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  1. Hello!~ I'm over-senpai, or... senpai, or... overwatch. I've recently found that running an rp (Soul Eater: Welcome To The DWMA) hasn't kept me as busy as I though I'd be. So. I'd just LOVE to have some rps with people to pass the time! anyway, on to business.

    1. I'm a relatively calm and collected guy who loves people. That said, dropping off the face of the earth for more than two days without saying anything kind of makes me worry... so, if you can expect that you will be gone, or, you just don't like the rp anymore, please tell me. It would make me sad that you didn't care enough to tell me that.
    2. I post around a paragraph or two... please don't get mad for me not posting more... >< It's my happy balance.
    3. I love to make friends with my rp partners, and talk outside of the rp... so, if you don't like doing that, then, please don't ask for an rp... I'd hate the idea of playing a game with someone who ignored me.
    4. I like collaborations. If I have a pairing or whatever, I'm totally flexible with coming up with a plot and what have you.
    5. About maturity. I'm pretty mature outside of being silly sometimes, so, I'm cool with whatever you throw at me besides guts... I hate gore a lot.
    6. I also do not do anything sexual in an rp outside of straight pairings... It's not that I don't like those kinds of people, I'm just uncomfortable playing that.
    7. I like romance a ton! I'd really like it in an rp, but, it isn't a must.
    8. I Prefer to have rps in conversations. I refuse to do email rps, Im rps, or whatever isn't related to this site with someone I can't trust yet. I don't much like posting in threads because I embarrass easily.. but, we can still have a thread if you don't like pms.
    9. Above all, my goal is to make my partner happy. Help me help you, please!
    Okay, so now that we have that list out of the way, on to the thingies you clicked my thread name for!
    mix and match with the settings/pairings, if it makes sense to you!

    Futuristic fantasy
    Medieval fantasy
    Modern/modern fantasy
    Apocalyptic worlds

    Pairings ( the / separates things so I don't have to make a new column... lazy, right?)
    Knight x Princess/enemy
    Human x elf/Fairy/kitsune/neko
    something with magic!
    Demon-human x human
    Servant x Master ( you have to make it really interesting!)
    hmmm.... I'm outta ideas for that for now. Ask me about stuff, kay?

    Fandoms I'd be into!
    It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular!
    Soul Eater
    Naruto (I'm not all that well versed in jutsus and lore and such, but I find it interesting)
    Space Dandy (I'd love to be a Dandy-like guy... In space!)
    Inuyasha (Same as naruto)
    Legend of Zelda
    Metal Gear

    Pm me the idea when you've got it!
  2. I'd like to do a human x neko or a human x fairy!
  3. That would be cool! got a plot?
  4. As for Human x Fairy, I enjoy doing one where the human is randomly transported into the world and meets the fairy who he/she cannot ignore.
    As for Human x Neko, I would enjoy that being a slave one where the neko would buy the human.
  5. Hmmm, cool! I'm gonna be busy for a while, but, we can develop a plot on either of those. whichever you prefer.
  6. I'd rather you pick one or the other.
  7. Okay, so shoot me a pm and we can discuss it!
  8. Just did.
  9. Hey! You seem pretty cool and I have some ideas for magical pairings, so if you're still looking for partners let me know. :)
  10. yeah, go ahead and pm me the plan!
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