Heavens War

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  1. Alrighty here's the thread :3

    Sorry they aren't real detailed I like to develop them as we go

    Name: Saramel
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Saramel is a rather easy going person to get along with. He is always trying to keep those he cares about safe and happy. He is a fierce fighter and when it comes to demons he can be called ruthless, the complete opposite of his normal personality. It probably comes from the fact that it was his mother who was killed... He is fiercely protective of his cousin Lorelei and tends to baby her even when she lashes out at him.

    Name: Lorelei
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Lorelei is a very headstrong and independent angel. She is slightly different from most angels due to the fact that she doesn't hate the demons like most, she believes that some are still good and want peace. She is a good fighter but she isn't the best and it can get her into a few tough spots when she isn't careful.
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  3. Light music filled the spacious expanse of the grand ballroom mixing with the sounds of many people conversing. A mixture of dark reds, purples and blues decorated the grand space in the form of flowers, silk table clothes, and tapestries. In the middle of the large room couples spun within the arms of their partners in intricate dances that only beings of supernatural origins could master so flawlessly.

    Off to the side a young girl with lovely chocolate hair spun into ringlets stood alone. Her dark purple dress contrasted with her pale skin and bright blue eyes. She was alone because the other angelic girls didn't want her to be in their group, she was to much of a tom boy to fit in but yet the boys didn't want a girl to be seen with them. She bit her lip lightly and carefully started to move around the edge of the room looking to find at least one person who would speak to her, even if it was an adult.

    Saramel stood laughing with a group of boys, talking about pranks and other fun things that they wished they could be doing. He knew that tonight was a night that no funny business would be tolerated and the fact that his mother was a Noble ranking angel wouldn't even get him out of the punishment that would be sure to follow. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his pristine white suit and took a moment to glance around and take in everything that was going on around him before shaking his head. All of this was just so pointless.
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