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  1. A city. Hidden among trees, shadowed with dark magic. Welcome to Silvion. A city of obsidian. Darkness surrounding the area like fog. The sun never rises in a city like this one. Where everyone lives free. Home to only those who dare set foot inside the city limits. Built by Oliver Silvious, it was supposed to be a safe haven for any non-mortal who asked for it. But inviting that many demons and monsters to one place surely wasn't going to end well. Oliver Silvious, though, was a smart man. So her separated Silvion into 4 districts. The first being Periculum, Latin for danger. This district being the one without laws. Full of slums and murderers. It's where most of the demons live. Just waiting for someone that wouldn't last long in a fight to show. The second, Inmortalis, is where Vampires and Werewolves live. Also creatures like Djhin. Mostly anything that doesn't die. It's the higher class area. The third is Operarius, Latin for worker. It's the factory district. Everything is made there. Its where people in the fourth sector make their living. Speaking of, the fourth district is Cognatio. Where families live. There are different laws to different districts and if you break them you'll know. Despite the chaos that takes place in Silvion, the city runs well. Because of the Dogs. They aren't actual Dogs, but they're called that because they work for the High Council of Silvion. They keep the order in the city.

    Which District will you live in?

    Name: Saline Strova

    Nickname: Red

    Age: 18 (218)

    Species: Elemental

    Appearance: Long fire red hair, short and slender. Her eyes are coal black with orange specks, like dying embers flickering inside them. She has blood red lips, with ivory satin skin. Usually found wearing black cargo pants, boots, a grey tank top, with a red hooded cloak to top it off. Hence where she gets her nickname.

    District: Periculum. District One.

    Friends and or family: No. She lives and fights alone, although she is well known.

    Player Personality and Traits: Red happens to be stubborn and short tempered. You could beat her to the brink of death and she'd still spit in your face. Very opinionated. She is well known throughout District One as red. Although tiny, she is a fierce fighter. Anyone who has challenged her has either died or ended up in a very bad position. Mostly between death and the nearest hospital. Hard to kill this one is. Many have tried, and judging by her heart beat, none have succeeded.

    Any extra facts about your character we should know: Red is a fire elemental. Meaning she can manipulate and control fire. Whistle at here while standing over a fire. You'll be ash in seconds. Apart from her incendiary talents, she is also cursed. Touching her will burn you and when she gets angry her skin glows like a candle. She lives alone for a reason.

    Red pulls her hood up, shadowing her face in darkness. It was another dark day in Periculum. Red was in the mood to kill. Sparking a fight with someone comes easily to her. And given the types of monster that surround her, it makes it that much easier. Call a nether demon its horns look small, and you'll have a ten foot tall death machine barreling towards you at top speed. Of course most people scurry back into the shadows when the see the red cloaked girl coming, some fools still think they could best her in a fight. They can't. Although picking fights is a good way to get her killed, she doesn't mind. What does she have worth living for anyway? Born and raised in Periculum, fighting for her life since birth. No family no friends. She has death surrounding her like thick black fog.

    She exits her tiny home, her boots crunching broken glass that little the streets, "Welcome to Silvion. Let Hell Fire rain down upon you." She mumbles the city motto as she steps over the body of some poor demon who didn't make it through the night. It's still early, and the street sweepers haven't been by yet, so the carnage of night lays bloody and broken, scattering the streets in the rising light.
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  2. Name: Kelrath

    Nickname: Pit

    Age: 19 (old)

    Species: Balrog (Pit Lord for anyone who isn't from the Abyss)

    Appearance: The human form he is trapped in is a human male on the cusp of his twentieth year of life. As a Pit Lord is far too great an existence for a human body to normally handle, it has been severely altered. It's hair is a fiery orange, its eyes are red (as well as glazed over as if dead), and there are cracks all around it's body revealing the glow of Kelraths flame. He is wearing a black coat and pants, as well as red gloves and boots. All of his clothes are pretty frayed, as his living conditions are garbage.

    District: Periculum. District One.

    Friends and or family: Six "siblings", though he doesn't know if the other Pit Lords are still alive.

    Player Personality and Traits: Kelrath is, for all intents and purposes, a war machine that no longer has a master and whose "safety" is stuck on the on position. As a being of the Abyss, the desire to destroy all of existence is hardwired into his very soul, and he cannot ignore it without significant effort. Thus, he can quickly turn very violent, even if remaining relatively calm outwardly. Kelrath despises devils even more than most denizens of the Abyss, as they are the ones responsible for all the seals placed upon him. While he is ultimately a being of destruction, he takes oaths and debts very seriously, and will not rest until whatever debts he finds himself in are re-payed.

