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  1. Caleb Morgan
    A tall, redhead watched as two girls hugged and kissed. Their hearts glowed a bright red with every beat. Caleb rested his cheek on the palm of his hand, letting out a sigh. He lost more and more hope everytime he saw someone find their soul mate. Some people found their soul mates right when they were young and end up becoming best friends before becoming lovers. It's been 17 years and Caleb has yet to find his other half.

    Celestia Winters
    The short, snow white haired teen hummed as she walked about. She stopped in front of her favorite store, swinging the door open. She waltzed in, eyes scanning every rack of clothing that she passed. She stopped in front of one of them, flipping through the clothes. Plucking out three pieces of clothing, she moved on to the next rack. Celestia caught a glimpse of a red glow and ignored it. Someone else had found their soul mate. Unforutanely, it wasn't her.

    [So all the characters are pretty much just doing their own thing.]

    Winter walked down the street alone, her unnatural blue hair waving behind her in the wind. She could see the flashes of heartbeats in the corners of her eyes, and while hers had never glowed that way, she didn't mind. Winter had, after 16 years, decided she just must not have a soul mate. This at first hurt her, but she's come to accept and even enjoy herself without a partner.

    With the thought in mind, she smiled softly as she walked into a coffee shop, her craving for black coffee about to be soothed after almost a week of distracting cravings.​
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  3. Natalie James
    A blur of blue and white passed by pedestrians, making its way through the town. In true Natalie James fashion, she wove through people and traffic in a somewhat wild manner, a wide grin streched upon her lightly freckled face. She soon slowed to a much more leisurely pace, having come to a park with open space.

    Her hair was pulled out of her face, but still hung free, and she wore a thin, white long-sleeved shirt and a pair of overall shorts. Upon her feet were a ragged old pair of plain high top converse, but you couldn't put much notice to them at the pace her feet were pedaling in.​
  4. Leo
    Leo hustled through the crowd of people, his camera bumping against his chest with every step. He got glances of red hearts with every turn. He reached the park with a grin. There were some shots that he really wanted to get here, that he had mapped out the night before. Sure, it wouldn't go completely to plan but he was sure there was a couple he could get.

    His hair was somewhat brushed and he wore a dark blue shirt with jeans, and shoes that were converse that had been with him for years that were still really comfy, no matter what his mother said about them being dirty or something. He wondered over to a tree and started getting shots of the sun coming through.
  5. Taylor

    Days like then were nice.

    Though she was usually a cold weather person, a mix of warm and cool could be good. It was a day when there was a balance of forget-me-not blue sky and fluffy white clouds. They would manage to obscure the sun briefly, allowing a fleeting moment of shade, before letting the sun's warmth shine again. There was a slight breeze in the air that helped counteract getting stiflingly hot. It was lovely, and Taylor happened to be alright with it.

    Her outfit that day was a loose, dark gray sweater with a knit pattern, whose neckline dealt off her left shoulder. She wore short shorts made of a dark blue denim, with a rip or two on the front. Her feet had on the usual boots, worn and scuffed lightly with dirt. Her hair was done up in a half-hearted bun.

    She was walking at a very leisurely pace, in no hurry to get somewhere. Her attention was lost in a sea of thinking - thinking about life, thinking about her future. She had a job at a bookstore in town, who her parents happened to be friends with. It was a privately owned place, and the owner divided out very decent salaries to the workers, so she was keeping up pretty well. She was off on weekends, mostly just working the weekdays.

    She passed by a man and a woman who were staring at one another in complete wonder, their hearts aglow underneath the man's shirt and the woman's blouse. Taylor couldn't help but grin, allowing her gaze to linger a bit before looking away. It was a sweet sight to see people meet their soul-mates. Some would embrace them, some would kiss them, and some would just stare in disbelief and awe. She hadn't met her soul-mate yet, and though it did tug on her heart at times, she tried not to let it get to her.

    To get herself out of that train of thought, she decided to drop by a particularly popular coffee shop - another smaller business - for some coffee, maybe a cinnamon roll. She knew they had the best cinnamon rolls out of any bakery she had been to.

    - | -


    There was a weird energy in the air that day. It felt like ... well, something, was going to happen. He rarely got that feeling nowadays, so it was one to keep in mind. However, the boy didn't have much at all to do, so with him just sitting on a bench dozing off, something significant was very unlikely to happen.

    That day, he was wearing a loose black t-shirt underneath a dark blue, completely unbuttoned button-up shirt. His jeans were a dark shade of beige, and he wore the same old Converse sneakers as he had been wearing for a pretty long time. Nothing special.

