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Heavy Metal RP

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Gaius, Oct 21, 2014.

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  1. I had an idea to do an RP that would revolve around Metal, pretty much from the sounds of Metallica all the way up to the intensity of bands like Behemoth and Dimmu Borgir. I also had the idea of the characters being in a band themselves. This is just the rough basics of it. Let me know if it sounds like something any of you would be interested.
    Here is a list of what kind of bands and their style i am referring to.
    Cradle of Filth, Anthrax, Slayer, Death Angel, Metallica, Ghost B.C., Behemoth, In Flames, Red Fang, Pantera, and Nightwish, so pretty much covers a wide range of metal subgenres.
  2. I'm interested! Do you have a specific character sheet?
  3. For a character sheet, i suppose it would be this:

    Character name:

    Picture or description of appearance:

    Favorite type of metal/music:

    instrument(s) played (if applicable):

    Personal history or description:
  4. Character name:
    Mamie Andrewes

    Picture or description of appearance:

    Favorite type of metal/music:
    A sucker for 80s rock, but loves lighter metal.

    instrument(s) played (if applicable):
    Sings a bit, but mostly plays the drums.

    Personal history or description:
    Eager, cheerful, and preppy, probably the person you'd least likely think of when you think of heavy metal. Overly attached to her pearls and her few, few friends. Fiercely loyal and on the immature, annoying side. Never really seems to know when to be serious and always attempts to make really bad jokes at the wrong times.
  5. I suppose i should do one.
    Name: Malcolm Hardwick
    Appearance: like a skinny Kerry King or young Dani Filth except has long black hair, full goatee instead of long ass beard, has a tattoo of a cobra wrapping around his right arm with the mouth opening up on the back of the hand, And has nose, ear, and lip piercing.
    Favorite type of Metal/music: likes violent, aggressive American death metal along with melodic European death metal, Has a bit of a soft spot for the occasional female fronted metal band.
    Instruments played: Mainly plays the Guitar and likes to do vocal.
    Description/history: Dude's kinda a softhearted badass. He's your typical metal head: tattoos, piercings, not actually that bad of a guy. He loves the festival scene, his favorite being Wacken Open Air. Malcolm is loyal to his friends and savors the occasional fight (which he is particularly specific about finishing, not starting).
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  6. Is my character accepted?
  7. Indeed it is!
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  8. Thank you! When do we start?
  9. We'll first we see if others respond then we go from their.
  10. Seeing as how no one else has shown any interest, if you want to we can go ahead and start.
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