    Any extra facts about your character we should know: Long ago, the Abyss created the Balrogs to lead its forces during the Fell Wars between the Legions of Hell and the Hordes of the Abyss. Kelrath, as one of these unholy creatures, was a "leader" of the Abyss' troops (though it was more like he simply pointed them in the right direction than any sort of actual military leadership). Eventually, he was captured by several of the devils leading the Unholy Legions. However, as he was a being created by the Abyss itself, he was not something that was so easily destroyed, and they had no guarantee that the Abyss wouldn't simply create something worse to take his place. Thus, they instead sealed him inside a young human, and placed an additional seal upon it that prevented him from harming his new vessel or allowing it through inaction to come to harm. He has, thus, been trapped inside an inferior form with most of his power sealed, as most of his abilities would harm his prison. Nowadays, he lives in the most lawless part of Periculum, in the hopes that he will stumble across someone strong enough to kill his prison. He has long since stopped caring about whether this would grant him freedom or death.
  3. She snickers sickly to herself, stepping over bodies as the street sweeper silently roll down the road. Not many people were out this early, it's even unusual for her. She yawned, swinging her sword lazily at her side. She decided she was hungry and headed towards the center of District One. People called the center of Periculum "Locum Sceleratis." meaning Unholy Place. Despite its name, it was a great place to get some food. All the better bars were in the center. She looked around, noticing the street sweepers managed to get the center cleared. Always the bloodiest place in all of Periculum. She sheathed her sword and entered the dimly lit bar. She sat down and ordered some food. She kept her hood up on her head, although considered rude, she felt bare without the hood covering her face in shadow. She also didn't like the way people looked at her when they could see her eyes. There were a lot scarier monster in this place than a short little girl, but her eyes didn't look like anyone elses. Many had solid colored eyes but the flickering flakes were beyond abnormal.

    She ate slowly. Watching the bar. She didn't want to get attacked here. Not in a closed off environment. She was a better fighter in the streets, an open location where she can jump and run. She rubbed her greasy hands on her cape and stood up to leave. She didn't like the smell of this place. Demons. Disgusting little creatures they are. She crinkled her nose and left, breathing in the fresher air outside. She looked up at the grey clouded sky and sighed. It was always dark here, what she wouldn't give for a little sun. Melt a few of the ugly bastards around here.
  4. Kelrath walked down the streets of the District, taking in the chaos and destruction. While he may still be stuck in this most retched of cages, at least he was able to look for one stronger than he in a place that was so much like his true home. While it could never compare in sheer scale, it was by far the most acceptable environment he'd found himself in since he'd started his journey for destruction all those millennia ago.

    He soon came across some young demon, boasting of his power and challenging anyone who came across his site to a battle. Most of the passerby were the weakest dregs the District devoured for sustenance, and thus were all cowed by the demons bravado and self-assured nature.

    Such a shame for it, then, that a true monster happened to hear his challenge.

    The only warning it received before the final asskicking of its life was also the only creed that was universal among the denizens of the Abyss; "Destroy, or be destroyed."


    The "young" elementals grousing was interrupted when the body of a minor demon (one of those goat-legged chucklefucks; the wannabe satyrs) smashed into the wall of the bar, sliding to the ground as its broken neck caused its head to hang at an unnatural angle. Its killer stood a meter or two away, giving Saline a dead-eyed stare.

    The creature now regarding her was unusual, even here. Cracks that seemed to glow with barely contained fire were spread across his entire body, his red eyes were like those of a corpse, and his frayed clothing suggested that he was near the bottom in terms of the Districts already pitiful wealth.

    Kelrath watched her carefully. Though she hid her face, she could not hide her nature. To a being such as he, whose entire existence was shadow and flame, Saline may as well have been carrying a bonfire on her back.

    So this was the infamous Red...and truly, it could be no other. How fortitous. Her power was well-known, and her temperament was legendary. Perhaps she was the one he sought? "Child of Flame. You do not hide yourself as well as you think you do."
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  5. She gazed down at the body of the demon, snickering. She looked up at its killer. She studied the being before her, dead eyes, cracked skin, frayed clothing. So he was at the bottom of the wealth chain. Not like that mattered in District One. It was all about fighting here. If you win, you stay pretty high up. Especially thieves like her.

