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  1. So, I believe this would be in the Alternate Universes prefix in the Misc. section (when it's created), but let me explain it a bit.

    The whole point is basically a soul mate RP. It'd be modern, but with a twist. Every time someone is near their soul mate, the place that their heart is located will begin to glow brightly with every beat.

    Now, this may sound boring, but it truly isn't. There could be lots of different pairings. Nerd x Jock, Popular x Nonpopular, etc. It all depends on how we create our characters and who'd be our soul mate.


    Anyone interested?
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  2. Sounds cool, I'm interested.
  3. Yay! :3

    Welcome to Iwaku, by the way. And to the wonderful world of roleplaying!
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  4. Hmm I really want to see this play out
  5. i'm interested. soulmate role-plays are really fun.
  6. More people! ^^
  7. *_* This is like my drew RP right here, so count me in!

    You saw the Tumblr post too didn't you
  8. I would be interested
  9. Whens the CS/RP stuff happening ^^?
  10. It will be happening soon! Possibly today if that's alright with everyone.

    @ElBell I totally saw that Tumblr post and I've been thinking about it ever since
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  11. i'm cool with starting today.
  12. @Kitsune It's okay, it was just so perfect <3 I knew it would be either the glowing heart one or the one with necklace halves, but I was totally in either way
  13. @ElBell I haven't seen the necklace one. Have you seen the one where your soul mate's first words to you are tattooed somewhere on your body?

    Okie dokie then! I will be sure to get the OOC up and (hopefully) the RP up today. :3
  14. @Kitsune I love this side conversation lol but the necklace one is that each person has a half a necklace that is completely unique, and the only necklace that finishes the shape is the one that belongs to your soul mate. So it's like a best friend necklace for lovers. But now I must know this first word one *_* That sounds brilliant!

    And I'd love to get this going <3
  15. IDEA

    Perhaps we have a pair or two of characters who believe they're one sexuality, but their soul mate doesn't align with the sexuality they identify with? Just an idea I thought I'd share xD
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  16. @ElBell Yes, this side conversation is fun. XD But the necklace one sounds cool. And you have to go see the first words one! (/o3o)/ That idea sounds amazing! [cough] I'd love to do it with you with our characters [cough]

    Or, someone else could do the idea.....?
  17. @Kitsune If you'd like, we could plan that out over PM <3
  18. @ElBell I am messaging you as we speak!
  19. you know, i'd love to do an opposites attract sort of pairing with someone. call me cliche, but i love those types of relationships.
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