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  1. [​IMG]

    The Chelsea Hotel. New York City. Overall, a place known to the Mundanes as one haunted by ghosts, a hot spot of paranormal activity. The reality is quite different. A few magicians hired to lay on some random spells, a mischievous fey or two and soon enough, you had a reputation that grew in the telling. It serves the Hidden Community as a place that drew attention away from the true places of Magic that exists in New York City, most notable being Central Park with its circle of Druids as well as the Troll Market entrance below the Brooklyn Bridge. Having served its purpose well, hardly anything thought of it in years until most recently.

    The day a body was discovered in one of the rooms on a haunted tour.

    More have followed in its wake and finally, those in power have had enough.

    Which is where you come in.

    A small, four-to-five man group. Consisting of various, to be sent into the hotel and discover whats going on.

    If its not angry spirits, find out and inform us. We need to know of any new threat we can. And if it is...Well.

    Be sure to carry some salt on you, yes?

    C.T. as Emiya Kiritsugu(Fate Zero)

    Thuro The Assassin Potato as Ian Nottingham(Witchblade TV series)

    TheSpringwoodSlasher as Hellboy

    BarrenThin as Ichabod Crane(Sleepy Hollow TV series)

    Michale CS as Doctor Katherine Harrison(OC)

    TV Tropes

    Doctor Katherine Harrison: The Chick

    Ichabod Crane: The Smart Guy

    Hellboy: The Big Guy

    Ian Nottingham: The Lancer

    Emiya Kiritsugu: The Leader


    Maiya: The assistant of the Magus Killer. And the support member of your team. Both for weapons as well as over the radio.

    Abe Sapien: Member of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense organization. A specialist in occult lore. Contact him on the radio in regards to mystic matters.

    Father Lucifer: One of three of the Church's Executors working in New York City. Contact for local Hidden World customs and locales.

    Officer Celadon: Mundane officer of the NYPD. Works to assist keep the Masquerade ongoing. Contact for mundane matters in the investigation.

    Father Fenric: One of three of the Church's Executors working in New York City. Contact for optional objectives and heavy weaponry.

    Sister Mercedes: One of three of the Church's Executors working in New York City. Contact for optional objectives and matters pertaining to magic.​

    Welcome to the Hidden World.

    For most people, New York City is New York City, America is America, and Earth is Earth—but there’s more to the world than that.

    Beneath the “normal” surface of the world are things and people which most humans don’t know about, don’t want to know about, and will do their best to forget about if they ever come anywhere near them. That dead body with the odd toothmarks? Attacked by stray dogs. The traces of thirty different infectious diseases on this corpse? Statistical anomaly. The Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton from the museum scattered in a thousand pieces on the college lawn? Student prank.

    People won’t see things they don’t want to see. Most of the citizens of the world would laugh at the idea of magic, even though some wizards and witches have their number and occupation right in the phone book. It’s always possible for everyone, from heroes to bystanders, to turn away and not get involved. It’s often the easiest thing in the world to do. You can choose between good and evil, light and darkness, possibility and necessity, taking action and going home to curl up with a good book. The world is weirder, more wonderful, and more deadly than it seems. Some people know this. There are people who know that magic exists and know who to call when they run into it. There are humans who have been divinely blessed or diabolically cursed. There are faeries—small, big, hugely ancient and terrifying.

    There are dragons, although these days it’s said they consider bearer bonds as well as gold for their hoards. The Shadowlands—the world of fae and ghosts—is just on the other side of a veil from normal life; courts of vampires divide the night among them; the White Council of wizards tries to protect the innocent and stop the misuse of magic.

    All of this is going on, right under our noses.

    So the question really, is how exactly do any of these factions get along, much less keep things such an intense secret? Well....The answer is simple and has to do with the following, the closest to absolute law among all the factions.

    The body of work known as the Unseelie Accords.