    She noticed the cracks in his skin glowed. So his vessel was dying. She turned her back to the creature, "I am no child. I have nothing to hide from, not anymore anyway." She replies walking over to the minor demon, and crouching beside it. "Why kill such a weak demon anyway?" she asked the man standing up.
  6. Kelrath stared at her for a moment, and wished (not for the first time) that his form was capable of any inflection besides dull monotone. It would make expressing his disdain for this filth so much easier. "I am a child of the abyss, and I have seen true power. I will not tolerate the weak and the foolish boasting of their supposed 'strength'." He decided not to comment on her age again. There were very, very few beings in the entire city he did not consider children. After all, they were as mayflies compared to him.

    The cagged Pit Lord walked over the body and crushed its head underneath his foot, though his face didn't change its expression. That blank, dead look was just another thing that was locked in place. He couldn't wait to escape this miserable prison.
    "Again and again, they claim to be the strongest of Periculum. They never are. They are vermin and rabble, unworthy of consideration, and yet they continue to claim they are greater than they are. Though this place is refreshingly chaotic, from what I have seen, it is only capable of breeding weaklings. It's...annoying."
  7. "Most of the vermin you will find here are weaker. They would be strong if we had better conditions, but of course we don't. If you look closely among the chaos there is beauty. As much as anyone, I would like to get out of here, but" she smiles, " you can't get this kinda action anywhere else." She turns around,flipping down her hood, "But you're right." she twists her head to glare, "Very annoying, indeed." She walks out, her boots crunching.

    Not even 20 minutes into the new day and there were already bodies scattering the ground. Not as many as they are after the night, but lives ended quickly here. She was already 4 hundred years old, and in a place like Periculum the average life expectancy was like 17, if not younger. When she left the now broken building, she flipped her hood back up, stepping into the light.
  8. Name: Kalona Pheles
    Nickname: Kal
    Age: 316
    Species: Vampire
    Appearance: Very fancy and upscale. Kalona is always dressed in a casual white suit and tophat. He sports jet Black hair cut short and his eyes are a pale yellow when he is thirsty and red when he has fed the blood will fill his eyes and change it to red. His skin is extremely pale which highlights his eyes even more.
    District: inmortalis
    Friends or family: a small boy he turned and then enslaved.
    Personality and Traits: Kalona is a very classy person who can always be seen in his expensive suit. He is also very eccentric, always carefree even in the face of death. He also enjoys taunting the other species and lording it over the other vampires due to his title of 3rd Vampire prince. He also gets very upset whenever anyone soils his suit and will not hesitate to kill the violator. His powers include the ability to control fire, move at an incredible speed, weild incredible streghnth anburn the souls of enemies at a touch. In extreme situations he will shed his mortal body and reveal his true demoon form, but he prefers to avoid that as he would have to find a new body and he is very fond of his current one.

    Extra Fact: He hopes if he destroys all other creatures living in the four districts an claim it in the name of vampires, his father will make him Vampire King rather than one of his other 6 brothers.
  9. The two were abrubtly disturbed by a large commotion coming their way down the street. Several Demons had emerged from their places in the shadoows too see who was being killed now. The procession moved farther up the street. It was comprised of several men, all with red eyes,pale skin and dressed in some expensive looking red fabric. finely dessed people were very uncommon in this part of town, but as the men parted in the middle everyones question about who the hell was making such a show was answered. From the center of the men emerged the vampire prince Kanola in his usual white. "Hello lower dwellers!!!!!" his voice echoed throughout the deadly slums. "I as many of you watching from the shadows may know,I am the vampire prince Kanola but you can all call me prince Kal" he grinned and looked around, as he spotted the famous Red who had been causing so much mayhem in the slums and began walking toward her. An angelic looking vampire child trailing close behind him.
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  10. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with people who come down into Periculum being superior. They don't know the danger. Any one of these demons could behead these cocky vampire idiots in a millisecond. But they didn't. Why? She would never know. She turned around, not willing to talk, and began walking away. She slipped into the alley by the bar she just exited. People who thought they owned her, made her incredibly angry. She tried to stay out of their stupidity range, but it was a very large area. She concealed herself within the shadows, one of the many times she wished she chose a darker colored cloak. Like grey.

