CLOSED SIDE STORY Heartless Shell -- A Rescue Mission

Luer gave a bit of a relieved look as Vaudeville let his answer go for the time being. He was not sure who would be best to talk to about this, if he even should talk to anyone. As such, when Ed spoke he gave an unsure look. He was not sure anyone should know about it, so the statement made him uneasy. It was not as though what he was hiding would affect Ed anyway…

He shook his head, taking a breath to try and ignore his current mental turmoil off and focus on the danger ahead. He could not afford to be a liability more than he already was. Once Vaudeville had the door open and she called for them to go, he followed after the others and stayed relatively close to Vaudeville for the most part, his bow at the ready just in case.

"I can heal if anyone needs it, but we should get somewhere safe first if it can wait that long." He offered. It was about all he could do for the team really, especially after those expositions went off in the distance.
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The distraction by Snake, and Pips incredible surge of energy worked a trick, as the lesser Heartless forming in the room vanished like shadows to a light. The soldier Heartless weren't just blinded, but damaged as well, as dark smoke radiated off them and were even pushed back by the burst of light like it was an explosive shockwave. They were all staggered, and with it came the time to run for the other scattered cowering inside Tokui's watery bubble. They made a run up the stairs to the doorway once the bubble vanished, and charged out onto the bridge with Ed and Alande's support.

The gunslinger, meanwhile, put his hand up to cover his eyes from Pip, but he was still partially blinded. He could just about see Pips sword about to slash him, and with haste, spun around to throw his jacket at her. The sword cut it in half, and the brief misdirection was all he needed to make his escape, jumping off the edge of the central platform he, Tokui and Pip were fighting on, and landing on the support frame below to retreat into the eastern doorway.

Once everyone was through and Alande closed the door to lock it, the Heartless could only follow them the long way around. But they weren't out of the woods yet. For Vaud could hear the sounds of wyverns in the fog, even if she couldn't make out their exactly location in the thickness of the fog. The danger wasn't just them though. Someone was organizing the Heartless, that much was clear with the Gunslinger, and yet another ringleader was entering the fray. This time from the sky, riding on the back of a wyvern until finally dropping down on top of Vaud, his hand morphing into an ax to split her head clean open.

"HehehehehHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!~" He let out a crazed laugh as he attacked Vaud, smashing her body against the bridge so hard, the whole thing rocked and wobbled. The fog cleared briefly from the shockwave, and what attacked Vaud was in clear view. A total monster.


"Someone's come to visit? Come to VIOLATE OUR SANCTUARY?!" Carnage screamed out to all, before maniacally laughing while his tendrils wrapped themselves around the railings of the bridge, and began ripping them apart piece by piece.
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Alande Vera, Bridge

The wobbling did not dissuade Alande in the slightest. He lifts his goggles for a brief moment, confirming the fact that whatever this thing was, it was alive. Too him, that told him everything he needed to know. The simplest solutions were best. Whatever it was, it had considerable strength, stamina, and agility. Not to mention those tendrils were a problem. No amount of regeneration, however, matters to prions. It was impossible to tell, but whatever nervous system it had would probably be distributed. He ran forward through the mist after putting the goggles back on, following the heat signature of Carnage and his vitals. Taking out a vial, he coated his rapier and turned the dial.

Coming to a stop a few meters from Carnage, he takes off his glove and throws it at them. It was an official declaration, he wanted to duel this guy. One on one, professionally, like gentlemen. Of course, neither party was likely to follow the rules of a proper duel, but it was the principle of civility meeting carnage itself. His tactics for this weren't complicated, stay light on his feet, get cuts in to fold Carnage's prions en mass, and take advantage of it over the fight. He just had to sell it with his words. "Me and you, Toxin! Man and Machine against Taint and Oblivion!" Alande declared this with a loud guffaw, radiating gigacuries more confidence than he has ANY right to have whatsoever.
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When things seemed to be going well for once, Luer could not deny he was a little suspicious of it. He was right to be. Before much else could happen, something came down onto Vaudeville, and in turn at him. "Shit-!" The archer barely had time to roll out from under the woman and Carnage as he attacked. With a very minimal safe distance behind Vaudeville and the fight- dammit he did not need back in the room with the frog -he gave a concerned look from his knelt position.

