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    Rise is best girl.

    [So...Who's Persona is your favorite. And I suppose you can choose one from the game.

    Mine? From the show Izanagi cuz Izanagi.

    The game? Hmm...Pyro Jack (Even though he is in the anime.)
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  2. Best demon is obviously Mara ö_ö, he does exist as a Persona, right?
    I also forget about Freaking Adorable. Her parents were right to name her that.
    You need a smaller font size. We've got a lot of Rise haters here. And their eyesight is above average. Best keep it on the lowdown.
    Well, I can't speak for all of the Doctors. But I suppose collectively, yes.
    I... I can? .... are you sure?
    But WHY?????
    No! That's not allowed. He's in the anime. You need to choose someone EXCLUSIVELY from the game, Mister! >:[
  4. Wait wait wait, Golden or the original? In regards to the animation you watched.

    Reminds me I need to finish P4G.

    And yeah, can't go wrong with Izanagi. Something something scattered and broken by his wife Izanami something something Japanese mythology something something world is saved by teenagers with the power of friendship.

    Yu had some of the best faces in the animation too.

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  5. Best part of the game was Yosukes creepy ass laugh when talking about the murder at Junes near the start of the game. Not really. I think mine is...TheShadow Teddy battle.
  6. I could never get through the anime after loving the game for so long. I hated what they did to Souji (or Yu, I guess), and though Yosuke was always kind of a douche bag, they somehow managed to make him enough of a douche in the anime for even me to dislike him. I'm tiny and bitter and hate change. :c

    My favourite Personas are Alice, Cybele, Norn and Yoshitsune.

    My favourite part about the whole series, though, was that Yosuke was actually intended to be a romance option, but they took him out at the last minute. If you search for it, you can even find the English voice files for the romance. My OTP is justified.
  7. The best part at the anime was the last, separate, episode. That parallel world where Yu admits that he would live in a lie if he couldn't be with his friends again was very interesting and touching.

    Best girl: Rise.

    Best spoiled villian: Adachi.

    But, of course, worst girl is Marie (Sue) and the new adaptation (that felt like an awful fanfic).
  8. You all will go to hell for denying Mara's greatness!
  9. PERSONA 4!!!

    AM A DIE HARD FAN (i fuckin played the game 3 times! )

    my fav. persona would be Yoshitsune -tower arcana.He kicks ass- and physical attacks are my style!PLus his high leveled so his preeetty strong and can literally last with you through the whole game beiing very strong and reliable. ( magic is not his thing though-I leave another persona for that or just my party members when am to lazy ;p)
  10. I had to reply because...

    I cosplayed Rise at Otakon this year! :D