Heather Wants to Go Back to School! NOW~! >:)

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  1. I been thinking about going back to school since I actually kind of miss it. I been thinking about going for a Masters degree in Professional Writing, Creative Writing, or Liberal Arts. But I just can't decide though I am leaning towards the Masters in Professional Writing. Does anyone already have a Masters or currently working on one? What is it like? What college you go to?
    I also been looking into some colleges and so for these have caught my eye;
    -University of Michigan

    -Columbia University
    -John Hopkins University

    Any opinion on this matter would help greatly.
  2. I don't have any advice for you as far as colleges go. Do you already have your AA? If not you might wanna go to a Community College first unless you're in need of escaping your current location. Also if you miss school more for the learning have you looked at Coursera and edX?
  3. I never heard or read ANYTHING about those. When I was in highschool I heard of ACT and SAT that was it. But I am looking to leave state.
  4. My advice is simply this: don't put all your courses into literature/composition. Take some in Business, Accounting, Management, Or all of the above. They're nearly universal skills that can help you get a better paying job and you'll find them useful producing your own writing, too.

    The writing market is over-saturated with new authors; as I'm sure you've noticed, everyone and their dog is writing a novel. Sure, not all of them will actually finish it, but self publishing is relatively easy. Getting noticed is going to take time, hard work, and money - and then you still need to pull a profit! To be able to sleep and buy groceries during this time, you'll need a better job than fry cook.

    I recommend having a minor in a related, but more pragmatic field like journalism, business management, web/graphic design, or advertising.
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  5. Thanks Minibit that was great advice and I will surely consider it. :)
    You have made a good point. Business was actually something I have considered awhile ago but since I was a manager for fast food and an autobody shop then an owner of my own body paint I but business aside since I was able to accomplish all of that without a degree.
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  6. I'll be entering college in the fall, so I don't have much to say as far as what degree to earn or job to pursue, but...

    have you looked at the University of Chicago? If you're qualified for JH you can probably make it in, and they have a... quirk. I suggest you look at the prompts for their application essays.

    It might not match up with your personality. But then again, it just might. I got rejected, but maybe you won't. ^^
  7. Well, I'm still in high school currently, but when I graduate in a few weeks I definitely plan on going to college to get a degree in Creative Writing. There's nothing I want more than to become an author someday. It's not be easy, given the circumstances, but I am determined to succeed and I'm positive it'll be worth the struggle.
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  8. Masters are hard as shit. Pick something you're passionate about, something you love. Personally, that's the only way I've ever been able to ensure I can see something academically-oriented to the end.

    Source: Off to do an MSc in History in September, am pooping myself about it ever so slightly.
  9. <--- Works as a freelance writer and is trying to find more work, while getting her English degree.

    I don't think the writing market is oversaturated per se. It's just... Most people don't want to write for medicine/finance/business/manuals. There's a LOT of demand fro these writers and if any of these subjects interest you, I'd suggest you get a Minor in them. For things like fiction, non-fiction and all around publishing, yeah there are a lot of writers and not a lot of work going around. Grab the Writer's Market book though if you're really serious about getting published, or you're trying to find work.

    If you want to get into movie/film writing, I'd suggest moving to L.A. or New York (but particularly L.A. for movies, New York is more for news I think). It'll be easier for you to find work in this area.

    Choosing a college is only part of the research you should be doing. =/ You should really look into what sort of writing you want to do once you gradate, and especially look at how much it costs to get a Master's. Look into what classes are for Professional Writing versus Creative Writing and make sure you are very thorough.
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  10. Thank you everyone for your input I will put everything into consideration.

    @Hatsune Candy Hope everything goes well for you and congratulations for graduating high school. Even if you have not you seem smart to do so!
  11. @Grumpy I am passionate about it, sure Master's is hard. But I am the kind of person that loves to work. Though I can see where you are coming from and maybe should start off with Minor's and work my way up if I feel like I need, want and can.
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