He mentally rolled his eyes at Alande. They did not have the time for this. As long as Alande had his attention, though, the archer would not let the chance he was not noticed go. He took aim and fired at Carnage quickly. Whether his shot landed or not, he was less concerned with (his aim is great, of course he did not miss, but effectivity is a different matter for the poor human archer) as he turned focus on Vaudeville. "Are you alright!?"
"TOXIN?! No no no! Wrong name!" The symbiote got annoyed when Alande called him that. (Maybe because it's a sore spot still...) "The name is CARNAGE!" It then charged right at him, his ax arm sliding against the ground to give Alande an uppercut.

It was incredibly clear by the maintenance of the smile that Alande did not at all care about the fact that the name was 'wrong'.

"Same difference-" Alande tried to get a quip in, but Carnage was significantly faster than Alande was expecting. Effort forces him to shut up and move to the side, a swat from his blade barely preventing the axe arm from splitting his chin open The swat fails to cut into the axe arm even as it move it slightly.

Alande steps backward in an attempt to keep distance, making a quick low commitment thrust towards the back of Carnages axe as he does so.

While his blade did 'cut' into Carnage's body, the symbiote regenerated its thick, goopy flesh after a second, Any damage he took he could absorb, especially small cuts.
As he thrusted into his axe, Carnage moved forward still, using one of his tendrils to wrap around his blade arm to disarm or crush his entire arm. Either way, it moved its way up to his elbow, trying to push him back towards the symbiotes blade.

Alande's eyebrows raised as the pressure failed to abate, only getting worse. He managed to get off the prion changes, assuming that Carnage's nervous system even worked like he thought it did, but the tendril threatened his arm. In what's closer to a desperation move than anything, he started a single rapid step back as he turned the dial and hit a button now firmly on the complete defensive.

Entropic principles are invoked and align the rapidly vibrating blade to try and loosen carnage's hold on the blade. Meanwhile, the sleeve activates its defensive mechanisms and move-by-wire system to assist in Alande's bid to free himself and return to a neutral position in the fight.

While Alande's blade was free, Carnage wasn't stopped at all. He continued towards him, slashing and swinging wildly with reckless abandon; both with his axe hand, and his other which had morphed into massive claws the size of machetes. Each time they hit the bridge railings and metal floor panels, it cut through them like a sword through flesh.

When things seemed to be going well for once, Luer could not deny he was a little suspicious of it. He was right to be. Before much else could happen, something came down onto Vaudeville, and in turn at him. "Shit-!" The archer barely had time to roll out from under the woman and Carnage as he attacked. With a very minimal safe distance behind Vaudeville and the fight- dammit he did not need back in the room with the frog -he gave a concerned look from his knelt position.

He mentally rolled his eyes at Alande. They did not have the time for this. As long as Alande had his attention, though, the archer would not let the chance he was not noticed go. He took aim and fired at Carnage quickly. Whether his shot landed or not, he was less concerned with (his aim is great, of course he did not miss, but effectivity is a different matter for the poor human archer) as he turned focus on Vaudeville. "Are you alright!?"

It was a bullseye shot; nailing Carnage center of the back of his head. The arrow stuck out his skull, and his head whipped forward from the force of it, yet his body did not fall. Instead, he twisted around to face Luer, pulled the arrow out with his clawed hand, and threw it back at him with double the speed of when it was shot.

It was also covered in that red, symbiotic goo, with little tendrils along the edges of the shaft. Whether it hit Luer or not, the arrow would embed itself in the doorway he and his team came out from, and the tendrils would expand outwards to try and attach themselves to Luer and Vaud.

