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  1. It was the start of the third year Abaddon had spent at this school and he was quite looking forward to it, after all, being in charge of getting teenagers to behave badly meant a lot of partying and a lot of getting laid and, who wouldn't enjoy that?
    "What's up Daniel?" Asked Jezebeth, the other demon that had been sent to this school with him, using the name he used in front of the mortals.
    "Hey man" answered Abaddon with a nod. "How was summer?" He asked, even though they had spent summer together, doing the same job they had here in other places, but there where people around them and everyone thought they'd been on apposite sides of the contry.
    "Boring" he answered, just as a random girl walked up to them to say hello. Soon they found themselves surrounded by people and they all chatted and complained for a while until the bell signaling the beginning of class rang and they all started walking to their respective classrooms.
    As he headed for his first lit class of the year, he wondered weather anything interesting was going to happen this year
  2. Lily found she was actually happy to come to Earth, unlike some of her fellow friends that had come with her. Demons were in this school, she could even feel their evil presence in the school the moment she walked in. It was her job to find the demons and get them out, as well as keep the students behaving respectively. She had to do all this, keep good grades in school, and keep the secret of angels and demons. She felt herself up to the challenge though, she was one of the best people they had sent.

    As she stepped into her first period class, literature, she froze in the doorway. Sitting in the class already, looking out the window was a demon. She stared at him in shock. When he turned his head, their eyes looked on each other, and she knew he knew what she was.
  3. Abaddon was staring at the window, trying to drawn out what people around him were saying, when she walked in. As soon as he saw her he knew what she was, an angel and that meant there would probably be more.

    He smiled, this could get quite interesting, he just hoped it wouldn't come to a physical fight, those were always such a drag.

    He could practically feel her hostility like a knife, which was a bit amusing. He looked at her up and down, she seemed like quite the saint, even more so than any other angel he had ever seen before. The year promised to be full of surprises.
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  4. Lily walked over and took the seat right beside the demon. She did not want to be beside him, but she was going to sacrifice her desires to save what ever human mind would have had the unlucky chance of having to sit beside him. She could feel his evil power coming off of him, and it disgusted her. How any one, human or not, could ever fall for the aura that belonged to a demon was beyond her. However, she needed to remain strong.

    She quickly looked at him from the corner of her eyes, not turning her head, and saw he was staring at her with a smirk on his face. She could already tell that this was going to be an interesting year, and it was only the first class of the year.
  5. Abaddon stared at the angel the hole class, at first because he was curious and then because he could tell it annoyed her. He was quite surprised that she'd chosen to sit by him, considering it wasn't the only spot available, but figured that he could use the opportunity to mess with her a little bit. She proved very soon to be a little know it all and he couldn't wait until the confrontation he knew she would start, he was going to get a good laugh out of it.

    By the middle of the class his boredom was beginning to get too much, so he decided to mess with her by, of all the things, throwing little papers at her when the teacher was distracted, at first she chose to ignored him but as soon as she turned around he made his eyes red, her face was priceless.
  6. The moment Lily saw the red eyes, her eyes widened in shock and she had to turn away from him. She quickly tried to get her breathing under control without someone wondering what was wrong with her. She had never seen a demon's red eyes ore and it almost scared her, almost. For some reason, she also found them interesting in a weird way. She couldn't explain it, and she didn't like. She ran her fingers through her shoulder length sandy blond hair, combing out and pieces of paper the demon had thrown at her. She was quite annoyed when quite a few came falling out. Did this guy really have nothing better to do then annoy her?

    Classes was over not quick enough for Lily's liking. She quickly picked up her stuff and the little piece of paper, making sure to recycle them before walking out of the class room without a word.
  7. Well that certainly had been fun, he couldn't believe she actually took the time to recycle the little papers, there was quite a few of them and they were small.

    He went to his next class, math, and found Jezebeth sitting at the back of the classroom.
    "Hey Will" Said Abaddon. When they first got assigned this school they decided to use more modern names since a while ago a freak had accused them of being devil worshippers because of their names, if only he'd known the truth.

    Ha sat by Jez's side and waited till the teacher walked in to have a private conversation.

    "So, there was an angel today in my lit class" said Abaddon.

    "Yeah, I felt them in the hall but I'm not sure who they were or how many there are, do you think they'll give us too much trouble? "

    "Well, judging by the last couple of times they'll probably want us to leave but I don't think it'll be that big of an issue"

    "I hope so" Jez's tone was a bit annoyed "I like this place, kids here know how to throw a party."

