Helen Donaldson "Reform" Academy

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  1. Welcome to Helen Donaldson Reform Academy! Here, whether your teen has problems with sex, drugs, theft, or something else, we can get them to straighten up and fly right. We can turn anyone around at Helen Donaldson!

    ...At least, that's the pitch the parents get. Here's what they tell the students.

    Your parents have been told that this is a reform school. Nothing could be further from the truth. They sending you here because you have sex? We've got a brothel in the basement for you! How about drugs? We've got a fully stocked chemistry lab with everything you need to make them! At Helen Donaldson "Reform" Academy, you can do whatever you want, as long as it doesn't harm anyone who doesn't wish it.

    Welcome to the ultimate land of teenage excess. Welcome to Helen Donaldson.

    The rules:

    I am GM, what I sez goes

    Don't bring any IC drama into the OOC

    The CS

    Species (Must be humanoid)
    Age (16+)
    Appearance: Pic or Description

    Teachers must be 21 or older, and must put in what their cover class (Math, English, etc.) and their real class (BDSM, Marijuana Growing, etc.) in their CS.
  2. Well, consider me in! I'll have my CS up ASAP. ^.^
  3. Interesting, but I like making innocent chars with suppressed pervs. any ideas how I can fit it here?
  4. Send them for something else, like drugs.
  5. Well not a fan of drugs for personal reasons. You got a list of what issues the School "Reforms"?
  6. Theft, violence (though those two are much less tolerated. Tried that, got too bloody.) In short, anything that could fall under general delinquency.
  7. hmmm....maybe my car could've been totally ditching on school work, some sort of truancy, or maybe she was caught being a bit of a exhbitionist, though in the minor sense.
  8. That'll do, pig. That'll do.
  9. Not getting the refernce.
  10. Babe. It's a really famous movie about a pig.
  11. yeah looked it up. so I'm good?
  12. Yep. Get the word out, too. The more players, the better.
  13. Name: Idranel
    Species: Dark Elf
    Gender: Female
    Age (16+): 18
    Sexuality: Lesbian
    Appearance (open)

    Personality:Kind, sweet, can be pervy at times.
    History: Hailing from a fairly rich family, Idranel was sent to the academy after being caught pulling a lewd stunt in public. Still, she intends to continue on as normal, even after being sent to to the academy
    Kinks: Switch, BDSM, breath play, latex, exhibitionism, leather, many others, including dark kinks.
    No-goes: blood, bodily waste.

    Please inform me if there's anything wrong.
  14. Accepted.
  15. So we're doing sign-ups in the interest check?
  16. I'll drop my CS in the OOC thread.
  17. Tis an interesting concept! Me want in!

    Still accepting if so, me join RP. Also, does anything go in terms of sexual things(apart from Rape for obvious reasons)?
  18. We're just starting out, the link to the OOC thread is above my previous post.
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