Luer was focused on Vaudeville, and because of that he had not checked to see if his shot hit or not, nor was he watching for any sort of retaliation for it. So when Carnage returned the arrow tenfold, it had more than enough speed to go right through the upper right side of his chest. He gasped, reluctantly dropping his bow to reach for the wound as he was pushed to the ground by the force onto his back with a pained groan. He gave a rather disturbed look to not find just blood on his hand when he checked, but rather an odd substance that not only had tendrils trying to come off it, it seemingly rolled off of him and… flailed? He was not sure. Regardless, this was a problem, and one he took quick notice of when he struggled to breathe.

He rolled over despite his pain to cough up blood and find himself still struggling for air. Fuck, not an unfamiliar feeling. He could not get a breath in through the blood. There were several thoughts rushing through his mind, of which one was that he recognized the wound- he was drowning in his own blood, which meant he could not heal it. Another, was one that prompted him to move. He did not have much time.

Getting his bow, he managed to slide it to the closest person to him (Vaudeville) with a pleading look. ANNA, if you can, ask them to hold my bow for me until I get back… Whether she could or not, he did not know, much less if she had time, because he certainly did not. He managed a whine amidst another unpleasant spill of blood before ultimately blacking out. The lack of oxygen took its toll quickly from there and overall, within a few short minutes, he had effectively passed and turned to ash.

Step after step, Alande is forced backwards from Carnage's onslaught. The arrow seems to be his saving grace, finally buying a neutral position as Carnage momentarily focussed off of him. It was incredibly unmutual of Luer to interrupt a gentlemens duel, but he can't undo what's been done. Shifting up his glasses at the attempt of the tendrils to bond to the pair, he has an epiphany. He mutters under his breath.

"Its a parasite..."

Noting the bonding agents of the symbiote, he grimmace's. He didn't have anything on hand to deal with parasitic organisms, let alone something like Carnage. He clicks a button, focusing his attention to try and find something that would hurt it.

The tendrils would be met by the maw of Vaudeville and slurped up like spaghetti. They fight, squirm, and Vaud thinks for a moment her ploy would backfire horribly, but she absorbs them and snarls at Carnage.

"Ohhh great. My beloved psychotic grandparent!" Vaud turns her hands into double-sided axes, and swings them down onto Carnage in an X shaped slash.

With Luer turning to ash, the symbiote had nothing to pair to. But, Vaudeville was certainly still an option. And upon swallowing his small tendrils, she could feel them wiggle about as they slowly made their way down her intestines. It was less spaghetti, and more worms picked out from behind the school she just ate. And would feel just as nauseating.

Her slash was absorbed by Carnage's arms, cutting apart into pieces of sloppy black gooey bits. He jumped backwards a few feet to regain some distance, perfect central between Alande and Vaud. Although Vaud was now much more interesting to him. "GAAAAAASP! Another symbiote! HA HA HA!!!" He maniacally laughed aloud. "O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!~" As his arms morphed back, he began clapping cheerfully at such wonderful developments, even jumping for joy at the splendid sight of another ungodly creature.

"Another of our kind comes to join the party of the damned! And one I smell is not from my world either! Tell me, are you also a goodie two-shoes like your other dimensional cousins, or have you come to see the murderous light?" He asked her, reforming his ax hand

Pain that seemed to come from everywhere exploded through Baxter, sending his slipping focus and discipline spiraling away from his grasp. He could feel the curse overtaking him, blotting out his humanity and overriding his mind. Now wasn't the time to fight recklessly, now was the time to think and analyze...but as control began to fade, all thoughts of strategy melted from his mind. His vision, which had been turning a deep crimson, began to focus again on the strange creature that had seemed to cause the problem. It had to die.

With a howl that was somewhere between a human and animal (duh), the now wolfman barreled his way towards the symbiote with animalistic speed, regardless of any that stood in his way. Teeth bared and claws flashing, he rocketed into the creature with reckless abandon.

And certainly, nobody was in the way...right?