    Abaddon chuckled. "Don't worry Jez, I won't let you get too bored." With that they dropped the subject and proceeded to find ways to interrupt the class without getting into too much trouble.
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  8. Lily walked into her health class, happy to see one of her friends. She ran to her friends side. "Gabby, there is a one of them in my first period class." Lily said, tears in her voice, but not in her eyes.

    "Really?" Gabby asked surprised. "I did not think we would find one that fast. How many do you think there are in this school. The higher ups could not be specific."

    "I don't know, but I do know is that he is completely annoying. I sat beside him so I watch him and I regret my decision entirely." Gabby hugged Lily tightly. They had been friends since they were little, and were over joyed to know that they had mission together.

    "Cheer up, Lily. Just think if you can get though a class with him, then you can get through the year and make him leave. Don't give in to him, then he wins. Remember that." Lily nodded and they took their seats and got ready to pay close attention to the class lesson of the day.
  9. The rest of the day passed without much incident until lunch. Abaddon was sitting next to Jez with a couple of their usual companions, a couple of cheerleaders, football players and two guys that did nothing but find ways to mess with the people around them, he liked the two of them more than anyone else at the table. They were goofing around as usual when the girl from his lit class walked into the cafeteria acompabied by some other angels. They sat a couple of tables away and he could tell they were watching them.

    "We should have a party, like today, a sort of 'back to school' party" said Jez all of a sudden. Abaddon was a bit surprised, they usually waited a couple of days before starting with the parties, but he thought it could be fun "And we should envite the newbies. "

    He managed to control his shock, but only with great effort. Messing with the angels while they were all at a human school surrounded by people was one thing, but inviting them to their house was another, it could be dangerous.

    Jez got up and walked towards the angels and Abaddon followed him.

    "Have you gone mad?" He hissed.

    "I'm just being polite." Answered Jez.

    "We can't envite them to one of our houses."

    "Relax, there'll be lots of people there, I'll make sure of it, besides they might not even come." They reached the table and Jez talked as if he was making a great announcement. "Hello, I've noticed you're all new here so I would like to invite you all to a welcome party on my house tonight"
  10. Lily and her friends looked up at the demons as one of them invited all the 'newbies' to a party at his house. Gabby was the one who replied to the offer, giving a polite refusal. Lily however, preferred to have a staring contest with the guy from her lit class. She didn't understand what he was doing. They both knew exactly who the others were, why the demons inviting them to a party? The demon smirked at her, and for some reason, Lily blushed. She looked away quickly.

    "We have givin' you our answer. What are you still doing here?" Lily asked, not being able to look at the two demons.
  11. Abaddon was wondering the same thing as the lit girl, even though he didn't react at all. What in hell was Jez thinking? They'd already said no.

    As an answer to the girl Jez grinned. "I just thought you might be interested in checking nothing gets too out of hand, I thought that's what you were here to do, right? You people never get to have any fun, you just spoil everyone else's." Ok this was getting a bit out of hand.

    "I hope you'll forgive my friend" said Abaddon with his most polite smile. "He can be quite rude, what he meant to say was 'we really regret your decision and hope you'll change your mind, if any of you wishes to join us just ask for the party house and someone will tell you'" With that he grabbed Jez's arm and started pulling him away.
  12. Lily looked over at her friends. The demon who had invited them had a point, she hated to admit. They should probably go to the party to make sure the demons don't do anything. However, Lily did not feel comfortable being near that other demon. She did not want to spend more time around him than she had too. After lunch, she had science class, with the same teacher one of her friends before her had. He had told her that the teacher was picking year long partners. She hoped didn't have to deal with some one as annoying as the demon from her lit class.
  13. During lunch Jezebeth finished planning his party, it would be at his house, which was right next to Abaddon's. When lunch was done he approached Jez and told him that he didn't mind stupid plans but he would like a warning before joining one, his friend laughed and they parted ways.

    Abaddon's next class was science and he'd been told the teacher was assigning partners, which he was very happy about, it was always easy to get someone to become lazy about school when you were partnered with them, he might even get a new drinking buddy or take someone's virginity.

    He walked into class and, much to his surprise he saw the girl from literature, he decided he would leave her alone in this class in order to focus on his job so he sat at the back, very far from her seat at the front.

    As soon as the teacher was in and the class settled he said he was going to assign partners that they were going to work with for the rest of the year. He started reading a list and waited for couples to pick a table before saying the next names. Abbadon's name came about half way through.

