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  1. Legends tell of the time when Heaven and Hell warred for the world. From this conflict the world received two great treasures of the gods called “Ten to Chi to.” One fell from Heaven like lightning: Tenkagote, “The Five Hands descended from Heaven.” One the ground spat out in repulsion: Yonyoukaiken, “The Four Demon Fist.” It is said that one can learn the five martial disciplines of Heaven from Tenkagote, and the four savage forms of Hell from Yonyoukaiken. Throughout the ages men have sought these two artifacts, seeking to possess one or both to achieve supreme power. For it is said that by learning all nine forms of heaven and hell, one can make their chi blaze with the fire of a thousand suns and rival the gods in power.

    It is the modern day and for most the legends of the two artifact are forgotten. But a few elite schools were invited to bring three representatives to a competition called the Gyatso tournament, with a grand prize so outlandish that it caught the world’s attention: the fabled Ten to Chi to. Any style of martial arts is permitted, but only students are permitted to participate in the tournament and it is to take place “on the rooftop of the world after the death of ten moons.” No one is certain about the credibility of the mysterious proclamation, but none are willing to be unprepared for the opportunity of a lifetime. To hold the power of the gods in their hands, school Grandmasters the world over prepare their finest students.

    In the bustling city of Shibara are two ancient, feuding clans more eager than most to acquire the legendary items: the Muteki clan and the Ichimonji clan. The two clans are feared and respected for their unique fighting styles, the Muteki God Fist and the Ichimonji Demon Palm. From a young age their children are taught their martial tradition and are expected to attend the prestigious Tenchi Daigaku (Tendai), Shibara’s highly acclaimed international school. It is widely regarded as one of the finest private martial and academic institutions in the world, cultivating mind and body to high levels in equal measures. Both clans seek the prestige of winning the tournament, and lay claim to the artifacts for themselves. As a victory over their rival, and for themselves.

    In order to prepare for Gyatso, Tendai is hosting a tournament amongst its students to pick three who will represent the school. The feud between the two clans has heated to the point that the Ichimonji clan has even resorted to opening its doors to foreigners for the first time. This has produced an influx of talent that gives them an advantageous position to win the Tendai tournament. Yet the Muteki clan stands fast by their two representatives and keeps their door shut to foreigners. Though there are many competitors in the school, most are certain that the top three will be drawn from the two warring clans.

    It is here where the story begins... who will succeed in claiming Ten to Chi to?


    Hello! I’ve been wanting to do a 1x1 martial arts RP that has a little bit of fantasy, action, adventure and romance. I have a few inspirations for this, notably Yu Yu Hakusho and a manhwa called Zen Martial arts academy. I don’t really have grand schemes planned in detail for the future (that is something we can work on when the time comes), but I have a vague idea of the main arcs.

    I’m thinking the first arc will be a bit of school life and our characters getting selected as the representatives of Tendai to the Gyatso tournament. The second will be training for the tournament. (Maybe we could have a training journey or something...) Then the finale could be the tournament itself... or it could keep going if we feel like it.

    The fantasy element in this comes from the fact that a small number people can use chi to enhance their combat ability. I’m not entirely sure yet what kind of limitation I want to impose on this, so I’m leaving it open. Right now I’m thinking it is more at the level of what Shaolin monks and other such demonstrators pull off, such as having “iron skin.” It’s just empowering one’s body in general.

    I will be playing the Muteki clan’s representative and I would like for someone else to play either: (a male character)
    -an “elite genius” type, the Ichimonji representative (he can be from the clan itself or a foreigner. Foreigners won’t know the Demon Palm)
    -or a “dead last” type, a student initially without chi.

    While set in “Japan,” I don’t want to restrict our development by making this game too concerned with realistic details. I want to play it by the rule of cool, but without going overboard. So just call it “fantasy Japan" for now. Also, feel free to make a character from any nation. Just because we’re in fantasy Japan doesn’t mean we’re restricted to being fantasy japanese. I just chose that for my character due to who she was.

    I’d prefer to find someone who strives for quality and isn’t concerned about word count. But as long as we can work off of each other’s writing and make something enjoyable for both of us, I’d be extremely happy.