Because Carnage was straight in his path, looking away from the old Werewolf. A shame Carnage had spider sense, because right as Baxter's claws were about to ravage the symbiote's back and spine, he jumped a dozen feet in the air.

Quickly shooting bloody webs from his wrists, he pulled himself back towards Baxter with incredible momentum; reforming his feet into several sharp knived toes to mangle the werewolf into chop suey.

When Luer awoke again from dying, (man he has to stop having this happen to him,) he would hear the familiar jingle of music.

Once again, he was back in the lounge. Sitting in the same seat opposite Penta. Except now his skin was all zombie like, and Penta was eating yet another steak. "You didn't eat your steak, so I'm just gonna have it if you don't mind," Penta explained to him, his mouth half full while cutting up another piece to munch on.

Luer groaned when he came to, shaking his head as he sat up. He spent a few just resting his head in his heads as he pieced together what had happened. That thing threw his arrow back at him… He drowned in his blood, that was unpleasant.

Speaking of unpleasant, that music was annoyingly familiar, as was the voice broke that interrupted his thoughts. He spared a side-eyed glare briefly before sighing as he pushed himself up to stand slowly. "Knock yourself out…" He grumbled, looking over himself for a moment before glancing to Penta. "Why am I here?"

"Well, you had to go somewhere to respawn. Undead like you return to life from bonfires, but the last one you spawned from was back on that dead planet, so I thought I'd save you the headache and bring you here... You're welcome, by the way," Penta told him, grabbing his glass to take a sip of wine.

"Tell you what though, your teams in a bit of a predicament. Carnage won't give up without a fight, and they're out in the open to be pecked at by Wyverns hiding in the clouds. And your escape is a bit... 'vague' at best. So, I am more than willing to make an accommodation for my lovely customer and help out."

Luer made a quiet grumble of complaint to himself. He could not bring himself to entirely argue the logic here, since it was quite a bit more convenient for him. Still, that it had to be this asshole… He sighed to himself. Fine. "Thank you."

He sighed heavily as he took his seat across from the man at the table. "And what would I have to pay for that?" As it was he still owed an answer for the other deal proposed…

"Hey, he thanked me!" Penta shouted to the masked figures at the other tables. All of which raised their glasses in cheer.

"Not a thing. This is simply a 'thank you' on my part for keeping an open mind." He told Luer, before winking to him.

Luer rolled his eyes slightly at the cheers from the masked figures. He took a small breath, crossing his arms as he looked across the table at Penta when the other answered. That seemed too easy, and he did not like the implications that wink had. He was going to regret this…

"Counter offer, then. It does have to be something I agree to, but I am willing to do something for you in return." What that may be, well, that he could only hope was not too bad. If it was simply running an errand he could do that.

"HA!" Penta started laughing, "Hahahahaha!~" The irony of the situation was not lost on him. "HAHAHAaaaa! Oh, I love you Luer. Not really," he added mockingly. "I take it this would not affect my first offer if I accept exchanging favors between each other?"

There was a small disgruntled grunt from the archer at the sarcastic affectionate statement. He shook his head though at the question. "No… and I will… think on that one a bit more…" He answered. He was not yet sure he was ready to confront that deal just yet- doubly so for having just died.

"Then I accept," Penta confirmed, "I give you and your friends an out, and in return... hmmm..." Penta grabbed his chin in ponderous though, "I'll get back to you on that." With another snap of his fingers, Luer was transported once again


A sweeping slash from an axe hand severs the webs and knife-feet before they can harm the wolfman. Vaudeville leaps forward, executing a sweeping kick at Carnage in mid-air to try and get him away from the bridge. "I'm playing the hero here! Villainous symbiotes are played out, old man!"

Carnage flew across the bridge once his legs were cut away, but again they reformed like nothing happened. "BLEGH! MILLENIAL!" Carnage mocked, forming both his hands into massive claws as sharp as a Samurai blade. "Always taking for granted what the older generation gave you! Someone should teach you to respect your elders! OR DIE FOR THEM!" Carnage screamed charging once more towards Vaud.

