Heaven and Hell

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  1. (The story continues from before "the event" took place)

    Gabriel's heart sped up, and he turned around quickly. Once he realized how close she was and the heat of her breath on his face, he backed up, trying to keep a safe distance between the two of them. Gabriel didn't like mixing with humans. It's not that angels couldn't...He just found them dirty, unclean, or...impure was the word. he just found them disgusting in general. This one was different though. Instead of disgusted...he was more intrigued than anything.

    "Listen...I'm not really hungry, and I really have to get back to my job. It's pretty important," He spat out quickly, before his brain could think of anything more lustful to say.
  2. Jezebel pouted, making sure her lips looked moist and inviting. "Aw... That's too bad... Maybe some other time? I could give you my number, but you'd have to promise to never use it for anything but your own enjoyment." She gave him a scandalous grin, reached into her purse for a piece of paper and a pen and quickly wrote her digits down. Handing it to him, she kept their hands in contact longer than necessary, relishing the feel of his rough skin against hers. "Don't hesitate to call, 'kay?"

    She let her hand slip from his, disappointed that it had to end so soon. "I'll talk to you soon, babe. Don't keep me waiting." She gave him a wink and walked away, knowing that it was only a matter of time before this one fell for her trap too.
  3. Gabriel reluctantly took the paper. Before his body could say no, he walked away without saying a word. He quickly grabbed a cab and went to a hotel. After checking in, Gabriel laid on the bed and looked at the number. It had the name "Jess" Written on it with a little heart next to the name. He had to get out of this town. He couldn't stay here. But SHE was here. Who was this "Jess"? She had an unearthly quality about her, but she definitely wasn't an angel. Just her demeanor told him that.

    Gabriel tried his hardest, but sleep wouldn't come to him. he just stared at the number all night, transfixed, focused on having enough self control to not call it.
  4. Jezebel walked away from him slowly, trying her best to give him a good look at what he'd be missing if he didn't call her fairly soon. Throughout the rest of the day, she found it almost impossible to focus on staying upright the rest of the day, let alone trying to complete her mission. She had tried to amuse herself by teasing the other men she had seen around the park, but it didn't seem to have the same amusing quality that it used to.

    After an hour or two, she decided to head back to her hotel room. It was obvious she wasn't going to be getting any more done that day.
  5. Once Gabriel found it was impossible to sleep, he decided to go get a snack from the vending machine. Maybe some food or drink would distract him. He sat and stared at the illuminated buttons for what seemed like a hour, just thinking about Jess before he realized that he really wasn't hungry or thirsty. Jeez, emotions were complicated.
  6. Night found Jezebel laying awake in her bed, wide awake, in pajamas she had forgotten she owned. She had no idea why sleep didn't come, it just wouldn't. Rolling over onto her side, she picked up her cell from the table beside her and flipped it open. Nothing but the best for her, her boss made it a point to give out the latest cell technology, circa 1998 of course. She let out a large sigh of frustration and disappointment at the lack of new messages and chuckled mirthlessly, usually she was the one putting others in this position, she didn't like the fact that the tables were turned one bit.

    Closing her phone, Jez turned onto her back again. She didn't even know the guy's name, why was she getting so keyed up about him not calling her? What was so different about him? Was he thinking the same things that she was? She flopped onto her stomach with an angry huff. Screw him. If he wasn't going to call, she wasn't going to wait up for him.
  7. Gabriel headed back to his room and finally decided to give the number a call. He could feel his fingers getting moist with sweat as he dialed the number. Why was he so nervous? Millions of years old, and he still couldn't phone a woman.

    It rang once...

  8. Jez was just about to fall into a deep sleep when the sharp ringing of her phone brought her back to reality. She scrambled to grab it, almost sending the nightstand flipping as she clumsily grabbed for her cell. She didn't recognize the number, but she knew who she hoped it was. Jezebel flipped it open on the third ring and answered, "Hello...?" She asked almost timidly. She cleared her throat and started again, "This is Jess, to whom am I speaking?"