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  1. Yern looked to the sky of a brand new day through the kind of gap in a canopy of grand deciduous trees that clearings are wont to produce, and smiled. Today was going to be a lot of fun, if he had anything to say about it! He stood up off the patch of soft earth he'd been sleeping on, and brushed some of the dead grass off the back of his clothes. He wore a simple long-sleeved shirt that fit loosely across his thin frame; said shirt had probably been white at one time, but now was thoroughly stained a vague brown color from years of travel and sleeping on the ground, with a few darker red spots to attest to the dangers of such a life. His pants were no less simple, though they had begun life with a darker shade and showed less stains. As for shoes or gloves, he had none; the only other things he visibly wore were a pack of supplies and a long sheath full with a longsword, both of which he now picked up off the ground next to him and placed over his shoulders, so they hung across his back. The latter was a little wide, and perhaps looked heavy for someone of Yern's build, but he picked up the whole thing with little more strain than a child picking up a stick.

    Yern's eyes were blue and his rough, unkempt hair was a pure white. He had the rough stubble of someone who rarely shaves and couldn't grow a beard if he wanted to, but it hardly showed because of the color. His most remarkable features, however, were none of the above. Rather, these: He had large, pointed ears, covered in what would be best described as fur the same color as his hair, and a fairly long, canine-like tail of the same color stuck out from somewhere near his lower back; his teeth were a little sharper than the average human, especially his canines, but not any larger, giving his bright smile only a small hint of a predatory look.

    After stretching and relieving himself in private, Yern went to a nearby trail and began walking along it, taking in the scents and sounds of a forest's early morning. He kept an eye and a nose out for certain species of mushroom he knew to be edible, and would occasionally bend down and pick a few, placing them deftly in his pack, before continuing along the path. What he thought about now, if he was indeed thinking at all, none could say, but the emotion he portrayed was clear for any to see, that of a simple happiness, a calm assurance that--for the moment at least--everything was as it should be.

    ((Freeform means, we're making up this world and everything about it as we go. The only thing known at first is, 'it's fantasy'. Anything stated or strongly implied in a post that doesn't contradict pre-established canon of the world instantly becomes canon. Please introduce your character properly, with some kind of description of her/his appearance, in your first post here. As for what sort of character you can make, pretty much anything that isn't godmodding goes. Finally, this is purely to have fun, so just roll with it!))
  2. ((I'll be happy to try a light freeform game! If you don't like anything I have, feel free to ask me to change it.))

    The first thought that went though Uggthoa's mind, was that this wasn't the tavern she was at before everything went black. Sitting up, she found that she had wandered off to- well, she didn't actually know yet. It was bright (way too bright, she mused) and she was surrounded by a remarkably serene forest; giant trees swayed lazily in the soft breeze that quietly blew past, a small well worn trail nearby. After a few false starts, she was finally able to get to her feet, staggering towards one of the massive trees. Steadying herself against the trunk, she rubbed her head with the palm of her right hand in a futile attempt to try and stave off the worst of the hangover that she was currently suffering from- she was sure she has taken blows to the head far less painful then what she was experiencing now. When that failed, she started to knock her head against the trunk, the blows causing a few leaves to drift down slowly. After muttering incoherently to herself, she decided that she would need to lighten her load, and lifted her hand in order to unstrap the heavy-

    She stopped. The horror that she definitely didn't remember removing her armor last night was only outweighed by the fact that she had nothing to remove in order to make herself more comfortable. If she felt like she did without the crude, beaten iron plates exacerbating the hangover she was currently experiencing, she would be uncomfortable for a long time. Uggthoa, as any half-giant would, responded to this new information by continuing to slam her head against the tree. After failing to force her migrane to surrender the battle with the tree, she decided to assess her situation. "At least I'm still decent." she laughed to herself- she was garbed in thick leather trousers and a grubby sleeveless cloth shirt, both heavily worn from years of mistreatment. She also wore heavy, iron shod boots that she quickly kicked off.

    Uggthoa wasn't a very good giant; she was petite by the standards of her mother's family- why, she was barely seven feet tall, and weighed less then a cow! She wasn't a very good human as well; even though she cut an attractive, curvy figure, most men seemed intimidated by her stature, being as rude as to sometimes run in terror from her! Uggthoa had a crop of black hair, pulled back into a tight ponytail, and bright ruddy eyes, currently watering from the pain in her head. She just hoped she could find her spell book- most mages made fun of her, mocking the half-giantess for her enthusiasm for the arcane arts, but they quickly found that she could easily quell the negative comments in a rather expedient fashion by introducing her antagonists to a new book- usually by rapidly introducing it to the offender's head several times in on overhead fashion.