After examining Carnage for a good moment, he adjust his glasses. Heat and sound. Neither of which he had any knowledge of manipulating, not by itself. He didn't have any magnesium on hand. He could make something flammable, but he wouldn't be able to light it. He glances at his compatriots and asks a quick question,

"Anyone have a lighter?"

"Here!" Snake shouted, chucking over to Alande his own military lighter. While all this fighting was going on, the flapping of a dozen Wyverns could be heard above. While they couldn't seem them through the fog still, they could definitely make out a flock of them were being attracted by all the noise.

Yet, an exit appeared in the middle of the bridge. A oval shaped portal, about sveen foot in size, appeared with a different location visible through it. They just needed to make a run through it before the Wyvern came flying down. Or Carnage destroyed the bridge for good.
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Alande takes out a flask and almost fills his mouth with the fluid, catching the lighter and then following the flask by adding a catalyst. He gives a thumbs up at Snake as a silent thank you. The solution from the flask would turn flammable in his mouth thanks to the catalyst. He didn't trust the portal, but there weren't a lot of better options. Regardless, he would have to buy time for the group to make it to the portal, particularly Vaud. He gets into position behind Carnage, flicks the lighter on, and expels the air in his lungs. Out comes a single, brilliant almost blinding puff of flame that his own sunglasses and mostly shut eyes just barely protected himself from propelled by the oxygen in his lungs towards Carnage. Turning around on a dime, he starts sprinting towards the portal on the middle of the bridge. Mouth and lungs now empty, he takes in a big breath of air and shouts, "Get to the dimensional gateway, middle of the bridge!"
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There was another moment of confusion after the transport, and Luer took a moment to come to his surroundings again. Damn, the whiplash from the change in scenery and situation was becoming harder to adapt to so quickly. He shook his head, a personal problem for later. For now, he saw the group through the portal and it was enough to tell him what to do.

He stepped through back to the battlefield in time to hear Alande call and head his way. He nodded in agreement, reluctantly, and gestured with a wave to the others. "It is safe through here! I will take responsibility if I am wrong but this is our best choice!" He offered as well. Having just come from it, assuming anyone saw him, they could likely gauge that it was indeed safe if nothing else. Whether it was where they needed to be for their task here, that was another matter. Either way, their safety came first at the moment.
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The Grail Warden, Pip

Sometimes Pip didn't know when to back down— she saw the enemy and the power inside compelled her forward. Onwards. Forever in motion. She made chase for half a heartbeat, two BANG BANGS across the metal strut before a familiar voice called out after her, drawing her backwards— towards another battle just beginning. She gave Tokui an appreciative nod as they scrambled towards the door and lost him within moments of the chaos unfolding on a connecting strut.

A twenty-foot tall something-or-the-other stood opposite them and Pip pointed her blade of light, only to realize the real enemy was already attacking it... She was too nervous to move surely, sardined between civilian 'scattered' and when the duel was proffered, Pip had already discerned her skills could be of better use than aiding the redheaded small-fry.

She made her way to the front of the 'scattered' huddle, dismissing her blade as she went. Pip inhaled deeply and called out to her magic, forming in her minds eye what she envisioned and therefore conjured; thick strands of light— manipulatable and strong — struck out and held taught the damage that Carnage's rampage dealt to the struts integrity. Her side of the bridge at least was sturdy and when the portal formed and someone's head popped out and shouted it was safe, Pip acted without thinking.

The thick strands of light, conjured atop her shoulder blades and dancing through her white feathered cape, wrapped themselves around random 'scattered' and tossed them bodily through the portal. She winced a bit as she did, trying to be as gentle as she could as she tossed them six or so feet into the waiting portal. When everyone on her side of the bridge was through, Pip rushed in as well, calling out to those still in battle, "Hurry and make it through before it closes!"
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Carnage and Vaud continued to duke it out on the bridge while the other scattered made their escape. The symbiote, (the red one, that is,) could sense Alande's approach from behind, and was ready to behead the scientist the moment he was close enough. Unfortunately, right as he turned to slice the good doctor's head like it was a melon, Alande's fire was faster. It engulfed the Symbiote, who let out a horrific, monstrous screech of agony. In his flailing from the burning flames, his body morphed and deformed in reaction, but in doing so caused even more damage to the bridge. His arms slashed and thrusted randomly, trying to cut and kill anything and anyone around him.