    The Unseelie Accords are a set of agreements (like the Geneva Conventions) that govern behavior between its signatories, who are the major powers of the magical world. The Accords include protocols for etiquette, hospitality, formal duels, and neutral ground, among other things. They were instigated by Queen Mab. You heard right. The Mab. The mother of Lord Oberon and one of the Ladies of Winter itself.

    The following are known portions of the Accords.

    There is no spirit of the law, only its letter.

    Beings have license to deliver and receive messages, and to have safe passage granted them so long as they do not instigate violence.

    Part of a pledge of safe passage or conduct is the promise not to drug any directly offered food or drink. If it is targeted at a group, rather than a specific individual, however, then it is acceptable.

    If a member of the Accords is killed by another member of the Accords, one who has close relations to the deceased can demand a weregild in compensation for their death.

    Should a member of one faction wrong another faction, the aggrieved party has the right to challenge their enemy to single combat:

    The organisations that represent the duelers pick an emissary from the list of neutral emissaries.
    The chosen emissary decides on a list of available weapons, such as magic or will.

    The challenged picks the weapons, and the challenger picks the time and location.

    The available weapons are not necessarily restricted to those usable by both parties. If the challenger can't use the weapon the challenged chose, they can force the challenged to take their second choice.

    Each party must have a second.

    The seconds collaborate with the emissary to work out the terms of the duel.

    Certain places can be signed on as Accorded Neutral Territory. This means that signatories of the Accords do not start any conflict on the premises, and are bound by their honor to take any fights outside. New York City for example, has several.

    The Fighting Irish Pub: Owned by a Leprechaun and as old world as can be. Generally a place to relax and gain information on local gossip.

    The Brooklyn Bridge Troll Market: Its entrance set beneath it, the market serves as a place all can go glamour-less(without the disguise that makes them look human) and trade in items too fantastic or dangerous for the upper mundane world.

    There are more, but suffice it to say they differ according to the nature of the city.

    An individual can sign onto the Accords as a freeholding lord. The signatory is entitled to rights under the Accords, such as right of challenge.

    To be signed on, the potential signatory must have three current members of the Accords vouch for them.

    All supernatural factions observe the rules of interaction laid out in the Unseelie Accords. Devised by Queen Mab of the Winter Court of Faerie, the Accords are a cross between the Magna Carta and the Geneva Conventions for the various supernatural factions.

    The Accords recognize major magical factions as independent political entities (or “nations”) with the right to defend, protect, and avenge their members. “Freeholding Lords” are also recognized: entities of power that do not necessarily represent an entire kind, just themselves and their supporters.

    The Accords lay out an important concept: magical nations are responsible for policing their own. If they don’t do this, and let their people run willy-nilly, these activities can become a lawful grievance to another nation—even up to a justification for war. The Accords also lay out other rules concerning such topics as the treatment of prisoners (though the rules do little if anything to protect them), setting prices on ransoms or prisoner exchanges, laying out procedures for negotiations between hostile supernatural nations, the establishment of neutral ground, rules of engagement and territory, a basis for diplomacy, and so on.

    Most importantly, the Accords establish several hard and fast rules that provide ancient (Old World) customs of hospitality and honor with the force of law. If any two things are regarded as concrete by the supernatural nations, they are: 1) the binding power of sworn oaths; and 2) the obligation of a host to offer aid, comfort, and protection to his guests.

    The Accords recognize that it is mutually profitable for the supernatural nations to avoid overt or large-scale conflicts; indeed, they provide a means of settling disputes between rival nations by means of a trial of champions— based on the Code Duello—presided over by a “neutral" mediator. Any member of any nation can be asked to be a mediator, but the choice must be mutually accepted.

    All in all, the Accords are extremely complex, and applying them generally leads to a lot of arguing rather than actually solving any problems (it is likely that this is what Mab intended). They do work, however—conflicts are often defused by the lengthy legal discussions. The Accords are supported by all sides, mainly in order to keep things from getting worse than they already are.
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  2. Which brings us to the following.

    New York City.

