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  1. ♥ HEARTBEAT ♥

    In this world, you don't have to go through the heartbreak of trying to find your other half. No, in this world, you know your soul mate as soon as you meet them. Because, in this world, your heart will glow brightly with every beat when you're near your one true love.


    Appearance: [Can be Anime or Real]
    Personality: [Optional]
    Anything else?: [Zodiac sign, Astrological sign, other random stuff]


    ~Caleb Morgan
    ~Celestia Winters
    ~Natalie James
    ~Hector Heel
    ~Noelle Black
    ~Lorelei Hillman
    ~Taylor Ellis Wright
    ~Winter Fehlestaa
    ~Leo Woods
    ~Kaius A. Geier
    ~Aleksandr Cherstvennikov

    ~Jasper Ryans

    [Will add on as people join.]
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  2. •●Name●•
    Natalie James

    Close friends call her Nat


    Natalie's pretty quirky, you either like her or you don't. She can speak a mile a minute, start telling you something then forget what it was. She can be pretty scatter brained and a little all over the place, but give her some good Beatles music and she'll shut up and calm down.
    Nat is extremely good at putting on a show. She always puts other's problems before her own, and tries to make things as little about her as possible. In that sense, she has a lot of 'friends', but feels like a loner.
    When she's on her own, she tends to be really quiet and withdrawn. She'll have pretty subdued reactions, and tends to get a faraway look in her eyes. She keeps things bottled up inside until she explodes. She needs to talk about her problems more.

    •●Anything else?●•
    Really loves orange blossoms and dolphins. Music is her life and she likes to write poetry to try and let things out. She's bisexual, and believes that love doesn't really have a gender.
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  3. Name: Hector Heel

    Nickname(s): -None, never had any friends to make them up.


    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Hector is tall for his age ( 6'3) and (much to his disliking) was always being noticed. He loves books and always preferred reading about other worlds than living in his own one. He is very shy and somewhat introverted to the point of being anti-social, because of this he secretly wonders if he'll ever find his soul mate.

    Anything else?: Loves online RPGS, his favorite being lol (League of legends).
  4. Name: Caleb Morgan
    Nickname(s): Cal to his friends.
    Age: 17
    Personality: To be revealed.
    Anything else?: He's an Aquarius.

    Name: Celestia Winters
    Nickname(s): El, usually called this.
    Age: 16
    Personality: To be revealed.
    Anything else?: She's also an Aquarius. She has an undying love for cats.
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  5. Accepted everyone!

    Let your Heartbeat guide you to your soul mate~!

    Name: Lorelei Hillman

    Nickname(s): Lo

    Age: 18

    Her eyes are green.

    Personality: One way to resume Lorelei was that her ego was almost as big as the entire country of Russia, maybe bigger. She's sarcastic and, most of the time, a pain in the ass. She doesn't do rules. So maybe that's why she's so good at hacking. Also, she has the brain of a genius, almost finishing physics college at the moment. The fact that her father runs the Hillman Ind., a company leaning towards the creation of electronics and, secretly, weapons for the military, only adds to the already big ego of the girl.
    However, little know that this high self-esteem and inflated ego is just a mask to cover up the fact that Lorelei does indeed suffer. She just wishes to keep it hidden. Some would think this intelligence a gift, but for Lo it's nothing but a curse. She's constantly overthinking, analyzing, planing, projecting. She never lives for the moment. So, to escape that, she seeks out partners. Nothing serious. Just sex. Boy and girl, it doesn't matter. But the peace only lasts for a moment, and then, she's once again imprisoned inside her own mind. It's a never ending cycle.

    Anything else?: Lorelei is a Virgo. Her birthday is September 13th. She loves Nordic Mythology, even while being completely devoted to science.
  7. [​IMG]

    Taylor Ellis Wright

    Tay / Ellie


    Taylor is interesting, and tends to be one of those people that you either like and get along with or really dislike and find annoying. She's a cool girl, there's no doubt; she's always chill with trying something new and accepting people as her friends, regardless of their flaws. However, she's one to be deeply influenced by past experience, and once her opinions are placed, they're set in stone. It's nearly impossible to swerve her from what she believes, unless you have it in you to debate with her. She's stubborn in more ways than that though; if she says no, she fucking means no. Don't try to convince her to do whatever it is she said no to, it'll get you nowhere. It isn't a good idea to argue with her on these things; she's pretty touchy, and can get set off easily if seriously provoked into it.
    Aside from that, she's a person that you can really trust to keep a secret or help you handle your worries without making a scene. She easily can connect to people and relate to how they're feeling, making her perfect to give advice and comfort. It'd seem like she'd been through everything with how much she knows, even though that's not necessarily the case. Even so, her advice is very straight-forward and down-to-earth most times. One of the guidelines of her life is that every person deserves to hear the truth of the solution, not some unhelpful lie that won't change a thing.
    Though these things make her sound tough and hard-headed {and in a way, she is}, she has certain insecurities that stemmed from her childhood, which have led her to become jokingly, but obviously, self-deprecating. She loves to make fun of herself and call herself names, and she has earned the phrase of 'you're being too hard on yourself' by people on several occasions. To her in the moment, it's just a joke, but she sometimes believes that she actually means what she says.
    Despite this, she is more than likely one of the most passionate people that you will ever meet when it comes to hobbies and likes. She'll go on long rants about what she loves, and she can make anything - whether it be considered boring or cool in the eyes of strangers - sound like the most interesting thing on earth with how expressively she talks about it.