In doing so, he cut through a support beam crucial to the bridge through the floor. And with a loud sounding creaking noise, the team would feel the bridge begin to sag in the middle, followed the noise of crunching metal being bent. Once everyone made their leap into the portal, it would close in an instant, followed by the bridge between the struts collapsing into the ocean below. Carnage with it.

Nothing else would follow behind them once it closed, leaving them safe from the Wyverns once more. Their new surroundings was familiar, as they were inside yet another strut. Though this one being different with all the boxes laying about.

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Alande tosses the lighter back to Snake with a smirk, "Thank you, it was a great help," his compliment was as sincere as it was an understatement. Carnage could have been a massive problem without a spark, they were all fortunate that Snake had one on him. Frankly, he should start carrying one. He wasn't dealing with the usual suspects of reality deviants anymore, this environment was far more unpredictable.

Moving up the goggles to the top of his head, he shifting up his glasses for what was probably the 8th time this mission. It does not occur to him that maybe he should use goggles instead of his glasses given how often he had to readjust them. It should be a fairly easy jump onto the boxes to the catwalk, though he really had no idea which strut they were in. Or more importantly how they got here. He turns to Snake again and asks "Which strut are we in, exactly? More importantly, is there a plan while we're here or are we purely focused on extraction?"
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Snake snatched the lighter out of the air with a quick grasp of the arm, before stylishly flipping it around in his hand to flick on a flame. He stood there silently while Alande questioned where they were and what the game plan was now, since their original objective was now lost in this overrun facility of monsters. "Extracting who, exactly?" Snake finally spoke up, having taken a cigarette out his back pocket. Putting the filter between his lips, he leaned forward into the flame and let the tobacco burn until a small ember formed at the head of the cig. With an inhale, Snake took a moment to let the smoke linger in his lungs, before exhaling out gently.

"This facility was destroyed six months ago. And as far as I remember, it wasn't used to house all these monsters running around. So since you seem to be involved in this, I think I should be asking the questions." While his tone sounded neutral, there was a small hint of a threat as he finished speaking, putting his lighter away right next to where his pistol was holstered.
The Grail Warden, Pip

"Hopin' he's here to extract us," Pip replied genially. She walked forward, like a little flashlight in the dim fluorescent of this new area, hands up, palms forward. "I got questions aplenty myself, seein' as I woke up from a long ass fall and immediately watched a dwarf get swallowed by those little shadow creatures and then fought with the others to just get this far. Alive."

She looked to all the civilian 'scattered', those inept in the ways of fighting and winced. At least she had experience in battle. She understood the trauma that came from it. Hopefully this wouldn't settle upon them too heavily. Hopefully they could heal before that.

"You helped us, so I'm assumin' you're not with that gunslinger guy... He killed one of ours before we made it here."

It was clear as day, the anger and the shame and the guilt that ate away at her.

She had to keep fighting though, they all did.

"Wait," Pip said suddenly, shaking her head as if it'd been underwater. "What do you mean this facility was destroyed? Did you actually see it? With your own eyes?"
"I was here when it happened, and the partial cause for it," Snake told Pip. "Long story. But the short of it is the remains of this place fell into the sea, and my government chalked it up as a terrorist attack. They were still combing the ocean floor when this place suddenly came back together. Not only that, but just looking at this place is giving me Déjà vu. It's exactly the same as it was the day it fell apart, right down to the damage done to it before it collapsed, to even the dates on all the computers matching the day it happened too. It's like time rewound itself here."

