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  1. War was raging between hell and heaven but it was deadlocked and neither side was winning or losing. After many meetings and debates it was concluded they needed the halfing. But to do that someone needed to track her down and bring her to the gates. There were more debates but eventually they found a solution and sent for the fallen one.

    The grand angel stood at the end of the long white table, she had long white hair and a trust worthy face but her eyes looked steeled. The woman had sent for the fallen one and was now just waiting for him to arrive so they could disscus the terms.
  2. Alasotor Drake,also known as the Avenger or the Tormentor of the Inferno, stood impatiently in front of the woman.

    Begore he fell,drake had had eyes of the deepest blue, a light caramel tan to his complexion,and golden blond hair. His wings had been white and soft as a newborn's down....

    Now the fallen had a pale complexion,made even more stark by raven black hair and stubble lining his jaw.his ears had become pointed as had his canines,becoming fangs. The Fallen's eyes were now a golden yellow that almost seemed to glow with pupils almost like a cat's.after millennia of resisting the transition, the former angel was showing signs of demonizing.
    "What do you fucking want,hag?"the fallen scowled.his silky voice carried a lilting irish accent,which he had picked up from his time in the UK causing a devastating famine in Ireland
  3. The elderly angel showed no reaction to the cursing or the name, she looked quietly at the fallen creature and shook her head "it pains me to see an angel of my own flock fall so far from grace" she said softly, walking around the table slowly "Tell me, fallen one, would you like to rejoin us? If you were given a quest to restore your grace and angelicness, would you take it?" She asked, her wings fluttering behind her as if to show him what he was missing
  4. He growled and spread out his own....or what was left of them.his own wings were simply charred bones with a black haze in the form of bat-like demon wings covering them

    "Oh this should be interesting"drake replied"what do you want of me Uriel?"
  5. The grand angel waved her hand and summoned a cloud, in the cloud was an image of angels and demons fighting "as you know, heaven and hell have been at war for many decades now but never has the fight been so equal before. We need a weqapon to use against the darkness and we need you to collect it and bring it to us"
  6. "And the catch?"drake raised a brow,disinterestedly cleaning his blackened nails
    "What would you possibly need one of the fallen for? And me at that?"
  7. Uriel waved her hand again and the imaged changed to a call cottage surrounded by a faint glow "this is the location of the weapon. The glow, a sort of force field that repleas anything of define or deviant nature but since you are of neither you would be able to slip in undetected" she replied
  8. "So? Why would i want to be an angel again?you all are a bunch of ignorant,pretentious assholes" the Fallen retorted
    "Sweeten the deal and i might reconsider....ascend me to seraphim and you will definitely have a deal" assuming they had any sense they would not agree to such a steep contract and they would leave him alone. Drake took a sip from the glass of nectar he had been offered
  9. The woman nodded "very well. I shall only agreed to this becuase that is how serious this situation is" with another wave of her hand a quill and still apeared in front of Drake "sign your name and drop your blood on tot he parchment to seal the contract and I a shall explain the finer details"
  10. Drake had to visibly try not to choke on the nectar in shock
    Since she didnt seem to be joking, he took the quill and signed the contract before biting his thumb and smearing blood across it
  11. The contract glowed before vanishing and Uriel nodded "very well" she said quietly before waving her hand, the image on the cloud changing to an old painting for a demon in the bottom left reaching for an angel in the top right "you have seen this, correct? The painting of the most forbidden love story that has ever been told"
  12. "Dont tell me you think there is a nephilim on earth"drake rolled his eyes"you shouldnt believe every cherub story you hear"
  13. The woman nodded "many believe that it was only a myth and up to 18 years ago it was just that. Angel ran from Heaven before her grace could be taken, as was the same with a demon and his demonic. They met, fell in love and concived a child's together. Now, this young lady has begun to show signs off having great power and we need her. Your job will be to bring her to us without her finding put you're a fallen. She needs to believe that you are there to help her and keep her safe, so she must not know about the deal"
  14. "Im pretty sure my appearance will give that away"drake rolled his eyes.....yeah looking like a vampire with skeleton wings kind of killed any disguise he could work with
  15. Uriel pulled out a small box from under the table and opened it to show a small, tear drop clear pendent on a white leather chain "this will surpress your apearance and allow you to look like a normal human as long as you wear it"
  16. "lovely"drake sighed and nabbed the chain,dropping it around his head and already glaring at his normal looking fingernails
  17. The gran angel stepped back "we will need you to give a list of recourses and such you will need to help the girl" she said and motioned for the fallen to write it onnsome paper on the desk
  18. drake sighed and got ready to write,clicking the pen impatiently
  19. The grand angel nodded "do not hold back. What ever it is, no matter the ridiculousnes of it, if it helps please do put hit down. You will also need to come up with an identity for yourself and a story to get her to trust and follow you"
  20. at the top of the paper,he wrote the name Drake McAllister and supressed a snicker
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