    She came out a few streets down, far enough away from the business idiots to let out a breath. She didn't like to think of it as running, but it's very against the law to kill people from the upper class, and knowing her uncontrollable rage better than anyone, it was a bad idea to get close.
  11. Kelrath looked at the vampire brat (and the smaller brat trailing behind him) as he started walking towards the elemental. Red, apparently wanting none of the bloodsucker's shenanigans, promptly turned around and fled into an alleyway. Before the bat-children could go after her, the Pit Lord stood in his way. The elemental was his prey; he wasn't about to let this little punk tamper with that.

    Besides, Kelrath didn't like vampires. Granted, he didn't like a lot of things, but he found vampires even less agreeable than normal. It might be because they had the stuck up attitudes of the devils with not even half the might. It might be because they were comparatively young compared to the demons and devils, and thus their self-proclaimed "superiority" made them look like idiotic upstarts. Or maybe he just thought they smelled funny.

    Whatever the case may be, Kelrath found vampires to be quite aggravating. Unlike Red, the Pit Lord simply didn't care about any laws that might exist, but at the same time he didn't want to waste the effort putting down a poodle.
    "Periculum is not for your kind vampire. What are you doing here?"
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  12. Name: Sorren

    Nickname: Daemon

    Age: 19 (215)


    Appearance:Sorren wears a white dress shirt,black pants,fingerless gloves,and black boots. he has long black hair and golden eyes. Sorren wears a black diamond earring on his left ear. his skin is pale,which makes his eyes glow at night.

    District: Inmortalis

    Friends and or family: Sorren came from a noble family who he despises. he had a odd relationship with Kalona.

    Player Personality and Traits: Sorren is calm and collected,and certainly unpredictable. sometimes,Sorren is too lazy. he dislikes fighting, if he can avoid it,Sorren will choose not to fight than to hurt somebody without reason. Sometimes,he is labeled as "Too Naive" by Kalona.

    Extra Fact: Sorren has a pet Tiger cub that is always with him. the cub becomes a full lion if his master is in danger.

    Sorren was definely on verge of hitting Kalona with a fork. Prince of vampires be damned.
    Sorren cursed silently on the many languages he knew. Why is it,Every single time that Kanola decides it would be fun to do something dangerous (and equally stupid in his opinon) Sorren was the one tasked to haul his mighty ass back to the kingdom?
    Finding himself on Periculum,Sorren was glad that he spotted on the Prince easily.
    He raised an eyebrow,Hand it over to Kalona to make 'friends' (or enemies) easily.
    A Pit lord and a Elementalist? Phew,Goodness knows what will happen if he dont step in.
    Sorren decided to make himself known,stepping in behind the Prince.
    "Kal,I Should certainly applaud you..the time i want some well deserved rest,the time you decide to wreck havoc.Really,You are most certainly amazing." Sorren said sarcastically,rolling his eyes.
    Yep. Sorren decided. One day,A Fork will come to his direction....and maybe accompanied by a blade.
  13. Whatever happened with them from there on was really none of her concern. She managed to avoid getting executed, so it didn't matter to her if any of them got killed. And she hopped they'd manage to kill that demon with the cracks in his vessel. Running into him again would probably mean a fight, and he looked considerably stronger than the normal demons she's encountered. Plus, she hates being down for healing time. Or, maybe that guy would kill those vampires, either way pleased her. She walked down the middle of the street now, smiling from the scene behind her. She loved watching the fights, so once she got far enough away, she swung into an alley, doubling back to the place. She took spot on a roof, removing her cloak so the red didn't stick out.

    Maybe she could get some money off the dead vampires. Or the dead demon. Of course it was over the line for her to assume they would fight, but the demon didn't look pleased to have the night children treading in Periculum. Of course, she didn't want to fight with anyone, but if the situation arises, she would gladly snap a few vamp necks if needed. She watched closely, hoping the conversation would take an interesting turn.
  14. Name: Rayne
    Age: 21
    Species: werewolf
    Apperance: midnight black fur, scar running down the left side of her face, pale blue eyes, and long black hair that matches her fur , when human she stands at 5'6 and 120 lbs, wears black skinny jeans and a tank-top at all times
    District: Inmortalis
    Friends and family: she has no friends and lives alone due to her tragic past, the daughter of the most promenent werewolf family
    Personality: a ruthless fighter when she needs to be, loner, hothead, a tremendous tease just to cause trouble for others
    , aloof to strangers, a loyal and protective friend

    Rayne walked the streets of inmortalis headed towards district one looking for somebody to talk to fed up with the snobs of inmortalis. She slumps against the brick wall of an ally as rain starts to pour down. "Why must it rain tonight of all nights."
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  15. Name: Adis
    Species: Human/Elemental
    District: Cognatio (4)

    Power: Although half human, she was raised by her elemental parents in Cognatio. She has inherited the ability to telepathically communicate to animals from her mother. She has a weasel, Atami, that is always running by her feet or sitting on her shoulder. She also has the ability to generate light from her palms.