    His position, for once in his damn life, was relaxed. He was more-so trying to think of what the hell he should do instead of actually wanting to sit on the bench for the entire day. He could go get coffee - he'd been craving something strong to help keep him up. Or, he could go visit a couple of his friends where they were working. Or he could just walk around and decide what he wanted to do on the way. It was all a big clusterfuck of decisions that after a few minutes, got tiring to try to make.

    For a moment, he was distracted by two men who passed by, holding hands with one another. He could see their hearts glowing warmly underneath their shirts, and they looked smitten with each other.

    He found himself huffing a sigh. He was never an entirely lovey-dovey person. He was ... he was Kai, and a soul-mate had never been a priority to him. He had his friends, and they were all very nice people, so that was enough for him. Yes, a soul-mate would be ... interesting, and new, and who knows, even nice to have. But they could be all around the world, for all he knew. The matching was a strange process that nobody quite understood.

    He let his eyes drift to the grass, getting lost in his thoughts again as he contemplated what he could possibly want to do.
  6. Natalie James
    Eventually, Natalie slowed to a stop by a bench, one that had many various dates carved into the wood. Every so often, a couple, with their hearts glowing, would come up to carve the date onto marred bench, and she would always make conversation with them.

    Thus, Natalie knew a few interesting tales on how people had found each other. The couple she was talking to nowork had literally run into each other, and began yelling angrily at each other before realizing how their hearts were aglow. Having heard so many tales, Natalie had often wondered how she would meet her...'soulmate' .

    To be honest, the term 'soulmate' was cheesy to her, but so was saying 'the one'. She didn't know what she'd like to call it, but as it was, she didn't have any term that wasn't less cheesy.

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  7. Jasper Ryans
    Weekends were always slow for the tiny hole-in-the-wall CD shop near the center of town, a quaint little establishment where Jasper worked for a bit of extra cash while his mother was away. He'd come in most days and sort out the same pile of CD's every morning, sell the same number of twenty-year-old band albums for half price, and go home-- stopping by the coffee shop for something to munch on while he walked. It was a normal, if bland, routine that he'd grown into over the months.

    So after hours of listening to the same cheesy music on repeat, it came time for him to change shifts with a kid he hardly remembered from freshman year. Jasper had grabbed what few belongings he brought to work with him, his thin black jacket, and waved to the poor kid stuck with late shift goodbye. Jasper figured it was okay to at least try be pleasant.

    His mind often drifted after his shift ended, his thoughts flowing easier with each step he took to clear his mind. The walk from the shop to his home was a long one, but the view was nice, and he found himself better able to concentrate during these walks. His family wasn't a particularly close one, but they all had the same dirty blond hair that tapered to the left, the same grey eyes and wide smile. They all enjoyed the same things and were friendly to everyone they met. And yet, even with all this, his family remained solitary. Jasper made friends, certainly. That was not a problem. But they never seemed to last for very long before his family got up and moved to another town or city, leaving Jasper with little more than the old family dog as his confidant.

    Today, however -- and he couldn't quite explain it -- felt different.

    The creak of worn sneakers on old rotting wood drew him back to awareness, lifting his head to notice the coffee shop's front window sign. It was the town's favorite and the best in the business, in his humble opinion. Even Jasper, who'd never been much of a coffee person in the first place, enjoyed everything they had to offer. He entered through the front door, the little doorbell tinkling upon entry, and approached the front counter.

  8. Aleksandr
    Aleks wasn't getting a day off, sadly, and so was put to work that day. He worked at Crafted Diamonds Jewelry store, which was a hard place to get a job. Thankfully the store owner thought it would be nice to appeal to others since tattoos were becoming a big thing. So why not have a salesperson who had tattoos. It didn't bother the boy, he was young but quite knowledgeable about jewelry, from the cut to the gem itself.

    Just because he had tattoos didn't give him a free pass to wear what he wanted. He had to be dressed well and look professional. So he sported his usual work clothes of dark wash jeans, a mid grey shirt with its sleeves rolled up and a beige colored vest. Aleks had on a simple tie and today he wore his glasses since his contacts weren't agitating his eye. Yep, he dressed the part of a professional and he carried himself in confidence whenever someone came in. What annoyed him most were the people who do come in. Ah yes, the soul-mated couples walk in all the time. Their hearts glowing and they looked so madly in love. Aleks was very skeptical about it since couples come in and want engagement rings for someone they only known for a week. That was ludicrous in every way, but that was some people. There were some that allowed time to build and form a relationship. To understand and find out who this person really was and see how they were meant to be. They were able to open up to each other and let them see they really are. Those relationships, those bonds, they were the ones he'd bend over backwards to help in the store. For now he didn't worry about himself and his relationship status,[BCOLOR=#000000] he only cared for his own happiness.[/BCOLOR]