Hell. Oh. Bunnies.

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  1. Lovely looking site here. Awesome.

    Hell. Oh. To everyone here. I go by inDefiance, but please do call me Fie.

    Very well then. Fie does tend to speak in third person a lot just to let you all know right away.

    It has been a while since Fie has RPed so yes, she's a bit rusty but would love to give it a go here. I am a reject from the lost RolePlayerGuild.com site so not noobs to RPing but do forgive me if I ask too many questions as Fie tries to figure out what is going on here. So many cool banners and eye candy going on up in here though! Lovely.

    Anyways, Fie loves group RPs especially fantasy types: modern, mysterious or mythical epicness, and the weirder the better. Toss in some action and ass kicking, a little bit of horror and all good. Yum. Fie was starting to get into Steampunk too before RPG disappeared. A bit too stupid for Sci-Fi but was going to give it a go as well. I see a lot of awesome looking interest checks here so shall lurk those but most likely start off in the JumpIn section later tonight. Love the idea of minimal character sheet and just jumping in there and posting away.

    Very well then. Hope to meet some nice and active RPers up in here. Ta, for now and thank you for having Fie on Iwaku, bunnies.

    "I whack you, bunnies..."
  2. I love whacking bunnies! :3 Welcome to the community, Fie!
  3. Oh thank you, Diana.

    Lovely to join here and how do you pronounce: "IWAKU" anyways?

    Fie reads it out loud as: "I WHACK YOU!"

    So loves the sound of that... and yes whacking bunnies. How could you not want to whack somethings so damn cute...? Just a little whack at any rate...

    Awwww... soooooo cuuuuuute-- WHACK!
  4. I have never thought about saying i-whack-you. O___O I always say I-wah-koo. But some people say eee-wah-koo, and some even say ih-wah-koo....

    So it could be anything!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Fie.

    I'm October nice to meet you.
  6. -Diana- Okay cools. Fie shall stick with "I-whack-you." But ee-wah-koo is nice too.

    -October Knight- Hell. Oh. Nice to meet you too.

    So questions: Is there a place on site to post your stable of Characters or character write-ups here? Is it possible to use the blog feature? Or should Fie just shut up and get her ass asking questions in the Community Hub section?

    At any rate, thank you for being nice to Fie. Lovely both of you.
  7. third person is boss, Welcome to Iwaku Fie, Hope you enjoy your time here ^_^
  8. Oh thank you Fijoli.

    So thinks Fie shall enjoy her stay here very much. Diana would seem to endorse bunny whacking up in here. Anyplace admin openly admits to enjoying a good whacking of cute little fuzzies, very well then, sounds like an awesome place to be.