    After finally steadying herself enough, she was confident that she could leave the support of the tree without rapidly being introduced to the ground head first. She took a few steps before she let out a cry, stubbing her toe on a heavy object; her spell book, the rusty spiked iron binding heavily dented from the multitude of "philosophical discussions" that she had used it to end in years past. She hopped for a few seconds on one foot, desperately trying to regain her balance. Naturally, she failed.

    Dark thoughts ran through Uggthoa's mind, the emotion she was currently feeling plain for the world to see; simple, unabashed irritation with the world, an assurance that- for the foreseeable future at least- nothing was as it should be.
  3. It was a cold shivering day in the mountains as Aeirs woke up. It wasn’t very much anything un-natural for him; as he stretched his muscles Aeirs cricked his neck. He took in a deep breath of the crisp cool air and opened his eyes. He had no armor and only some tattered clothing and with him he carried a heavy dragon scaled blade. Seldom would Aeirs ever go into town, being called a monster or a spawn from hell; for he wasn’t a human, Beast or a giant. He was rather a dragon from the southern mountains. Though no ordinary dragon, he wasn’t like his mother or father. He was ‘small’ and ‘deformed’ as some might say to him. He was the same size as any normal human, he had no wings and worst of all he could not breathe the fierce fire his great ancestors could.

    Aeirs shifted his ragged cloths over his scales. His scales were a deep dark sapphire blue, but to the naked eye they seemed black; but when they shone in the brilliance of the sun you could see the shine of the most beautiful looking color you could probably ever lay eyes on

    Aeirs looked down with his crystal blue glossy eyes to face another day of grueling work to find food. He looked to his side and grabbed his travelers’ bag. Rummaging through it he had found his diamond bracelet. He slipped it on and stood up with a sigh “Just push forward” he would say to himself every morning. With that he strapped his travelers’ bag and leaning forward grabbed the strap to his scabbard that carried his weapon. The weapon in which he carried was once made for the human king long, long ago. Through many battle it had fought and made its way back to the dragons once again. Without much more delay he buckled the strap around his chest and set off to the northern forest.

    (sorry if it isn't long, I'm still trying to exercise my mind. Give me a note if anything just seems out of whack please)
  4. Uggthoa picked herself up from the ground, cursing silently to herself as she picked up her book. "Good job Uggie. Excellent use of your head." she muttered to herself. Strapping the heavy book to her back, Uggie started to walk down the trail. Her eyes watered as she headed down the path. She wasn't really one for nature, and she was thoroughly lost, trail or not. Uggie slowly trudged down the path, inadvertently headed south. She slowly waved her hands in arcane patterns, going through a series of memetic patterns so she could cast spells. Maybe she would start felling trees until she could see civilization!

    It would take a while, but it wasn't like she was in any real hurry. She was thirsty, though; Uggie would try and find a stream or river to drink from.
  5. ((can we have multiple characters?))
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  7. (Sorry if I was supposed to private message you first. But freeform sounds fun!)

    Turm Namor walked down a desolate dirt road thinking of what could possibly happen next. He was just chased out of a town for no reason, but he suspected because it was infested with evil spirits that possessed the people. He had always been able to tell when anyone, even people he did not know, acted unusual. They did, however, try to rip his limbs off but he just thought for some reason they were mad at him for breaking the side of a house by accident. He was only able to get away thanks to his illusions he created to even trick an evil spirit. He walked on trying to find a new place to rest for he had been on the road for two days without proper rest. The fear of being caught by his "masters" was what drove him on as he explored the world once more.

    Turm was 5ft 10in with tan skin and short, brown, wavy hair. His eyes were odd, especially since they glowed, because they were bright yellow like the sun, but he still had black pupils. Most people were unwanting of those eyes to rest on them, but Turm had learned to deal with it. His clothes could have been glamorously decorated instead of these dirty rags since he was from a wealthy family, but since the tyranical ruler Berth had taken over his city everyone was sent into slavery and he had no money to his name. Turm was able to get away one night by making the guards think they were under attack and he slipped out of the slave camp. He was unable to find his family in time and ran as fast as he could.