    Other: Her mother, a nature elemental, married a water elemental. Adis' stepfather often beats her and she is sent off to Operarius every day to earn money for her family, while her parents laze around at home. Her mother has organised that Adis be married to a vampire, and this has led to Adis being depressed and almost suicidal at times. Her only escape from her terrible life at home is to wander Operarius at night, often leading to her stepfather giving her a beating for being out too late.
  16. Adis finished off her work at the electricity plant and set off through the alleyways of Operarius. She knew there would be a beating waiting for her at home for having to work a longer shift, so she decided that she would walk around the sector until she had to go home to prepare supper. She knew that Absalom, the vampire she was destined to marry, would be coming over for the meal. She despised him, and although he was from the posh sector, he treated her terribly when they were alone together and he reeked of grease. She looked down at Atami, who was bouncing along by her feet. What do you think?. She mentally asked him. Atami looked up at her with his warm green eyes, not knowing what to do either.
  17. Name: Nils Maupin

    Nickname: Rotter

    Age: 30-ish

    Species: undead

    undead gunslinger.jpg

    District: Periculum. District One.

    Friends and or family: None

    Player Personality and Traits: Rotter has a dark sense of humor. He is sadistically cheerful and loves to get under people's skins. Due to his condition he enjoys making others uncomfortable and making fun of himself. But underneath the cheerful exterior lies a cold dead soul. Rotter has been the cause of many horrific events and he revels in torturing his enemies so that they die being eaten alive and listening to his dry and empty cackle.

    Any extra facts about your character we should know: Rotter was a gunslinger back in the days of the wild west. But after torching the village of an Indian shaman he was cursed to never be at peace. When he died he subsequently came back to life. Except he now had a hunger for flesh and couldn't die by conventional means. As he roamed the earth his body was still technically dead. So over time he slowly decayed into his current state. All the "juicy" bits have rotted away, but he is still able to see the world around him due to the curse. He always kept his trusty revolver and it too was cursed, for it never runs out of ammunition. But every time he fires he prolongs the effects of his curse. This has lead to him being very accurate and deadly with his sidearm. He eventually found his way to District 1 and has been living there for awhile. Due to his appearance nobody bothers him and he can just play dead if he needs to go unnoticed.
  18. Rotter awoke from his slumber and pulled himself upright. He looked out a hole in the wall of the decrepit house he had spent the night in and noticed Rayne leaning against a wall. Chuckling to himself he gathered up his few remaining clothes and holstered his revolver. "letsss go make some friendss sshall wee?" He giggled to himself and snuck out of the building and circled over so that he was behind the wall Rayne was leaning against. He silently climbed up and peeked over. Seeing that the werewolf hadn't noticed him he stood on top of the wall and made a pose like he was about to dive into a pool. He then let his body go limp and tumbled over the edge, landing next to Rayne with a wet thud. Rotter played dead and waited for the werewolf's reaction.
  19. Rayne glances at Rotter falls next to her and tsks walking away quietly mumbling "At least when i fight i move the body and dont just let it fall ontop of people" She glances up above where she was standing wondering who dropped the body. She moves halfway down the ally sniffing the air and wrinkling her nose her pale blue eyes trying to see thorugh the rain not seeing anything except Rotter. Rayne sighs and slumps down against the wall just breathing in the scent of the rain.
  20. Rotter waits for a minute until he senses the werewolf let down her guard. He suddenly reaches out and grabs Rayne by the ankle. Cackling maniacally he looks up at her with empty eye sockets. "Now what is a young thing like you doing out here all alone? You know there are some unpleasant folk around these parts." He peels off some dead skin that was hanging loosely off his skull. "I swear I better go to a bar soon cuz I aint gettin any prettier." He smiles widely at Rayne so that she sees his black and rotting teeth.
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