Heaven's Lost Property RP

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  1. My idea is I'm an angeloid that was involved in an a raid to destroy all generation 2 angeloids. Unfortunately, I'm caught and my memories are erased. I fall to earth and imprint myself onto you.
  2. So your basically Ikaros?
  3. Basically!
  4. Okie Ill try my best not to copy the anime XD So are you playing male or me?
  5. Whichever you want. I actually have a really big plot line ready, it won't be like the anime that much. Thanks Ashely!
  6. Ill Just be... Damn tough choice, but Ill be Female if you want to be dominant? If you dont Ill just be male
    and No problem!!
  7. I really don't liek being dominant, I'm sorry Ashley....
  8. No its okay!! Either way is fine ad sorry for replying late >.<
  9. it's almost midnight here, you're lucky I stay up. Lol
  10. Really?? Its just 9 here...
  11. You're three hours behind me then.
  12. Yeah... Well, if you want to just start the rp tomorrow cus tommorow I'm not going to school and stuff and I get to reply faster
  13. I'll be at school but I'll reply when I can!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.