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A young male sat in a shop tools surrounding him as he worked. A door opened in the front of the shop and he wiped his hands of oil, and made his way to the front of the shop. (Y/C) stood there tears flowing from there eyes. The male opened up a small door and walked out to (Y/C). "What is wrong (Y/C)?" His voice was soft and sweet as he talked. He lead (Y/C) to a a chair and sat (Y/C) there. (Y/C) took something out and it had a red dull color to it. The male took it and looked at it. "This is bad. What happened to your heart?" He didn't give (Y/C) anytime to respond and went to the back of the shop and the sound of tools started coming from back there. After an hour or so the male came back out with oil all over his clothes and smoke coming from the back room. He walked over to (Y/C) and the male was holding something behind his back. He took out a bright red beating heart and handed it to (Y/C) smiling brightly. He looked at (Y/C) and laughed a little. "There is your repaired heart."
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Hey there! I'm interested to join this roleplay but I'm a bit new. Is it alright if I enquire for it?
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