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  1. Foreword/ Rules (open)

    I'm going to try to keep this sign-up as simple as possible, as I want to avoid overly complicating things and restricting people.
    The plot is quite vague, because I also want to leave the plot's development as much in the hands of the characters as possible.
    If you do feel the character-building process is too complex or restrictive, please let me know! I don't want to put people off because they feel intimidated or constrained. Also, feel free to ask me if you want further details on something or guidance with character making.

    People are also very welcome to make suggestions, etc that they think may improve the RP.

    Depending what sort of interest this gets, some key characters (leaders of the races & the scouts) may end up being NPCs, in which case each person may apply to control up to 2 NPCs each if they wish. Any other NPCs will be controlled by myself.

    Just the usual "No god-modding", etc.
    Basically: so long as you contribute something to what's going on in some way and don't do things you obviously shouldn't do, it's all good! Any queries, just ask! Any complaints, voice them!
    Have fun!

    The land is split into three main regions:
    Orchaldor, the land of the Humans, who worship the Olympian Gods.
    Sidh Talath, the land of the Elves, who worship the Egyptian Gods.
    and Belthond, the land of the Dwarves, who worship the Norse Gods.

    --/- PLOT -\--

    An object fell from the sky and landed at the exact point where the 3 races' territories connect, leaving a huge crater. Each race sent a scout to see what was at the bottom and each returned with a slightly different story, though they all said it was a gift to their race from the Gods. Now the three races, who used to live in relative harmony, are distrustful of one another.

    Whilst some are doubtful as to the artifact's origins and believe it should be left alone, others believe their race should muster an army and take it by force.

    We dive into the story as the scouts return to their Capitals to give their reports of what they found in the crater to the leader(s) of their race...

    The Races (open)


    Human Overview

    Humans are good all-rounders and whilst they boast no obvious advantages, they suffer no obvious weaknesses either.

    The Humans are led by the King, Dolär, who sits on the throne in Addoncaras, the capital of Orchaldor.

    Olympian Major Gods

    Worshippers of Zeus show immense physical strength, and skill with most melee weapons.

    Worshippers of Poseidon have a particular aptitude for horse-riding, and combat with ranged and pole-type weapons.

    Worshippers of Hades possess an impressive intellect and an affinity for elemental magic, along with prowess in hand-to-hand combat.
    Elven Overview

    Elves are good with a bow and excellent scouts. What they lack in power they more than make up for in dexterity and intellect.

    The Elves are led by The Elders; a high-council of 3, each seen as the right-hand of one of the Elves' major deities.

    Egyptian Major Gods

    Worshippers of Ra have a deftness with small, bladed weapons and are capable of wielding white magicks with particular proficiency.

    Worshippers of Isis have an innate closeness with nature and can influence the behaviour of animals.

    Worshippers of Set are more able with melee weapons than others of their kin and can use subtle magicks to aid with deception.
    Dwarven Overview

    Dwarves are stout warriors and expert craftsmen, generally favouring close-quarters combat and brute strength.

    The Dwarven realm is split into 4 regions, each ruled by a King. These Kings are answerable to no-one but the High-King Terâin, who resides in the capital of Balandom.

    Norse Major Gods

    Worshippers of Odin are fierce warriors and great hunters, who tend to favour axe weapons of any variation.

    Worshippers of Thor are particularly adept with hammers. They also have a way with herbs and alchemy for the purposes of healing.

    Worshippers of Loki come the closest to possessing magicks of any Dwarves: they can enchant weaponry to various ends.

    When creating a character, basics in attributes and proficiencies are governed by your race and the Major God you choose to worship. Specifics about your character would then be outlined by yourselves.

    Please provide a character sheet, outlining you character's race, major God, their position (i.e. Scout/ King/ soldier, etc), maybe their opinion of the artifact situation and anything else you feel is important to know about your character :)
    I think a couple of characters from each race should be enough to get the RP going...

    -- EDIT --
    I also now feel compelled to point out that your character isn't limited to only what is outlined in the description of whichever major God you choose: those are simply "bonuses", if you will, things your character would be especially good at. Or skills and preferences generally attributed to worshippers of that deity.

    Characters so far
    Position/ Name/ God/ (Player)

    Queen's Hand-Maiden/ Priscilla/ Hades/ (Dres)​
    High Priestess/ Marthena/ Zeus/ (Angel)
    Merc-Scout?/ Huron/ Zeus/ (SaigyouAyakashi)

    Lead Scout/ Hathol/ Odin/ (MohawkMan)
    Scout/ Stark/ Loki/ (RedWinter)
    Warrior/ Aki/ Thor/ (James Estacado)
    Smith/ Argyle/ Loki/ (Duffy Bracken)

    Elder of Isis/ Lycilia/ Isis/ (Absyinthe)
    Elder of Ra/ Valaina/ Ra/ (Charlie)​
  2. I would like to join...I'll put up my CS tomorrow.
  3. This could be cool to join indeed! :D
  4. Welcome, guys! I look forward to meeting your characters! I should be posting mine within the next day :)
  5. Already thinking......this looks cool. :)
  6. I think i will join this. If i can think of a CS.
  7. Also, for anybody who would like their main character to be a scout, or a leader; the positions will be given on a first-come, first-served basis, providing I agree with the character sheet given.