    Now illusions are not his only abilities but they are his favorite. No matter what happens illusions will be involved when he must defend himself or someone else. Being on the road was hard, especially to someone used to being taken care of, but he was able to do it. Now Turm is trying to locate anyone that could help, more than anything he just wanted to rest and eat a good meal.
  8. Sato trudged through the undergrowth of the great forrest that he seemed to have found himself within during his travels. Sato was a well-built man, standing a mere 5'10" and garbed himself in traditional warrior's travel wear from his home in the far east. This included loose-fitting trousers and an upper body robe and wooden sandals. He wore a belt made from cloth and from it he hung his father's katana. Sato had long, dark brown, shoulder-lenth hair which he often tied up into a pontytail with a lenth of red bandage. As Sato continued on through the strange and facinating woods, looking for worthy opponents to face him, he heard a great belting sound like stone against wood. He decided to investigate this noise. He crept around the trunk of a large, moss-covered trunk of a tree to see a large, strangely clothed and rather frustrasted woman slamming her head against a tree. The woman gave up after a whie, looking defeated.

    Sato watched on as she stubbed her toe on a large iron-bound tome and fell. The woman collected the book and started down a trail that seemed well traveled and Sato Decided that he would follow her. As he stepped out from around the large tree however, he stapped on a large twig which snapped rather loudly. Sato froze in panic, his hand on the sheath of his katana, lest the woman turned out to be hostile...
  9. Hearing the snap of the twig behind her, even through her headache, Uggthoa swun around. She felt naked without the thick layers of iron that normally separated her from the implements that people usually attempted to insert into others to quickly end differences of opinion. She whipped out her large tome, holding the heavy book while simultaneously gripping the heavy chain she used as a place holder. What she saw in front of her was a man, different from the ones she usually saw around her, apparently ready to draw his weapon.

    Naturally, due to the threatening nature of this new comer, she quickly whipped her fingers in a swift Sigil in the air in front of her; a defensive ward that, following normal giant methods of non-lethal defense, would defend the caster from and aggressors by rupturing the teeth of anyone who came near. After a terse standoff, when she saw the strange man not making any further aggressive actions, Uggthoa flocked her fingers at a nearby tree, dissipating the rune against the bark with a loud crack and a flurry of bark. She looked at the funny man in the eyes.

    "Oi! If you aren't going to use that sticker, put it away. I'm not looking for a fight."
  10. Sato was quite surprised at the strange magic that the great woman wielded and was taken aback, almost shocked. "Greetings...", said Sato, trying to sound as non-threatening as possible, "I am wandering the land in search of worthy opponents to test my worth and spirit. You would seem a fit opponent, although I did not mean to startle you, great woman. I am also looking for someone who could teach me of this strange land. Can You help me?" he asked. He took his hand from the hilt of his katana and bowed, hoping that the 'great woman' didint decide she needed to practice blowing people apart...
  11. Eventually--that is, once early morning had passed into midmorning--Yern decided he was hungry enough to eat. He set down his belongings again and sat down cross-legged in front of a tree, with just enough room for his tail to jut out from one side, and leaned back against the trunk. He was in the process of rummaging through his bag, deciding which of his supplies were closest to rotting (hence most efficient to eat now), when someone new came along. Yern could hear him before he could see him, and was already looking up by the time the person came along. To Yern's eyes he looked like a fellow traveler first and anything else second, but he had enough sense to see that this one's journey was less a leisurely stroll around the world and more a desperate struggle for life, or at least something close to the same value.

    So Yern waved to him. "Hello there stranger, you look a little tired."

    ((Man, Iwaku's changed since the last time I was around! Don't post in a day or two and people think I've abandoned the RP. I should probably make it clear I don't usually abandon an active RP of mine without actually saying so. That being said... Multiple characters are fine as long as you don't go overboard. I'm planning on doing it a bit later myself. And, no PMs necessary. If I have an issue with your post I'll PM you. (This is more tip and less actual problem, spilling all of your character's backstory beans in the first post is not usually the best way to handle 'em.)

    I hope I'm not imposing to assume Turm arrives where Yern is.))
  12. Uggthoa looked at the man. Did he say great warrior? Well, she was glad he didn't press the issue, since it would take awhile and a lot of water to sate the headache before she could muster too much magical energy. She was just lucky her magical... aptitudes were destructive, or she wouldn't have been able to even cast that rune. Uggthoa, with as much cheer as she could muster, walked over to the bowing man, giving her a friendly "pat" on the back. The fact that he didn't fall garnered a bit of respect from her. Putting a arm around his shoulder, she laughed.

    "Ha! You aren't bad in my book! I'd be glad to guide you in this land!" holding out a large hand, big grin on her face, she continued, "Name's Uggotha, or Uggie for short. I'd be glad to teach you about this land, though..." she screeched her head, a look of consternation clouding her features.

