Hell of a Life IC

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  1. Akutsuki sat in a high backed chair in the student council office, waiting for her staff to arrive. Those people fortunate enough to be reborn under her house name were, of course, given seats on her council. She sighed and pushed herself upright, turning to stand by the window.

    "Vivian," She said, holding her hand out palm down. A vibrant blue dragonfly shimmered into existence on her finger before flying down to the ground and changing into a blue haired girl.

    "Yes mistress?" The familiar said, bowing.

    "I want you to go to King Grimmond, see if he needs anything from the council, and remind him I want to know before his house does anything too big." Akutsuki stared absently over the school grounds. Protecting this place was her duty, and Tsumiki didn't make it overly simple when something caught his attention. Vivian shifted back into a dragonfly and buzzed gently as it took flight, heading for the Occult Research clubroom.
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    The door to the council room had slammed open a few brief minutes after the last lesson had finished, allowing two people to step through the entrance and into the room that held Akutsuki alone. Both of them a similar height, instantly bore their gazes upon the 'King' before both broke out with a grin. The female's however, was much playful, mischievous even as her counterparts was soft, a simple curl to the corner of his lips. Quietly, the one who stood a step behind began to close the door quietly, grumbling about the large slam that occurred due to the others assault on the door while the female had already skipped over to Akutsuki, grinning madly.


    It was Jevik and Jezef, one person yet not. The female counterpart of the duo had short dark green hair that reached her shoulders, the wavy tresses falling in two bangs at the side of her face with one stray lock falling from the center, barely missing covering her dark green orbs. The large, yet strangely dark, doe like eyes blinked as she studied the other, the grin still intact as she hummed. She wore the schools uniform but there was a black choker settled around her throat, a small silver charm dangling almost innocently from its velvet embrace. "Kiiingg!~" Jezef cooed again, the demon seeming quite peppy as usual. "Guess what!~ I caught all of cheaters in our class test~" Already moving again, the orthrus demon female part collapsed into her seat, crossing her legs as she settled her hands in her lap. She couldn't harm the humans or display her sadism in anyway so acting as the disciplinary committees head worked well.

    "She also caused a large interruption during the class to drag them out...cackling might I add."

    Quietly, the other had stepped over and taken a seat next to Jezef, sighing deeply at his other half's sudden pout. "Hey! At least I didn't think about eating them this time..." She mumbled, folding her arms childishly as she fell further into her seat with a huff. Jevik just watched before turning his gaze to Akutsuki, smiling softly as he bowed his head. "Good morning, King." He greeted. Like his counterpart, and their combined humanoid form despite no one having seen it, Jevik had dark green hair and eyes to match. His however, reached the nape of his neck except the bangs upon his left that fell across his eye, leaving the right dark green orb bare. That alone was visible because two thin hair pins were slipped into his locks to hold the long strands on the right side of his face back. His expression was much more stoic that Jezefs...In addition, he seemed much more respectful.

    "Sorry for being late, I had to drag Jezef here until I told her that you were waiting."
  3. Despite the bell having rung, Shinichi wasn't yet at the room he was supposed to be. He'd gotten out a bit early and had been doing some sparring with members of the Karate club. It was fun but now... Now he was just late. He had to go. "Come on... Can't we just call it quits? For now. The president is gonna be pissed and I really would rather not make her mad." He said with a hint of annoyance in his voice as he took down the member who'd been standing before him.

    "The deal was, you take on each freshman here today. You lose, even once, you join." The Karate club president spoke up. Shinichi wasn't an idiot. He knew he couldn't hope to beat the much more advanced upperclassman. Which was why they offered to have him combat the freshman. Good experience for them, bad odds for him.

    "You told me there were only a few!" Shin argued with a small growl as the next one came.

    "There are. I mean... There are only 36 freshman. A few dozen. You know?" The club president chuckled. Still though... He was getting a bit worried. Shin had gone through about 20 already of the young newbies.

    "Alright, but I'm blaming this all on you." Shinichi grinned as he continued to fight. Though some of the freshman were quickly losing their will to go on.