    Anyway, if you have questions. Please ask!
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  2. Both ideas have peeked my interest. I would like to join you in the 2nd idea, if you'll allow me.
  3. I take it you mean playing the student without chi?
  4. With pleasure.
  5. Ok! I have an idea of where to begin, but if you have ideas, feel free to throw them out there. I'm going to work on a character sheet in the mean time.
  6. [​IMG]
    Character Name: Muteki Mayu
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Dark tresses frame Mayu’s pale countenance. Despite being a fighter bred from a lineage of warriors, her crimson eyes rarely deviate from their serene expression. Mayu is modest in height, manner and appearance, and would seem too innocent for the reality of her daily life. But the truth is that in Tendai there are only a handful of students who would even think of challenging her. She is only composed of what is necessary to overcome her opponents. Finely tuned motor control, power, endurance and explosive speed housed in a steely frame. It is often to the detriment of her opponents when they judge her for her appearance. With martial arts being a distinctly male dominated arena, she is often taken lightly with her soft expressions and calm, often passive, demeanour. But at an instant she can snap into an unrelenting force of nature with a destructive force honed through a decade of practice.

    Personality: Mayu despises the thought of fighting, but practices her family’s art diligently out of a sense of filial piety. As the only child of the main family, she feels that she must be dutiful and fulfill the role of being the heiress. To do otherwise would be disrespect to her parents, and dishonor to the clan. She has grown accustomed to the notion of being chained to her family, and this has given her a benumbed perspective towards all things. For the most part, her actions are functions, not passions. Her destiny is drawn along a rigid track, not an open trail, and the boredom of it has made her anaesthetized. Ironically enough, her only release is when she is fighting. But as a proud warrior of the Muteki clan, she must show discipline and restraint at all times. Though without passion, Mayu is not without social charm. When necessary she has been trained to treat those around her with aristocratic elegance and does so with practiced ease. It is partly because of her refined nature that she has garnered popular attention at Tendai. She’s known for being unflappable, but she is a bit of a prude. She respects those who are industrious and achieve their goals with their own hands.

    Hobbies: Calligraphy, reading/writing haikus, bonsai sculpting, photography.
    Likes: Pet goldfish (“Sandaime”), green tea ice cream, oyakodon, maguro, sake, sitting in silence.
    Dislikes: Asparagus, onigiri, mushrooms, tea, driving.
    Favourite Phrase: “In one breath.”

    Fighting style:
    Muteki God Fist - The Muteki Clan’s style of martial arts attempts to emulate through form and movement the raw power, the incomprehensible nature and the sheer will and intent of a god. In the simplest terms, the God Fist is the collected wisdom and experience of a lineage of clan Grandmasters, applied to interpret the imitable “Five Hands.” In aiming for the heavens, the Muteki clan forged one of the two great styles of Shibara. The other being that of their rival clan’s. In motion the God Fist is mercurial as the wind, fluid as water yet at the same time constant and fixed like stone. In physicality it demands flexibility, agility and endurance. From the mind it requires intelligence and keen insight. It is an aggressive style that encourages the use of any part of the body as a weapon and deals primarily with strikes and throws. Even in defense it is offensive, encouraging interception and a constant advance to misalign a foe.

    Multi-lingual - Mayu is fluent in English, Japanese, Arabic and French.

    Silver Tongue - Mayu can be very diplomatic when she needs to be.

    History: Mayu’s father, Muteki Koshaku, was ecstatic when he learned his wife was with child. He hoped for a son that could bring great honor to the clan for his younger brother already had a son that seemed strong and healthy. On the day his wife gave birth, he was disappointed to learn what fate dealt him. Daughters were for political negotiations. He wanted a leader. A champion. A worthy successor. However, he was denied that opportunity as his wife’s constitution discouraged a second pregnancy. She would not survive the stress of bearing another child.

    Koshaku accepted his situation for a time. But when his daughter was finally of age to learn their ancient tradition, he was further disappointed. He held out, waiting for the moment she would show her latent talent, but she showed no sign of hidden genius. He became envious of his brother, who had a son likely to one day be called one of the clan’s elite. Feeling that he deserved a better legacy, he grew spiteful of Mayu and began mistreating her. Realizing what was transpiring, her mother bartered with Koshaku. Another chance at a son, in return for the promise to treat Mayu as a father should treat his daughter. Blinded by his desire for a perfect successor, he agreed to the proposal without fully understanding the consequences. Muteki Hanabusa and her child died together from complications during labor.