    "I'm a bit lost myself, friend. By the way, what should I call you? That sword is a bit strange as well, by the way."
  13. Hours passed as he traveled the mountains. Food was scarce here, not a bird nor a wolf were in sight. Aeirs grabbed his travelers sac (bag, pack same thing) and searched to see if he had any dried meat left. He began to rummage through all his items but to no avail did he find any dried meat. “rats and I thought I wouldn’t need that much…” with a deep sigh he looked to the North. He could see the forest, it was a good miles away but he had a sense of accomplishment having made it this far with no food. He sat down to take a rest, having not rested since he woke up, and looked up. It was mid day and nothing much had happened on his path. “Oh why must I be cursed so! I have ran across no hares, wolves or even the smallest of all, birds!”

    He looked back down and brought his knees to his chest, cuddling himself as he continued to rest from his travels. Aeirs stared blankly towards the forest he longed to visit “not long and I shall be there, if I’m right in guessing I should reach there by night fall.” He began to drool, thinking of all the food he can get and with that his stomach growled again. “Darn you stomach, may I at least fantasize my meal?” with that he closed his eyes and awaited an hour to pass before he set a foot again towards his destination.
  14. Sato, quite surprised at the change of attitude, was rather pleased with the way this encounter was going so far. The woman had slapped a hand down uppon his back, and then wrapped her arm around his shoulders and giving a hearty laugh. This must have been a sign of respect in this land... The woman, calling herself Uggthoa or 'Uggie' for short offered to help Sato in his travels and to teach him the ways of this strange land. She also inquired about his 'strange' sword.

    Sato looked up at Uggie and, although intimidated by her rather booming voice, spoke proudly.
    "My name is Sato. This sword was given to me by my father and his father before him. In my land we call it a Katana. It is the blade of true warriors."
    Sato seemed rather confident in himself that he was going to like this strange and brave new world.
    "You have some strange customs here, mistress 'Uggie'... Tell me, are there any traditional places of fighting in this land? I have travelled far to test my skills.", said Sato with a smile. He figured he may as well show the same kind of respect that the woman had showed him and put his arm around her shoulder also, although he could barely reach.
  15. (Oh it's quite alright Xindaris, I wanted him to meet up with someone so thanks actually. And sorry I did not reply sooner I forgot to subscribe myself to this thread.)

    Turm looked around as he heard the voice, once he saw Yern he automatically created an illusion of himself and hid behind a tree. What Yern sees is a flicker of Turm's body and then he was normal, but did not see the real Turm hide.

    He was unsure of the man's intentions since he mentioned Turm looking tired, but decided to engage him in conversation with his illusion, "Hello there. I look this way because I am running from someone, would you happen to know where an abandoned cabin may be? Or really any safe place to rest at?"

    He kept a close eye on this man not paying attention to anything but his actions.
  16. Uggthoa considered Sato's words, they travelled down the dirt path. "Well, you can always find a brawl in the local taverns; though I'm guessing that you ate looking for something a little more formal. She let her arm down from his shoulder, putting a finger on her chin in a attempt to recollect some tidbit of information.

    "The only place I know of any official tournament is in one of the bigger cities."
  17. Sato's eyes lit up at the sound of the tournament in a city. "Then let us go to the city! Haha!", Sato almost shouted with joy. It had been almost a year since he had seen a city, and he was rather excited to see a city in this strange and distant land. He was itching for a fight and he needed a proper enemy. This tournament sounded excactly like the kind of thing that Sato was looking for. "Excuse me, 'Uggie', I dont mean to be rude, but I must ask... Are all of the people of this land as, um... large in stature as you are?", said Sato with a spark of excitement in his eye. If everyone was as big as Uggthoa, Sato was going to enjoy his battles in this place. To be honest, Sato was also willing to test a new technique and he couldn't wait to use it on a live opponent.
  18. Yern's ears pointed in the direction of the man's voice when he spoke, and then turned to one up and one sideways, indicating mild confusion. His facial expression, however, hadn't changed from a cheerful, friendly one. "Well, I haven't seen many buildings lately at all, mostly on purpose, but to me the dense forest has always been safe enough, but I can't say I've had reason to be chased lately, and I guess I'm assuming whoever you're running from doesn't have a good reason to be after you, which might be wrong but you don't smell evil or anything. By the way, are you a puppeteer of some sort? It sounds like your voice is coming from that tree over there." He pointed vaguely in the direction he'd heard the sounds coming from.

