Heart's Attempt at Order

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  1. Please note that those who already contacted me earlier will have precedence over choosing and gaining a roleplay spot, thank you!
    Hello, everyone!

    After a bit of a panic earlier today over my suddenly erratic amount of roleplaying expectation, I decided to make this thread, to keep things manageable, tidy and enjoyable to us all while keeping me actively writing and not on the verge of burnout ^^'! To those I lead here, hello again, I must reiterate that
    as an already existent partner to be, you do indeed have first pick! To those I meet for the first time, welcome, I shall be listening to your idea shortly after introducing myself.

    First of all, I salute you again, and give you the right to call me Heart or Hart as you see fit. I am a female in my twenties and love everything that remind me either of games or of epic tales, fantasy and scifi being my favorites along with sprinkling of my guilty pleasure; School rps. I live in the Eastern timezone yet have an erratic yet majorly empty schedule, meaning that I will be able to post often yet that the time I do so will not always be the same. I enjoy detailed posts, lore-making and deep plot lines while typing from two full paragraphs to two whole pages, the later I am currently working on bettering while, I hope, keeping a high quality of content.

    To be simple, this post will be posted in both the General and Mature sections, and each slots will have a requirement, that it may be a rating or whether this spot is for original or fandom ideas. For any limits or dislikes I may have, that they be General or Mature, please consult with me in PMs instead of in either of these threads, thank you!

    Now, you may ask if I know a fandom, but I shall do my best to keep those I do know updated, with first those I can recall at this very moments and then at those I recently learned about or forgotten that were suggested or requested of me. Do know that I may or may not only accept OC plots.

    Here we go:

    • Anime:
      Ouran High Host Club
      Pandora Hearts
      Skip Beat!

    • Books:
      Half Prince
      Harry Potter
      Tales of the Otori Clan

    • Games:
      Dragon Age
      (The) Elder Scrolls
      Final Fantasy VIII
      Final Fantasy IX
      Persone 3
      Persona 4

    Finally, here are the fillable slots


    1 - [OPEN] [Fandom/General]
    2 -
    [OPEN] [Fandom/Mature]

    1 - [OPEN] [Original/General]
    2 -
    [CLOSED] [Original/Mature]

    1 - [OPEN]
    2 - [OPEN]
    3 - [OPEN]
    4 - [OPEN]
    Should nothing be before the open sign, the spot can be any type or rp.
    With that said, I wish you all a good day!
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  2. Hey anything else other then a fandom? I can be a bit picky sometimes when people choose only to rp fandom's, well I'll be waiting for you to meet my insane charecter.