    Mayu blamed herself, thinking that if she had only been more stringent in her daily regimen, she could have possessed the martial prowess her father sought. She began to train furiously, much to the muted delight of her father. Within the clan, she became second only to her cousin. However, her relations with her father are cold. Mayu succeeded for the sake of her mother, not her father. She excels so that he does not commit another foolish act.

    Fanclub - Due to her martial and academic skill, and her courtliness and beauty, Mayu has accumulated a fanclub during her time in Tendai. They are mostly harmless, but sometimes troublesome to those who try to get close to her.

    Kumite Victor - Tendai permits students to attempt an event known as the Kumite once every school year. The Kumite is a series of non-stop fights against 100 similarly or higher ranked students in rotation. To pass, one must win at least 25 times. Of the many students who have attempted it, only a handful in the entire history of the school have ever succeeded, and at that, barely managed so. Mayu is famous for succeeding with 31 wins as a first year.

    Death Haiku - Her mother’s last words were, “Watchful beneath ice,/ The sun ever radiant, / I loose my last breath.”


    This is the template I used.

    Character Name:


    Favourite Phrase:

    Fighting style:



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  7. [​IMG]
    Character Name: Tenchi "The Dragon King" Ichimonji

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Medium-long jet-black bangs that drape just barely over Ryu's sapphire dragon-like eyes. He holds the standard adolescent height of five feet, eight inches which pose an intimidating glare to the locals. Yet, in truth, Tenchi is one of the more casual friendly people type of guy. You know the ones that seem creepy as Hell, but are really super cool? Yeah, those kind! He's usually in his own custom attire--formal of casual--but always wrapped up in a leather jacket. The mask of clothing lets others to think he is scrawny and frail; but should he clothes be torn in battle, it reveals a physique of muscle and shape that defines physical fitness.

    Personality: Tenchi loves the though of a good fight, simply to prove to others he doesn't need chi to be as strong as he is. His comical charm will leave most to underestimate him at first glance, but in the heat of a brawl he's solid and stoic. Yet while he holds such a stern posture in a fight, he acts nothing like it in school. In fact, he's known o be one of the laziest people on the planet when it comes to his school work. The only word to get him motivated enough to look towards a pen and paper is the promise of a sparring match upon completion. While his choice on actions are varied he will be blunt on what pleases him and what doesn't. He finds comfort in anything loud and freeing, peace in hard rock, joy in festivals, depression in studying. Tenchi isn't known for being a nice guy, only socially blessed; this is a gift that leaves him into question, unpredictable to all eyes that glare.

    Hobbies: Listening to music/Practicing Wing-Chun and Dragon Fist/Training with weapons/ Star Gazing

    Likes: Eating/Ramen/ Bo Staffs/Relaxing/Sleeping In/Fast Cars

    Dislikes: Duty/Injustice/Awkward situations/Being volunteered

    Favourite Phrase: "You got it!"

    Fighting style:
    Wing-Chun - Wing chun (aka ving tsun; Mandarin: yong chuin) is a Chinese martial art that arose soon after the burning of the Song Shan Shaolin Temple circa 1735. Because of a lack of written historical records, wing chun’s origins are still heavily debated.

    One story states that Shaolin monk Zhi Shan and Shaolin hero Hong Xi-guan created a fighting style that could generate punching power even in confined spaces. The style was named wing chun after either the Shaolin Temple’s Wing Ching Hall (named for a nun named Wing Chun), or after Hong’s wife Fang Wing-chun.

    Another version explains that anti-Ching revolutionary Yim Yee taught his daughter Yim Wing-chun the style taught to him by the art’s creator, Wu Mei (Cantonese: Ng Mei). Upon Wing-chun’s death, her husband, Leung Bok-chau, named the martial art wing chun in her honor. An alternative version has Wu Mei teaching Yim Wing-chun to defeat a bully.

    Much of today’s wing chun popularity stems from the fact that Bruce Lee trained extensively in the style under the late Hong Kong-based master Ip Man.