    Due to its eclectic nature and the fact it embraces nationalities of all nations of the world, naturally it follows that their Hidden societies followed in their wake. The Islamic taxi driver might just be an Ifreeti. The Hippie performing in Central Park could be a druid. The burly dockworker, a glamoured troll and the banker strolling down for lunch from Wall Street, a magician.

    So of course, grudges ancient and powerful followed in their wake. Normally, the Accords prevent open war from occurring- Aided in part by the presence of the Church and its Executor agents- At least three operate in New York City. But every so often, blood is spilled and something must be done. This is why people are needed to investigate.

    This is what makes you so important.

    Good luck.


    Character Sheet



    Magical Origin(If mundane, leave this blank):


    Magic(If any):


  3. [​IMG]

    Name: "My name is Ichabod Crane."

    Magical Origin: "While I'm not magical myself, I suppose it's pertinent that I'm one of the Witnesses of the apocalypse."


    "I hate to brag, but, I'm very intellectually gifted... pardon me, I just don't know how else to put it. I have a background as a history professor at Oxford, and trained under none other than Benjamin Franklin, the arrogant bastard."


    "I also have an eidetic memory."

    "Again, I do hate to brag, but I'm no pushover with a blade. I held my own against- and, once, defeated- the Horseman of Death in single combat. I have experience in both the British and American armies. As a man of rank, I have a bit of leadership experience."

    "Perhaps more relevant here, though, is my knowledge of the supernatural, yes? I'm still fairly new to this world, so, forgive me, but I do know quite a bit. What I don't know, I'll find out."

    "I've also found myself to be quite good at 'video games.' Have you tried them? They're amazing!"


    "Call me old fashioned, but I'm still a fan of my cutlass, though I suppose I usually can't just cart a sword around! In absence of that, I believe I've gotten a hang of the death machines you lot call pistols- More than one shot!- so I usually bring one where I can."


    "I was born into a very wealthy family... in the seventeenth century, that is. The first part of my life was blessed, for the most part. I was gifted. Destined for great things. I became a professor at a remarkably young age. Perhaps a darker spot in my life was the woman I was arranged to marry. Oh, I cared for her dearly, but... Not in that way. She couldn't grasp it, though. Still, that's not why I came to America. I saw that my nation was in need, so I enlisted."

    "Over in America, that's where I met Katrina... the love of my life. She was very bold in scolding me for my role in the war, and I quickly began to see why as we interrogated an escaped slave. The man... he wasn't giving. The torture grew worse. Eventually, I couldn't abide it. I freed him. That... was when I had my first encounter with the supernatural. My colonel shot the slave as he fled, then came at me. When I struck him, though, he did not fall, instead revealing himself to be what I now know was a demon."

    "After he fled, I sought Katrina out. She brought me into the revolution, with myself as a double agent in the British Army working for George Washington. For a long time, that's all I was; an information fountain. Then, the catastrophic invasion of New York happened. I was sent to kill General Howe. Unfortunately, I failed in my mission, costing many lives to the man's cruelty."

    "Katrina and I grew closer, as I was now officially an open revolutionary, though she was betrothed to another. Against my wishes, she eventually broke off her betrothal with the man... my best friend, Abraham Van Brunt. He was devastated. I did eventually try to ask for his blessing in our marriage, but... Abraham was a prideful man. He demanded we fight. He gave it his all. I did not. He bested me. We were beset upon by Hessians before he could finish it though, and he was mortally wounded."

    "I was soon sent out to hunt a Hessian on a white horse. I didn't know it at the time, but he was the Horseman of Death. We met on the field. I shot him. He rose back up. He fatally wounded me. I returned the favor. Took his head right off. Wasn't really better off for it, but, you know. As I lay dying, I was brought to triage. I was only sort of awake for Katrina's arrival, but I do know what she did when she got there. She bound the Horseman and I together, trapping him in death and keeping me alive."

    "What's that? I didn't mention that she was a witch before? Well, neither did she. Imagine how I felt."