    ((Yeah, Yern tends to ramble.
    This post assumes the illusions are light-based and don't cover sound direction, if I'm wrong PM me and I'll rewrite.))
  19. The shot was perfect. Alexis had the buck aligned just perfectly in his sights. He silently slide the round into the chamber. He and the girls had been tracking that animal all morning. Madison had claimed she could track its mind easier than she could a human's, but in the end, it was actually hers and Alexis' knowledge of elvish animal tracking techniques that helped them zero in on the elk. Only then could Madison establish a mind trace, though she admitted it was difficult to maintain, since animal minds were so much less complex than human or elf minds, that they all melded together until it was impossible to tell an elk from a squirrel, or a raven, or bear. Only Alexis' wits and Melissa's sharp eyes kept them on the right track. Now, Alexis could almost taste the fresh venison they'd be having for dinner that night.

    A loud crack resounded in the forest. The elk raised its head in alarm and took off running. In a panic, Alexis fired, but as predicted, missed.

    "Gods damnit!" he hissed as he fumbled with the bolt to eject the spent shell casing and pump a new round into the chamber. He and the girls sprang from thier hiding place to give chase.

    "Spend all morning chasing that fuck, and some ass hole decides to go out and shoot the breeze," muttered Melissa, adjusting her grip on her shotgun. "I ought to give 'em a piece of my mind, those inconsiderate sons of bitches..."

    "We're miles from civilization," Madison said between breaths. "The chances of running across another person are quite small - "

    "You can tell them that when we meet up with them," grumbled Melissa as she fired. Her shot missed, as the blast of the gun was enough to startle the buck into altering course. Madison tried next. As a psychic, she didn't need firearms or any weapons for that matter. She merely concentrated her strength, and fired a bolt of crystallized psychic energy at the buck. The crystal missed, and embeded itself in a pine tree. Alexis fired next. His bullet hit the buck, but it only grazed its hindquarters. Alexis pumped another shell into the firing chamber, just as the buck disappeared into a grove of aspens. The three hunters followed it in.

    Thier heavy packs made it difficult to navigate inside the thicket. How the larger buck could do it was beyond them. Melissa was a little quicker. As an ethnic Marinian who spent hours training, she was a lot more nimble than either Alexis or Madison. Her race was also slightly built and on the smallish side of the human growth scale - at 5' 4", Melissa was just slightly larger than the largest elves. She was still quite well shaped with a flat stomach, ample bosom, and sleek frame. She had very dark brown hair - almost black - brown almond shaped eyes, and light brown skin.

    Alexis and Madison were Sierrians, both in citizenship and race. Alexis was 5' 11" and Madison was 5' 6". Alexis was athletically built, with jet black hair, piercing blue eyes, and pale skin that just wouldn't get tanned, no matter how long he stayed in the sun. He always wore a golden signet ring on his right hand. Madison was bulkier than Melissa, with a slightly bigger bust, wider hips, and bigger bones. Yet she was no less sleek and slender, with a flat stomach, delicate curves, and a sleek frame - though she was more of an aristocrat than Melissa. Madison had a lighter shade of blue eyes, dark blue hair, and fair skin. She wore a silver diadem on her head with a ruby mounted in the center, on her forehead. All of them were wearing clothes of the Sierrian middle class.

    Coming out of the thicket, Melissa caught sight of the buck. She had a clear shot, with no obstructions, and enough space for a full spread of buckshot. She did not notice the young woman or the man (Uggthoa and Sato) nearby (despite the fact they made an odd couple, with the woman dwarfing the man). Alexis and Madison did.

    "Melissa!" Alexis shouted. Madison thought faster. She used her telekinetic powers to pull Melissa back, and elevate her gun so she fired up into the trees.

    "Watch where you're pointing that thing!" Madison chastised her. Alexis winced as he was sure the odd couple in the clearing would have heard the shotgun blast, and have something to say to the impetulant 17 year old Marinian girl with the shotgun.

    ((Alexis, Madison, and Melissa are from a fantasy setting - albeit one that has advanced hundreds of years beyond its medieval period))
  20. Turm steps out from behind the tree he was hiding behind and his illusion disappears, "Well I'm glad you aren't hostile and I'll trust you within a reasonable range. I am sorry to have used my illusion on you but I have to be careful these days. My chasers have hopefully given up on me but they do not have a valid reason to try to get me. Are you from a town or city anywhere nearby??"

    He sits to rest a bit, finally finding a person who is not trying to kill him. Now he just has to find a town or city. His thoughts drift off to his family and his past for no reason at all.