    I will also, at some point once the RP has gotten going, introduce a second character of my own whose origins (and intentions) will be unknown between anyone of the three races: make of them what you will.

    On a side-note: as well as posting your CS in this thread, please provide it in your first IC post, once it is up and running, enclosed in spoiler tags. Thanks :)
  8. I'd like to join. Is that alright?
  9. That's absolutely fine, Amber! Just throw up a Character Sheet, and any suggestions you might have whenever you're ready!
  10. I have a question. If you are say an elf, would you have to worship the Egyptian gods?
  11. As a general rule, yes. I suppose if you really wanted you could make an Elf who worships one of the other deities, but then your character would have to be an outcast from the Elves, as The Elders certainly wouldn't accept you. (The same would be applicable to the other races: in this world, their Gods are everything.)

    You could potentially find acceptance with a few of the race whose God you worship, though most would see you the same way your race do.

    - Edit - [MENTION=3145]EpitaphQueen[/MENTION] if your problem is that you want an Elf who uses different skills, etc than those specified under the major Gods, as I've now added in my first post - they're only guidelines and what your character would be especially good at: you're not restricted to using only what is outlined in the description of your major God :)
  12. Name: Hathol Sharpaxe.
    Race: Dwarf.
    Major God: Odin.
    Weapons: Primarily a crossbow, though he is just as skilled with the huge double-bladed axe he carries on his back. He also keeps a small dagger at his waist, though this is primarily used to eat with.
    Position: Scout to the High-King Terâin.
    Bio: Hathol is not as broad as your average Dwarf though none doubt his fighting ability, favour though he might the range of the crossbow. He trims his beard, as not to be caught in its shot; an act for which he begs Odin forgiveness each night. He was chosen personally by the High-King to be his scout and messenger chiefly because of his relatively small stature and keen eyes, which both aid in his uncanny ability to avoid detection.
  13. Name: Priscilla Evhart
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Major God: Hades
    Weapons: Her body, her mind. She prefers to fight with what is available. Why worry about carrying extra possessions when you are the weapon?
    Position: the Queen's informant and hand-maiden.
    Appearance: She's tall, compared to other humans, with ample curves and broad shoulders. Ashy skin, copper hair, and large gray eyes. Her body is adorned in thin golden chains.
    Biography: Priscilla is in the apex of her career. The Queen favors her as does her God, for now. But Priscilla is...older. She fears her position may soon be taken by those whose youth still clings to them. In consequence, she's often between a rock and a hard place: does she follow her moral compass or does she do whatever she can to keep favor with those she holds in high regards?
  14. Name: Marthena
    Gender: Female
    Major God: Athena
    Weapons: Some magic
    Position: High priestess of a temple

    More info to come

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  15. Hey, I just wanna point out (not sure if you maybe missed the spoiler with the races overview, or if I haven't explained quite well enough) but I'd intended that all characters worship one of the three major Gods I'd outlined under the plot.

    I had originally intended on including Minor Gods too though (decided against it to avoid making character building too complicated), so you could still have Athena influence your character too, I'd just like for everybody to worship one of the 3 Gods in the "Races" spoiler.

    Don't want to sound too "you must do this" but if you could choose one of the major Gods, and list Athena as your minor God? Thanks :)
  16. Name: Stark Anbeter
    Gender: Female
    Major God: Loki

    Weapons: Twin daggers and cross bow.

    Position: Scout

    Appearance: http://freshpaint.deviantart.com/art/Dwarf-Malia-145120307 - link to artist's page on Deviantart
    Female Dwarf.jpg

    Bio: Stark was the eighth child of a large family that had three more children after her. All her older brothers and sisters grew up to be great warriors. But Stark decided to take her own path. While her family was full of knights that favored axes and hammers and worshiped the great Odin and Thor, she trained in stealth and daggers while looking to the god of mischief, Loki. When her time came to join the army, she refused. She, after much coaxing, did end up joining the army as a scout. She wouldn't be on the front lines with her siblings, but she still fights for her kingdom.
  17. Maybe I'm missing something, but I thought Athena was a major Olympian?
  18. Yes she is, but for the purposes of this RP I'd intended to just have the Gods I'd outlined in the spoiler as the 3 major Gods, of whom everybody would worship one.

    Like I said - you can have Athena as a minor God whom you would worship more specifically than your major? Sorry for the confusion, I feel like I sound really restricting and "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" D:
  19. no its cool. I'll go with zeus then
  20. Will you allow half-breeds? IE: Half-Elf?