Heartland of Damocles

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Of Damocles
The day was beautiful for the beginning of fall, even through the haze of smog that was ever present in the sky; prickles of light tried to peek through but rain was starting to fall again and a thick fog seemed to cling to the atmosphere of the streets. As the neon signs cast their vibrant shadows like fingers across sheen of fog, screens and tech-glas alike all danced of moving color only a ghost of the image it mocked. People hurried about their feet clacking their attention devoid of their surroundings, as many held head down - tilt and smothered in their own personal tablet’s aura. Drones, ignored by the masses, were there to protect with high-powered auto pulsars, and pin prick precision, they were the Law, Judge, Jury and Executioner. Humanities golden prize of generation after generation of morbid crime and war; these were a crowning achievement to Earth’s Society today.

The Second was the gaming industry, often times celebrated as new Virtual Realities for the season were released at the GamR-Con this very day in fact. A vastly celebrated parade of gamer geeks, nerds, consumer buyers, product designers, artists, coders and much more trod the halls of the GamR – Con this year oh how she could just see it. The light projected lasers casting brilliant displace over the square like facility. Then there were demos - oh the glorious demos and game previewing. So much could be played, and witnessed in a single place. She felt perhaps it was heaven. Oh why couldn’t this type of thing go on daily!

Suddenly her inner Web-Cast program was interrupted. The screen on her square frame black glasses went static as a voice cleared at the front of an auditorium styled room. She and 6 other young ladies and a single young man sat in this very room each held their violin aloft on softly curved wrists and cradled in the nook of their collar bone and chin. Avae Kroev was to the furthest right, and closest to the window in the seating her back ridged she was wearing the normal charcoal gray, vibrant yellow and black school uniform; even though technically this WAS college! The outfit was a black blazer with a few yellow accents here and there, a charcoal gray black and yellow plaid and pleeted skirt that fell well above her knees to drap along tone thights. Her stockings (seen in image) and slip on slipper ballet style shoes were held still, with knees tucked, and toes hiding behind the leg of the chair. She was in absolute and proper position. So why was their instructor looking at her like that.

“Mrs. Kroev, As I SAID moments before you slaughtered the 'Voices off A Violin'; I Recalled a secondary standing and asked that You Perform it. Do you remember… Page 12…” She was rather stern and Avae’s next move was sure to piss her off all the more. She didn’t even need to glance down at the book before her- she'd already memorized the entire bloodeh thing. It was so dull Neo-Modern Classical with a hint A HINT of True Classical thrown in. She wanted to gag but before the teacher could speak Little Miss Plain and Proper was suddenly starting up the stringing motions of the requested Standings. Her fellow Violinists took up her lead simply to help her silence their teacher.

When next Avae peeked she noticed their teacher down right Seething in her direction, her dual blue eyes swiftly shut and she would finish the lessons on perfect que. At the end she would watch as a girl with short black hair and bright purple eyes distracted their professor. Avae took no time to waste, as that was her roommate and she was giving her a blessed distraction! Avae had the next two hours free! And she just had to get back to that web cast! GamR-Con ! Oh GamR-Con !!! Why couldn’t she be there instead of here. She pouted and proceeded to her room. Dropping her bag at the door ditching her shoes along the way and falling out into her own bed in her own room adjacent to her roomates small room a Bathroom between them always made them feel like it was a Hotel instead of the glitzy glamy school it was. Avae called for the Tech-Glas to bring up the news and then nibbled on cheddar popcorn while her feet danced back and forth behind her as she lay on her stomach hypnotized as the show and Web Cast Started again.



There were tables and venders and everything Avae had envisioned. But there was also SO much more!! People were dressed in cos-play others were just standing in shock at the things about them.But one level was completely dedicated to Alien Warfare INC. There are people guarding 4 BETA PASS CARDS to their newest creation. A Gigantic circular screen in the center of the room projects current In Game Actions of various classes, and races so many different races! And Customizations too! Plus the new classes of Dragoon and Summoner are a whole new level of wow for the fan-dms.