    "Daniel will be paired up with Lily" his eyes scanned the room for someone who seemed to be looking for their partner when he crossed eyes with her, it appeared he would spend the rest of the semester working with an angel.
  14. Lily wanted to scream. Not only did she have to see that annoying demon at least three times a day, in lit class, lunch, and now in science, but now she was doomed to be his partner for the rest of the year. Maybe she could ask the teacher to change partners. It wouldn't be that hard to just separate the two of them right.

    "Okay, everyone I want you all to sit next to your partners because these will be your seats for the whole year. And don't even think about coming and asking me if you can change your partners. There will be times in your life that you will need to work with someone who you don't get along with. This will be practice for those times." The teacher said. Lily's heart almost broke, but she knew he was right. "Okay, you are free to just talk and get to know your partner. Our real work with start tomorrow."

    Lily took a deep breath before moving her stuff, she knew he would be to lazy to move to her. As soon as she placed her book on the table, she turned to him with a glare. "Look, we have two things I am going to make absolutely clear to you. One, you will not be annoying me during this year. I will not stand for it. And two, you will be apart of this partnership. Do not expect me to be doing all the work. I may be smarter than you, but that does not give you a free ride. Got it?"
  15. Abaddon grinned at her "I'll make you a deal, because you have made this year interesting and it's only the first day and because I don't really mind doing science since it's easy I promise I'll do a part of the work, I won't fhowever stop myself from bothering you, I won't throw papers at your hair though" his sime grew and he extended his hand to shake hers "Deal?"
  16. Lily huffed and sat down. "If that that's the best deal I'm going to get from the likes of you then I guess I'm going to have to deal with it." She said never taking his hand. She took out her books and started to write.

    She didn't understand why she was always being forced near this demon. She did not believe in that fate had no say in this. What was the point?
  17. Abaddon didn't really understand why the universe seemed to insist on shoving this girl in his face, but he figured the best he could do was just roll with it. All around him kids were talking with their partners so he decided to start some small talk.

    "So, had you come to earth before?" He asked. He decided he would push the teasing off for a while and just talk, after all, there was only so much teasing the teacher would let passed, but he didn't take his mocking grin off his face.
  18. Lily sighed. Why did he want to talk with her? Lily turned to Daniel with an unamused glare. "No, this is my first time. I would ask the same of you but neither do I want to know nor do I care. Now I do not like spending my time talking with a person such as your self as much as you don't like talking with me. You are only doing so because everyone else is talking with their partners. Leave me out of your plans to socialize." Lily turned back to her writing.

    Whenever, she could she always wrote stories about the humans. She was over joyed to finally be among the humans and write stories about them. For some reason she always felt her stories were no believable. Now she could watch the humans and make her stories more then just words on paper.
  19. The girl, was writing on her notebook and wasn't going to talk to him so he picked his medallion out of his pocket. It was a round pice of metal, it had inscriptions on both sides and wasn't a very pulished work, he'd founded a very long time ago and carried it around since then.

    After the class was over nothing much happened before it was time to leave. He found Jez at the parking lot and they each got on their cars and started the drive home. On the way he wondered weather the angels were finaly going to show up, he thought it would be fun to see the girl from lit... Lily he thougt, after all he knew her name now, most angels he'd encountered didn't chaged their names. He suddenly realised he'd been thinking about her for some time, which he found weird, but he wasn't one to overthink stuff, so he just let it go.

    Abaddon's house was right next to Jezebeth's, so he walked there in order to help prepare things for the party.

    "Hey man."

    "Hey Ab" Answered Jez.

    "So, we better make sure this party rocks." said Abaddon with a huge smile.
  20. Lily was glad when class was over. She had not wanted to be next to the demon any longer, but not for the reason one would think. She felt guilty for what she had said to him and it was eating at her. She figuered as soon as she was away from him, it would go away but it didn't. She didn't understand. He was a demon and she was an angel, they were supposed to be enemies. She had come to Earth to get him out of the school. And what she had said was true. She knew he didn't want to talk with her, why would he want to.

    As she stared out the passengers window while Gabby drove home, all she could think of was Daniel. It was strange how he had invaded her mind and it was only the first day. He had said she had made the school year interesting for him so maybe he was constantly as well. Then she felt really embarrassed about that and she didn't know why.

    "Gabby," lily said as they were getting out of the car. "I would like to go to that party the demon's are throwing. I need to talk to one."

    "What do you need to say to a demon?" Gabby asked, completely surprised. Lily didn't respond to the question, she just continued to think about that demon, Daniel.
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