Hejin's Aristic Universe of Sound and Symphony!


K. El-Amrani

Original poster
So I guess I'm posting some artwork. Here. We. Go. There are song links below certain works, and that's because the work is literally kind of based on that song. That's the way I've tended to work these days, and it's really so much fun.

Main Vein by Jamiroquai

Walking Disaster by SUM 41

This Fragile Breath by Todd Agnew

Angel In The Night By Basshunter

YMCA by Village People

My Song by Labi Siffre

And just cause fan art is fun.

So yeah. There's some of my art. I need to practice and do more, really.

Saint Gummy

Original poster
Your art is so cool! :'D Isn't that lady in the last page from Hercules?~