But other than that things go on as they would normally the announcer would finally call, and if you were the lucky winner of a card you would be called and introduced then asked when you were going to try the game out? You could dive in on a consol there Or Run home with your new pass card and game to kick start the Net Gear and Dive in!


Avae watched as the contestant winners were each called she glared at the screens with her dual colored eyes. She hated them at the moment. “Lucky Pricks!” She said tossing a pillow at her screen. She sighed and went to roll over in her bed. “I would give just about anything to test that game out.” Her long honey silver blonde hair cast about her head as her hand went to twirl a stray lock her fingers would find something that was not her silky tresses. Her eyes nearly widened. What was that? It felt plastic and she could feel the DIGI numbers on the front of it’s face. The surface almost felt like Tech-Glas. “No I’m dreaming…” She said before she even lifted the object to glare at it.

Sure enough she was right! "A Frakkin Beta Pass Card…” She sat bolt up right and looked around “This is a Prank… This can’t be real…” She laughed standing and walking over to her desk where her CERBerus Net (newest link gear) head set sat. Lifting what looked like a plastic visor cut from a black mirror and nothing more she turned back to her bed hand still death locked onto the FAKE BETA PASS. “This won’t work - watch I’ll prove you’re a fake!” She said defiantly. Sitting down on her bed she swiped the card close to the right ear side then dropping the card on the bed – placed the visor on and laid back Suddenly the gear started to hum as activation began! Everything went black.

. . .

She was falling fall - loosing herself in a world of darkness, it felt like forever, and then just as suddenly as she had started the fall suddenly she was moving no more. Simply standing on solid darkness, in the center of darkness. The only thing in the room a single orb of deep violet light that faded out to red on its edges. This ball of light was actually not a light but a fairy. This orb of light jingled to catch her attention and a disembodied voice suddenly echoed in the room

“Are you Aware Yet?. . . “

” Hey! Are you Awake! COME ON WAKE UP HERO! What is your Naming" The Fairy waited until she walked forward her jaw agape her eyes wide she giggled with mad fits “OOOh I can’t believe this… I gotta be dreaming…” The AI echoed “DREAMING is this your Naming?” Avae giggled again “No… “ She said in a stern and dominant voice. “You’re a rather smart Ai system” She said “Your NAMING…” It echoed again back at her. She smirked “Cheeky devil you… I am CALLED KAETH” She pronounced clearly.

She was unable to see her game avatar still so moving, even standing still felt odd to her almost like she was disembodied herself. The orb jingled again “What is your Ranking?” Suddenly various Rank systems splashed up in glowing insignias each had a different set of skills but one in particular to her stood out. “I am RANKED SUMMONER” The fairy jingled a final time almost like a tremor. “Have you see your self lately? Will you be Savior or a Slaughter of Innocents? Your on the Path to Damocles, Find the Keys Before It’s Too Late…!”

Suddenly the fairy would fade away and a large silver mirror would appear as if moving slowly towards Avae. It would stopped just before her, inky black glass reflected nothing at first but then what Avae TRULY WAS would appear, (if you were a rocker at heart, your character would seemingly be dressed more as one would be, if they were a girlie girl at heart, they would appear adorned in frills and maybe even angelic. But if they were DARK and filled with hate it would also show turning them demonic and dark powered. Pretty much in this game your Character Race is what you are truly deep down)

Avae was surprised to see her game self was a Sihde - anthro (cat demon with twin tipped tail) of sorts it seemed. She giggled at the dark switch it was almost like looking at a mirror of herself, she looked a little older to. A cocky grin pulled her lips to the side and displayed sharpened canines on top and bottom jaw.

She leaned forward a paw - hand lifted into her vision as she tapped the glass with a claw tip as gently as she could, even so it seemed to glass was destined to crack. Suddenly it splintered; slow at first then Faster and Faster to the edges and seams of the frame then suddenly it’s pieces were spilling away inwards as if it were downward and yes suddenly gravity toppled side ways and the mirror was suddenly down - then up as she fell through the frame.

