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[✝] helheim [FULL]

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by helblindi, Nov 9, 2016.

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  1. Oh, wait, so it's a first-come-first serve sort of deal, once you have an open spot?
  2. yeah; i can be such a snail, who knows who'll still be interested when i finally finish up the commissions i have. T_T it also lessens the mental pressure on me when the waiting list isn't a formal, systematic one (don't ask how that works, i have no idea myself). it was probably unclear since i still haven't gotten through my first round yet. sorry for any confusion!

    EDIT: aka it's basically just a notification system so i can let peeps know when i'm all spreadeagle for more
  3. Clearly what this means is you just need to have a tab open with everything already filled out for when the mentions go out.
  4. That's cool. Just make sure to mention everyone when I'm online (and everyone else isn't), and we'll all be good.
  5. in retrospect that would definitely streamline the process. :D

    i will do my absolute very best. :|
  6. Mind if I'm added to the paid wait-list mentions?
  7. of course!
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  8. I've quietly still been stalking this thread... shyly, quietly, waiting for when I have money. it's a long wait.
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  9. When you realized you're one blessed soul to get here among the first :3 *admires the artwork*
  10. Oh heeeey, helbindi. You'd disappeared before on rpnation before starting mine ;w;

    I'll fill one out again anyways, I hope you can get to it.

    type: Freebie, soo however you want :3

    character reference image(s):

    Oh, and this was what I had requested before >w<
    Emilia Espoire (open)
  11. hi! i remember you. :) unfortunately my slots are currently full, and i won't be taking more requests until i decide to reopen. sorry about that. i can let you know when i reopen them again, if you'd like?
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  12. @helblindi

    I humbly request a mention on EITHER slot opening. 8D Cuz I'm a ho.
  13. i balked at first bc how could you not already be on my list--then i realized i already drew for you.


    I still use the image you drew of Rare as her icon. =u=
  15. Aye, that's fine :3
  16. Just poking by to say your art is super awesome!
  17. Hi, can I please be added to the free waiting list? Btw your art is gorgeous.
  18. thank you!!

    thanks! added. :)
  19. Dang son, nice new avi!
  20. Seriously, y'all should pay Hel. I'm satisfied with every piece they've done for me. Prompt, too! <3
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