavy-plated suit. Maintains a small supply of household chemicals and components used to make explosives. Father's old war knife. A small, folded and slightly faded picture of his mother and father.
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