"That's because it did." A familiar voice spoke up. That annoying frog from before had reappeared once more, laying on top of one of the stacked up tower of boxes that looked over the whole group. "Interference with this world by outside forces have caused time itself to repeat. But it's not a perfect rewind, as you may notice. The base itself is here, but all the people are still trapped in the past, while certain moments are just repeating themselves over a few seconds. The longer time remains broken, however, the greater the bleeding effect will be, and eventually the events will fully repeat themselves. Except now, there's a chance for those events to be altered, which in turn can create a paradox that may very well destroy this whole world." The frog explained it in its usual dull, uninterested voice.

"... And what exactly are you?" Snake asked, trying not to express confusion over the talking frog.

"A frog. I would have thought a snake knew that," the frog remarked, "I just want to find my master and get back into my little pond, if you must know. He's around here somewhere. Probably cornered by these Heartless. I could find him if this place's time got fixed up properly. But, doing that can take quite a lot of my energy, and I would be exposed to the elements... And I'm hungry."
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Baxter Callahan
Baxter struggled to move as his bloodlust settled and he slowly turned back into a human. It had been many years since he had been halfway challenged in any fight, and he was simply not used to getting thrown around. He got up slowly, trying ot get his bearings. It seemed as though the enemy was dead, though he didn't quite understand how. He looked around, vaguely aware of the conversation around him without taking much in. He still wasn't sure how he got here, but he stumbled over to the group quietly. He was fine to wait-he knew too many questions could be dangerous at the time. For now, he needed to be on alert and try to figure out what the hell was going on...
Dominique Moon/Vaudeville - Played by Amber Franklin

"Whatever Boomer." Vaudeville retorts. The golden symbiote meets his claws with her own and the pair are tied up in a mirror match for the moments the others act while he is firmly distracted. Blow for blow and slash for slash, they are effectively deadlocked. Dominique is amazed and rather proud they are holding their own. Yeah, they take some painful impalements, and super-powered punches, but nothing the symbiote cannot regenerate. No pain, no gain as they say.

When they see Alande get into position to give Carnage a fiery surprise, Vaudeville jumps back to avoid the flame that assaults the other symbiote. She wants to give him a hard kick into the ocean, with something witty yelled after him. But that portal seems like a better idea than showboating. They climb up the collapsing bridge and leap through the portal. Vaudeville tumbles into the strut, popping up into a triumphant pose with hands on hips and head held high.

"Hope you all saw that as there will not be an encore performance." They announce and upon looking around drops the pose.

"Now we're in what I assume to be a storage locker. Great." Vaud throws up their hands and huffs. "What's in these things anyway? Food, maybe?" The symbiote commences to search the boxes. " Fighting Carnage took a lot outta us and we are starving." The search does not impede their ability to follow the conversation. Right up to that frog appearing again at the top of a stack being dismantled in the search for food.

"That makes three of us Frogger. With any luck all this timey wimey- fuckery affects food and the food keeps coming back so there's plenty for everyone." Vaudeville theorizes aloud, making a pair of horn-rimmed glasses to take off for dramatic effect.
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Tokui Uchiha

Tokui started to feel frustration at this man's apparent impervious body. Hard as they tried, the gunslinger kept on standing up like nothing was done. Maybe he should start using sage mode, the shinobi questioned himself. But foreign help in the form of a man in tactical gear evened the odds. With a nod, he guided whoever was still left through the chaos that ensued outside the strut. The statue-like clones finally poofed out of existence, energizing Tokui with a mix of his own returning chakra and the nature chakra they managed to gather. The dark skin of the shinobi's face would be adorned with bright red markings over the eyes and lines coming down them as well. His pupil taking a strange, rectangular look. As if the sharingan alone wasn't a strange enough eye on its own.

As a fight ensued on the bridge, Tokui and the remaining clone stood at the ready between the carnage and them. Once an out was visible, Tokui guided them through. However, seeing the lack of time he had on his hands, he used his body flicker to jump from scattered to scattered and dropping them on a safe spot.

