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Do you believe in the after-life? Why, or why not?

If you do, what is your perception of "Heaven"? Or if not a Heaven, what comes after we die?
I don't believe in an afterlife, much in the same way I don't believe in any religion or sprituality. I don't think there's anything after death.
I believe in an afterlife, but I don't believe it to be a land of clouds and unicorns. If you ever seen the film, "What Dreams May Come" that's about as close to how I "view" the afterlife. The idealism is that one becomes closer to the Creator and become one with whatever the Creator is. Without going into great depth, the soul is that "voice" you hear in your mind. It's nothing that can be defined, since science can only measure things that are observable vs. supernatural. The concept of heaven is a little different from Christianity in Judaism. I do not believe in a hell, per say. When a person dies, judgment is not arbitrary and externally imposed. The term used is called Olam HaEmet - "the World of Truth," because there we clearly recognize our personal strengths and shortcomings, and the true purpose of life. We have all have short comings, but even after death the soul can continue to learn and grow.
AS my father once put it to me "when you're dead you're dead, black, nothing."

make what you will of the time you spend, but thats it, so one may as well do what one enjoys, and whats right.