Heaven's Clockwork

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  1. Will Give Details on RP Page! Please join. Put your O.C. Here!

    Character Sheet Must Need:
    1. Picture
    2. Name (First and Last)
    3. Age and Gender and Race. (Furry or Human) If Furry, tell me what type! (Please nothing Fantasy!)
    4. Description of Personality
    5. Description of Back story
    6. No.1 Fear
    (Optional) 7. 3 Facts about your character.


    Link to RP: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/heavens-clockwork.69600/#post-1501022 RP
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  2. Heaven's Clockwork

    The characters (You and the Group) meet or are introduced to a brilliant inventor the likes of which they've never seen before. He's a small man, very quiet and very secretive, but he needs help. With every flash of brilliance he receives, each new idea or improvement upon existing inventions that crosses his mind, he is visited by frightening and demonic horrors- and he has the gashes to prove it! Are these terrors real, or are the wounds self-inflicted? ...or is it something much more ominous?
    Also of whats happening, is that due to where the Inventor lives. The power is kind of...limited. So when the power goes out, madness will occur to all who's there. Also, candle-light won't help a whole lot.
    These..."spirits"...have a tendency to cause torture and harm to guests.


    1. No Killing Other Players!
    2. Furrys Are Allowed. Just Inform Me In The Character/O.O.C. Chat Link
    3. I only need 1 Person to play as the Inventor. Must be expert at RP!
    4. Sex is allowed. Just not for 10 Blocks or Very XXX.
    5. Have Fun With This!
    If you have any O.C.'s, Ideas, or just asking to join, use the link below!
    LINK: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/need-at-least-2-to-join-steampunk-rp-heavens-clockwork.69599/
  3. Can you tell me more about your plot, I read it, but I would like to know a bit more.
  4. Sorry it took me that long. The plot basically is about a famous inventor that seems to get in even more of a worse state than the previous day. Nobody knows what exactaly is happening to him. Some say a group of ghouls are haunting him. Some say that the invention metal his grandfather won is cursed with his abusive spirit. And Others say he's just gone mad. In some of the local gossip newspapers, he is often made fun of and is quite popular with comedians. Now, a group of people assigned by the Inventor himself, are to come to his house and the top male and female who helps him get rid of these troubles, will get $1,000. Now, that is a huge slump of cash but to some who weren't invited, say it's a trap. And now, you know the story.

    Helps? Got anymore questions?:awesome:
  5. I've got an old character I've been itching to use, I've just got a couple of questions.

    Firstly, in her original incarnation she made gadgets and golems of sorts, so would that fit in with this roleplay?

    Secondly, mostly out of curiosity; how structured do you envision this being? Y'know, is it going to be step 1, step 2...blah blah, or everyone just chats away and we stumble upon the path?
  6. Sounds decent. I see you have three character spots. The inventor male, another male, and a female. Which character would you play GM?
  7. Actually, I was hoping at least two. But if you guys are the only ones playing, then I'll be the inventor. You do know furry's are allowed? Right? It would be cool if one of you guys could be a furry based character.

    @Psychedelic I'm fine with it just not with the golem part unless your fine replacing it with clockwork cyborgs with golem personalities.
    2. Depends on how the story goes. ^_^
  8. Sort of what I meant anyway, but if ever I post something that doesn't fit, just ignore it. Character sheet is basic as hell, so please forgive me...Hopefully I will add more when I am more wide awake.

    Appearance (open)

    Name: Samantha Conroy
    Age: 31
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Personality: Samantha is a fairly level headed woman, seemingly born with prudence and shrewd business sense. She is generally a kind person, but also knows that looking out for number one is often the best way to be of use. She is driven by pride, more than anything, be that familial, personal or professional.
    History: Her mother died in childbirth, leaving behind the baby Samantha, an older brother, and the childrens' father. The father was a tinker by trade, running a small stall of found items, often repurposed into haphazard instruments. The youngest sibling learnt this trade, while the elder went off in search of new and better things. The father died of a lung disease a decade ago, and so with her brother gone and not in contact for years, Samantha is alone. She is talented with metalwork, and often comes up with her own designs that she forges from the scraps that she gathers.
    Fear: The only tangible one she has is of cats, but her true fear is change.
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  9. There's a reason why I made the character sheet layout easy. Because you need a 75 word minimum for each post! I'll post it on the RP page.

    BTW: I really like your character!
    BTW( as well): Could you find a "theme song" for your character? It needs to be EDM. Suggestions to look for are Monstercat and Proximity on Youtube, or on Soundcloud. Must have link! Mine is Snowblind by AU5.
    Link: "Snowblind by AU5" https://soundcloud.com/monstercat/au5-snowblind-feat-tasha-baxter
  10. EDM? Either I'm a moron, or...yeah, I'm a moron.
  11. "Electronic Dance Music"...
  12. No wonder I didn't know...In any event, I'm just gonna pass on that bit. I wouldn't know where to start, and if I did, my ears would bleed.
  13. Yeah...Rock music would count as well! Sorry if you don't like EDM. My mistake. :16tons:
  14. No worries. But I will be calling you a music nazi, from now on.
  15. Song is up. I sort of ended up picking at random from that entire album, but oh well.
  16. Sorry for the inconvenience. But hey, at least I'm not a grammar Nazi! But anyway, it's nice that your joining this. I think this will be a pretty good RP from what I saw from your previous RP Posts.
  17. Ello.

    Ellechor Brownsale.jpg

    Name: Ellechor Brownsale
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Furry Cat
    Personality: She's a bit of a coward and is mean to people she dislikes. She's not exactly smart, but she isn't stupid. She's bad-tempered, but she'll try her best to get along with someone she's fought with if it's at another persons gain.
    History: She comes from a weird village in some mountains somewhere even she can't remember, Her parents are fine but she dislikes them. She left home as soon as possible and Traveled to a place near where this rp is taking place. Her sister tried to go with her but wasn't allowed to.
    Fear: Embarrassment. She's afraid of looking like a fool infront of people or having her social status in anything ruined.

    If I did something wrong, please tell me and I'll fix it. I'm not very good at roleplaying on forums yet. .-.

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