KAETH tumbled head over paws through the sky of a barren planet below she feared she would crash but didn't; instead when she reached the planet’s surface she passed through the crust until she broke through it to pass by the Core of the Planet. The interior of this Enormous planet had been carved out and inhabited the gravity and conditions for living with the Core as their Sun! A small Town called Glasglow Shire had an icon navigation light above it - obviously the starter village, then suddenly she was falling again! She couldn’t believe it she was going to play SAO: Heartlands & the Keys to Damocles!!!!

AI said:
No Matter who you were or how you got into the game at this moment in the game something would suddenly happen. Static would glitch about you and the command AI would flash a red warning this message.


That last bit was a new one! Then suddenly your vision would return to normal and the decent fall would start again, only now… you’re character is heading Straight for a GIGANTIC forest! In this place your character will crash and quickly discover just about EVERYTHING is alive in this place, and dangerous, poisonous or trying to stomp on you, or eat you. Not only that but the Trees themselves are the size of skyscrapers on steroids! You could literal surf down on a leaf for safe landing. The roots are like tunns and channel like paths that weave about, the gorund level is more like a maze. Be careful where you go.

Once you land the Dark Fairy is back. “Welcome to Heartlands… You need to get to Glasglow Shire!” The tiny disembodied voice squeaks at your character then vanished. Others have landed somewhere in this forest too though we may be miles apart from one another still!
Once she reached the first branches of the forest Kaeth took a gigantic leaf down her large paw like feet spread wide on the leaf guiding her path gently to the roots that were as large as highways across!

Landing she took a second to take a 3rd person view of her Avatar and then ‘Clicked’ back into first person satisfied with this … Catty version of her. How cute that it reflected her Celtic Heritage! She’d kicked a good name too Mirror. Was that why she’d become a Sidhe? She was very curious about this and more, but she was more concerned with that Glitch in the system she wondered looking at the fairy as it squeaked at her. Her dual tipped tail demon spaded tail flicked irritated and dual colored (magenta pink left eye and neon glowy blue right eye) were started to turn to slides as the cat like pupils retracted. “Okay Okay so Which way to the Bloody Shire then?” She hissed a bit when she talked… Good. She waited for it’s direction given and turned in the way I floated.

“You will need to go 250 miles north!” The fairy vanished with an echoed ~~ PRESS STAR to get the Fairies attention!~~ Kaeth’s jaw dropped “Oh this is gonna suck…” She said having already glanced over her starter stats. “LVL 1 in a LVL15 Forest… Shit I need to find some peeps to run with!” She jumped up onto a higher root and took a gander around. She didn't want to waste time rebooting the same starter character over and over if this was a permi-glitch, so sje ould have to make friends first! Something she wasn't very at ease with doing, but she had to to get out of this forest. So where were some people she wondered.

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Avae Kroev

  • • Name •
    Avae Kroev
    Name Means Violins Voice

    • Age •

    • Gender •

    • Sexuality •

    • Appearences •
    -- Avae's eyes are a strange heterchromia dark sapphire blue - her right eye - and a crystalline silver gray blue in her left eye. Other than that her hair is actually very long and simply tumbled into an intricate sorta bun style. When let loose her hair reaches down to her the back of her knees. Ever though she wears many Chime - Bells on her attire they hardly EVER make a noise when she is simply moving from point A to point B. Now if she is in a hurry lets be reasonable she does make jingling / chiming chingy sounds. --

    • Other •
    Eidetic memory is an ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory after only a few instances of exposure, with high precision for some time after exposure,[1][2]without using mnemonics. It occurs in a small number of children and generally is not found in adults. – In Acae’s circumstance, she need only look at a page for a few moments to not only read the entire page but also to completely memorize it too. Now this strange gift comes in handy at times when she goes in to what I’m calling Checkmate Mode. This will not appear very often in the game but it will at some point and the way she thinks in this Mode is to her time slows to a stand still and she is able to visualize all possible threats, counter strikes, exits and strategies she needs to accomplish something. This ‘Gift’ also has a tendacy to give her personality a creepy vibe. Like she is always plotting something.

