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  1. Long Ago, when people were very often ashamed to call themselves 'Comic Fans...'


    In the 1990's, there was once a man named Robert 'Rob' Liefeld. He grew up to become a well known name, and an 'artist,' as he claims himself to be. But what's important is the man had a dream. What was that dream you ask? Well, that dream was for everything to be…


    (Because Poor Literacy is KEWL. Here's some music to get you in the mood as you read this stuff!)


    Rob Liefeld grew up fighting a never-ending battle to read comic books despite his family's disapproval. And with absolutely NO FORMAL (FUCKING) ART TRAINING, he was able to singlehandedly create a style of ridiculous artwork that hindered on distorted anatomy, and numerous amounts of silly, and realistically ineffective looking weapons and outfits. He was the one who made up the idea that superheroes ought to be overly buff, and to make all women as sultry as possible, even if they lacked waists, and their whole bodies could contort disgustingly. And yet the man is FAMOUS. FAMOUS PEOPLE. FAMOUS. Still gets jobs from comic companies. How, I do not understand.

    Aaaand… this art style was popular throughout the decade. How the hell… I don't even...

    This artwork was coupled with (ridiculous) EXTREME storylines, with concepts and ideas that featured ultra-violence, firearms, babes, and other things that would earn the approval of twelve year old boys at the time, who lacked proper attention spans or respect for the comic book as a literary medium. It wasn't like we should have been reading complex narratives about Batman duking it out with the recently appeared mastermind Bane, who was nearly his equal, or Superman extending his compassion to the downtrodden, and belief in a better world, rather than kill people and be an asshole about it. Noooope. We'd rather read about those same murderous snake tongued fiends in some liefeldian works, which happen to transcend the works of even greek mythology! OH-YEEEAAH


    Yes sir, and now, those same ideas and concepts are returning once again. It's the year 2090, and the Earth has entered a Futuristic Sci-Fi Semi Apocalypse. A most NON-RADICAL organization has made itself known, boasting legions of insanely muscular science demon-mutant-monsters given cybernetic implants purely for the sake of BLOWING STUFF UP. And that's just one of the many forces of darkness that happen to want to try and bring about a new age of XXXXTTTTREEEEEMEEE!!!11, under the banner of the 'LImage Comics Corporation.'

    The only thing standing in their way are a gang of determined young adults.



    Teenagers armed with a near infinite arsenal of Firearms and Ratchet And Clank style weapons, gadgets, vehicles, and 90's-ness (New nonsensical words FTW indeed!). They possess control over a secret underground fortress known simply as, the 'Harmory' (Like Like, because it sounds like 'harm' and 'armory' because its loaded with weapons- *shot*)

    Each has been gifted with amazing stats, their speed, strength, and agility altered, along with a few minor abilities, like energy blasts/manipulation due to Mutation/SCIENCE! experiment gone wrong/MAGIC/Aliens/ETC.

    Now, this group of badass young men and sexy young ladies are gonna THROW DOWN!!!!11

    Now what are you waiting for?



    What to expect:

    Firstly, No. Your characters don't need to be in shitty liefeldian art styles, or embrace the asshole/idiot personality of most of his characters for both heroes or villains, unless you're playing the shifty organization known simply as 'LImage Comics.' otherwise, anyone not affiliated with LImage may do whatever with their characters, especially if it involves heavy weapons and being a little over the top.


    And some of this.


    Definitely can't forget the BABES! (Because they 'haz teh boobiez!' and those usually open some eyes! No need for actual story when you have THESE)



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  5. He was an awful artist and an awful writer. People think superheroes ought to be anatomically distorted steroid abusers because of him.