With all that over, he looked over the group and asked "Everyone well? Sorry for the rough ride." As this occurred, the real Tokui listened in on the conversation this "Snake" character and the group were having. Not to forget the talking frog. While not seeing one himself on his own world, he knew they existed. Or was it toads? Both? Regardless, another world with them wasn't all that crazy to him. The time altering was, but he decided not to ponder too deeply on it.

Quietly, Tokui started using his sage mode to scan the entire facility for chakra signatures. He wasn't sure that'd be successful, but it was worth a try. Flawlessly walking around with his eyes closed and not bumping into anything, he took the frog-snake intermission to speak to Pip. They were on a mission, after all, and the feelings he heard and saw in her could cloud her performance. "Pip... It wasn't your fault. Don't put that burden on your shoulders."
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"Correct, RD. I was sent here along with the rest of the extraction team in order to ensure your safe extraction back to the Pathfinder. I was hoping it would be a simple in and out, but this incursion needs resolving before we extract. It would be deeply irresponsible to leave it," Alande's explanation was even and calm, delivered with a forced smile. His eyebrows raised as the frog started explaining the current situation. A temporal anomoly was not something Alande was equipped to deal with. This is the type of expertise that someone would send very different specialists for back home. On the bright side, he did know quite a few ways of feeding a frog. Or bypassing the need in the first place. They had a common interest after all, and although working with a Reality Deviant is unmutual he had already lapsed in that regard by necessity. Doing it some more was hardly a deal breaker. "I personally bore witness to them temporarily ending a time loop affecting one of the struts. I don't know how to stabalise a time-stream, but if its food they want I can provide energy and supress its hunger," Alande offers.

"Would this do?" Snake spoke up to the frog once Alande stopped speaking. In his hand was a large military ration tin. "It's not much, but I have more where this came--" The frog, before Snake could finish, flicked his tongue out towards the tin; catching the top half and reeling it back into its mouth with one fluid motion. Its cheeks were puffed out, but it munched down on the tin to get the food inside, and after a couple seconds, burped it back out onto the floor without any of the food inside.

"Hmmm... That'll do," it said after smacking its lips together. Gently, the frog began to glow blue once more, sparking in some sort of enchanted light. The room changed from the storage room to a wide open space. And I mean space.


The world itself had become a swirling vortex of time and space, with only the platform supporting them from falling into the abyss of the fabric of reality that would swallow them all whole. "I shall need but a few minutes to reverse the damage and return this world back to its unaltered form. Just don't look down or fall off the edge, and you won't become atomized to the winds of subspace." The frog explained to the group, keeping himself to the far edge of the platform.

If only it was that simple, however,

"HAHAHAHAHAAA!!~" The maniacal laughter of an insane symbiote echoed around them, as high above a vortex of darkness began to form. Dozens of heartless creatures began falling out and landing on the stage, their numbers five-to-one against the heroes, with Carnage himself being the last to fall from the dark portal. Except he brought something with him. Something bag and heavy, which landed with a large thu and rocked the stage so hard, it felt like it would already collapse by the weight of it.

"LOOK WHAT I FOUND JUST LYING ON THE OCEAN FLOOR!" Carnage yelled out. He was riding on top of the massive machine's head, with his tendrils reaching inside to control the metal beast's cockpit. "Ohhhh, this world is full of potential! When we get our hooks into its skin, we'll celebrate its liberation of life with TOTAL ANARCHY! HAHAHAHAA!!"

Snake, pulling out his pistol, took his stance in readying to dodge the metal gear. "Who are you working for!" He shouted out to Carnage. "A madman like you couldn't have done all this without help!"

"Ohhhh, and spoil the fun? We're just getting started! My bossy friend has promised me all the chaos a guy can dream of, and all I have to do is help spread these little infectious creatures aren't like the flesh eating bacteria they are! Now be good little boys and girls AND DIE SQUEALING! HA HA HAAAA!!!!" With that, Carnage raised the leg of the metal gear to squish the team.
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