    Adaptability - Tenchi pays close attention to detail and technicality. His cunning allows him to learn an opponents steps and technique quickly, and maybe even mimic them.

    Hidden Power - While absent of Chi-energy on the brink of death, or desperation to fight back, Tenchi's soul becomes hardened and demonic sending him into a frenzy of rage. His blows become strong enough to break bones in one hit, and his movements are almost unnatural, but it leaves him open to fatal mistakes.

    History: The Ichimonji Clan rejoiced at the announcement of their newest member, and a boy no less. His mother and father, Muzuki and Haku Ichimonji, expected a young man of orderly and positive posture. One who's demeanor speaks calm and dutiful on the winds, void of anything irrelevant to business and the demands of life. Sadly, they were born with rock star. As he grew into his personality, so did his craving to rebel against his parent's demand to control his life. They became worried about their reputation at first, praying as they watched his school career be taken over by his tutors. Yet the eventually became hopeful when they noticed the spark of liberation in his gut come to a boil.

    Regardless of his arrogance and straight-forward attitude, his parents supported him under the fact that he posed the aptitude to become a fearless leader. His will to fight injustice and optimism was pure and undying. Through long hours of training, shedding blood, sweat, and tears to gain the strength he possesses showed determination. It was a given fact that Tenchi's actions spoke far louder than petty words. His confidence empowers him through every situation and leaves him standing tall regardless of the world's misgivings.

    It was later in his Junior year in Highschool that he received his nickname "The Dragon King" when his mother was assaulted on the school grounds. He flew into a rage of brutality and bloodlust that nearly spun out of control, nearly beating his enemies to death. His mother named him the "The Dragon King" due to his eyes, and the nature of his fury.


    Anime/Manga Club: Tenchi has a knack for watching anime of all types. He loves it so much, he's taken to opening a club!
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  8. Awesome! A couple of things I wanted to talk about since I didn't really give it much mention.

    First of all, chi is a really potent force. A 12 year old amateur fighter who has completely mastered chi can trounce a martial arts master without it. With chi, one can generate forces the body should not be able to generate. They can make their skin like iron, or move like lightning. A person cultivates their chi through mental and physical training, hence why Tendai is also a regular school. Mayu is one of the stronger students because she has excellent chi control.

    Just wanted you to know how chi affects fighting in this universe. However, usually students are not allowed to use chi unless instructed to. (With great power comes great responsibility kinda thing) Not that everyone subscribes to it 100% of the time...

    Also, it was my intention that Mayu would be helping your character with slowly unlocking their Chi. I'm just not sure on the how though. I actually intended for the student without chi to be someone outside of the Ichimonji Clan, but this makes things interesting since we'll have to figure out why Mayu would help at all, if we're going to do that.

    To start things off, I was thinking that maybe Mayu would be accosted by a bunch of thugs and Tenchi steps in to help. Would they recognize each other as being from opposing clans though? Mayu wouldn't really have any reason to take note of Tenchi in school (no offense :3). Maybe he hides being an Ichimonji from her so that she would help him? I don't know. But anyway, I want to brainstorm a bit before we start so I'd like to hear some of your thoughts.
  9. Hmmm, I like the hidden idea. I'd like to ponder it a bit more.

    However, I think she could still assist him in unlocking his chi if they come to a sort of... arrangement? >:3
  10. That is an ominous expression. :P But I'm willing to listen if you have ideas.

    I was giving some thought to your "Hidden Power" skill on my way home and had an idea. So in this universe, for most people their chakras (the gates or points from which they emit chi) are open. I was thinking that for Tenchi they are heavily constricted or even closed completely because they seal an entity that was bound to him. That's why he goes a little berserk when things are getting difficult. What do you think? It could make for an interesting obstacle in the future. He's your character though so it's up to you what you want to do.
  11. Hmmm? A the possible hidden-power of an actual super-being? I like it!
  12. I'll work on the starting post tomorrow unless you want to kick it off.
  13. You can work it.
  14. I threw in a plot character in my post!
  15. Ok. I'm working on writing up our first real antagonist, but he won't show up until later. :cow:
  16. Oooooh, like my gravy the plot thickens~!!!
  17. Hee hee. Well, he won't really be a mystery for that long.

    p.s. Almost done with my post. Got distracted. *whistles*