    "I woke up a couple hundred years later in this strange, 'modern' world of bizarre technology and culture. Why do you need so many Starbucks? Can you not brew your own coffee? Dear God, I saw two on a five minute drive!"


    "Since then, as one of the Witnesses, I have fought alongside my fellow Witness Abbie Mills to prevent the end of the world against all sorts of strange beings. A... lot has happened. I'm not comfortable sharing all of it. Maybe, in time."​
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  4. Name:
    "So you want to know my name, do you?"


    "Some know me by my real name. Kiritsugu Emiya. Many more know me by the reputation my chosen career path has bestowed upon me. They call me the Magus Killer. A title that is well-earned by my actions."

    Magical Origin:
    "Does it matter?"

    "I know how a Magus thinks. Very easy to exploit, use their own strengths against them with unconventional tactics. If I said any more, I'd be giving away too much. A magician never reveals his secrets. You'll see soon enough, if we meet on the field of battle."


    "Wait and see."

    "Guns. Loads of guns. Grenades(hand, stun, smoke), landmines, C2. And a few surprises."

    "I do what needs to be done."

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  5. Risqué (open)

    But not a rulebreaker, if the title worries you.

  6. Rofl. I should check out the show.
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  7. Yes. Yes you should.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Hellboy, real name is Anung Un Rama

    Magical Origin(If mundane, leave this blank): Hellboy

    Skills: When you're in his line of work, you gotta be incredibly durable. You also gotta have the power to pack a pretty mean punch. To be more specific,
    superhuman strength, durability and reflexes, immunity to fire, and not to mention his indestructible right hand of doom. The last one tends to come in handy during a real bind. Or when Hellboy just really needs to hit somethin ugly.

    Equipment:The Good Samaritan

    Bio: Spawn of a demon and a witch. Got summoned by the Nazis during the end of WW2 in a last ditch effort to defeat the Nazis. Ended up being taken in by the US Army and eventually became a member of the BPRD.

    He's the guy that bumps back.
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  9. [​IMG]

    "My name isn't a constant. I am who I need to be or who I was before when the time comes. But my father gave me the name Ian Nottingham."

    Magical Origin(If mundane, leave this blank):
    "I'm not one of the forces of nature, but I was created from the blood of Sara Pezzini's grandmother, a Witchblade wielder herself. I am kin to Sara, and to the destiny she has. Do you know what its like to have a destiny Fallen One?"

    "The blade has never bonded with me. Men cannot wield the Witchblade without being rejected. But I'm strong and fast and was trained to kill since childhood. The Black Dragons gave me the rest."

    Magic(If any):
    "I have no magic Fallen One. I'm human, just one degree separated from Darwin's schedule."


    "I use whatever I need when I need it. Anything I need is mine for the taking. But for this I'll use my broadsword and my twin uzis. That should be more than enough firepower for a simple job."


    "I was created from the stem cells of a Witchblade user, the same cells that kept my father young for all these years. I never learned if that was what made me the way I am but it made me very, very good at what I did from a very young age. I was sent away when I was nine to become a killer, and spent most of my life that way. I joined the military and later on the Black Dragons unit. We were subjected to experimental behavioral modifiers that made us even more deadly but often unstable. I was released from service after a time and returned to his side. The other Black Dragons attempted to kill my father for a perceived slight and he was only saved by the intervention of Sara."

    "Since then I have done my best to protect Sara from my father and my father from her. It's not an easy life, torn between two parallel lines that will eventually meet but its what I was born for."


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  10. Update, I'll be running this in a day or two. Stay tuned.
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  11. How's this coming?
  12. Later today according to the Skype group
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  13. Great. Got a few who expressed an interest in joining, will most likely create the IC today and have them join in later.
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  14. Also, expect to hear a lot of Danny Elfman in my games, especially these ones. lol
  15. Dude yes. Its the little things that make up a roleplay

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  16. In other news relating to Ian, I've finally find a place online to listen to the uber rare witchblade soundtrack. After like, a year. Mad celebration yo
  17. Phones are terrible places to give ratings.
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