  • • Reality Persona •
    In Reality Ava seem plain, meek, quiet, timid, even just described as ordinary ole wall flower. But that is only the surface of the girl. In truth, and as seen while in game, this girl is more than meets the eye. Sure she acts quiet and plain, but she holds a passion deep inside that is just waiting to explode. Many find it hard to get close to Avae, she keeps herself well hidden, after years of ‘Proper Grooming’ and upbringing that the British instill in their youths is strong in her, you could say she’s almost programed to be polite. But this also keeps personal matters personal. Those she does let near to her heart know the real her, she’s and open book after the wall is surmounted.

    • Gamer Persona •

    --Ever heard the phrase Hell Cat? Well that is Her. In the Virtual Reality her true persona steps out a demon cat known as a Sidhe in Gaelic (irish) Lore. But she has a human form! Lucky! She also has a bit of an attitude and knowing how smart she is, finds a hard time connecting once she gets into the game. Bad thing brains don’t count for everything virtual reality. She will quickly find out she is Extremely Weak physically. And that the weapon she is gifted with has little to no effect in her weak hands.

    • Short Bio •
    Avae comes from a long line of Blue bloods, it’s proper this and manners behave that! Avae was utterly loosing her mind back in Prime London 6 months back, but then the BLESSED day came when the Higher Arts Academy came calling after her for her fine skills in Violin playing. Avae broke into her trust fund just to go; her parents believing this was the proper action of a young lady still would not fund her journey to a better life. Ha if they could get any the ‘Better’.
    -- Free from her gilded cage she finds herself in a dorm full of creatives just like her! Oh the joy of it all, not only that but she’s not the only +350 I.Q. range! So her gift of Eidetoc Memory isn’t seen as a freak power any longer. (see OTHER for what that means) But she still must troll the school schedule and make good marks in this fancy school of arts. But making friends and breaking out during curfew has kept her quite busy as of late.
    -- Not only is the girl a brilliant violinist, but she is also some what of a gamer geek and a little bit of a Hacker to boot! Beware of her feisty manner, in game and her false identity of wall flower in reality. She’s a lot more than she seems!

    • Like + Dislikes •
    • ♡ ♡ ♡ Sushi - Video Games - Cats / Animals - Reading
    • ✖ ✖ ✖ Shy Demeanor - Social Anxieties - Bullies

  • • Monster Side •

    GAMER NAME:: Kathe (pronounced K – thh sorta hissy on the end)
    AGE:: 22
    RACE:: Daemon Cat Sidhe
    GENDER:: Female
    -- In the game she appears rather... risk-keh! And much changed to say the least. She has a set of cat ears, and a long split end tail, her feet are also cat paws (unlike show above) She has black on on her right ear, her right eye is also ice blue, while her left ear and the rest of her hair is indigo blue and her left eye is magenta pink! --

    GAUNTLETS: (starter form only does fire explosive like shock waves and bursts. Later will have a more Gun like feature as image shows. If you want a preview of this weapon in action check out YELLOW TRAILER from RWBY ^.^ )


    Summons Abilities
    -- STELLAR FIRE BALL: Able to fire up to 3 rapid fire shots of stellar (star fire white and blue fire ) in one post or spread out in three posts, cool down is 2 posts.
    -- FLARE SHIELD: A flimsy shield of raw heat that melts small projectiles or can halt the projection of a thrown fist or kick for One post. Anything that comes into contact with the shield will get SUPA burned.
    -- SOLAR TALONS: Burning slashes of fire flash and flicker across and before the Summon’s body towards intended target, super hot white fire normally has 5 slashes or Licks. Cool down is 5 posts.
    ••Summon Weapon:
    Able to extend to nearly 200 feet in length. Has inner mechinisms that retract and pull, so she can maneuver like spider man with this weapon as well as grab, crack, and snap which will make fire lashes.

    -- Strength ✪ ✪ ✪
    -- Agility ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪
    -- Defense ✪
    -- Health ✪
    -- Magic ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪

    •• Other: Not really other than she is a little swift of foot in the game because in reality she practices Parkour in her spare time. It is a Hobby / Sport? To her and a good reason why her cat form is so swift and nimble.
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I'm interested if you're still accepting players.
Hmm this was meant to be a 1x1 but I will ask the partner of this current game if he's okay having another person join ^.^ . Just in case he says sure do you have any questions about the game play?
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