    Aɴʏᴛʜɪɴɢ Eʟsᴇ?
    She loves creepy things and the paranormal. Her favorite color is navy blue. She likes rabbits, snakes, and spiders. She hates neon colors, and seems to dislike guns for some odd reason. Her zodiac sign is Cancer.
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  8. Name: Noelle Black
    Nickname(s): Elle
    Age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Noelle is the bubbly and extremely curious sort. She absolutely loves to discover and learn new things. She is also extremely open minded to most everything and genuinely takes others opinions into consideration. Usually flexible with most things and has the ability to see through the eyes or perspective of others. Noelle is incredibly sympathetic and sensitive so tears and blushing comes as a second nature to her. It may come as a surprise to others, but Noelle is highly perceptive and can solve/complete the most complicated riddles/mysteries. She knows how to take a joke and even dishes out some of her own. She is great company at any moment because of how fun she is.

    Anything else?:
    She loves creepy things and the paranormal. Her favourite colour is rainbow. She likes cats, snakes, and peacocks. She loves sweets, anime/manga, cosplaying, and hates spicy things, cold, the dark, and bugs. Her zodiac sign is Gemini.
  9. Wow, more people joined

    Accepted everyone!

    Let your Heartbeat guide you to your soulmate~!
  10. Name: Winter Fehlestaa
    Nickname(s): Winnie
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: To be discovered
    Anything else?: Winter considers herself asexual, and is an Aries
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  11. Accepted!

    Let your Heartbeat guide you to your soul mate~!

    We have enough characters to start (if you guys want to)! Sure, there is more girls than boys, but that's okay! I'm sure it'll even out sooner or later. I will make the RP later today when I get home from school~! :3

    P.S. I'm still accepting! This annoucement doesn't mean that the sign-ups are closed.
  13. Name:Leo Woods
    Age:16-almost 17
    Appearance: [Can be Anime or Real]
    Personality:Quiet, tends to be more of a shadow then a front runner. Due to this he is someone that people can confine in and feel easy around. He is considered a genius though he tends not to show it when around others. He can be considered stubborn but it takes a lot to anger him. He is not one to forgive easily. Loves to take photographs of things and almost always has his camera on him.
    Anything else?: [Zodiac sign, Astrological sign, other random stuff]
    He's a Scorpio
    He has asthma
  14. [​IMG]

    Kaius A. Geier



    Kai is a bit of an aggressive kid. He seems to be stuck in a constant state of grumpiness that often turns people away from the idea of befriending him. He's sarcastic, abundantly so; there will never be a day that passes that you don't get at least one sassy comment from him. He has a short temper that has more than a few triggers. He's very intimidating when he's angry, and he often chooses to solve things physically instead of in conversation - i.e, through fighting instead of talking it out. He gets annoyed easily, and he has a very scrutinizing attitude, often finding small things or traits in people that would go unnoticed to any other person. He has trust issues, having never been the 'hey let's be friends right away' type. You'll have to approach him yourself if you want to be his friend, and even then, that doesn't guarantee you anything. First impressions are very important when it comes to Kai, so depending on how you act and what you say, he'll decide to either befriend you or brush you off.
    However unpleasant he may seem at first, he holds his friends to a high amount of respect - one, for putting up with his bullshit for so long, and two, because anybody who earns his friendship must be a pretty good person. He softens himself a bit while he's with his friends, mostly his female friends (he was just raised to be less of an asshole in front of girls). He's much more lenient on physical contact, and he appears to be very protective of all of his friends. He can actually be somewhat of a sweetheart, if he can trust someone to not take the change in mood for granted. Also, being raised by his mother, he's usually more polite and less hard-headed with girls, even though his trust issues and observant attitudes still remain.

    Aɴʏᴛʜɪɴɢ Eʟsᴇ?
    He likes warm weather. His favorite colors are cream and dark brown. He loves cats and wolves. He really hates superficial people, winter time, and most types of seafood. His zodiac sign is Aries.
  15. I have a question! Will the soulmates be chosen for us, or do we chose ourselves?
  16. i feel like the players should collaborate with other users and figure out their characters' soul-mates themselves, or alternatively, that the GM should figure out soul-mates. just 'letting it happen' in the story would be awkward for a lot of players.
  17. That's how I feel too :P
  18. I was thinking about it. You guys can choose your own soul mates! I don't wanna choose since I'm terrible at decision making. T~T

    Also! You guys can have a soul mate who is the same sex, if you want. Just putting that out there, in case no one knew.
  19. Hope it's not too long. Had this character ready for an rp but the rp sadly ended before it started D:


    Aleksandr Cherstvennikov
    Show Spoiler
    Reason or meaning of name: Defender of men
    Character’s nickname: Mainly known as Wander or Ghost
    Birth date: December 18

    Physical appearance

    Age: 18
    Weight: 138 lbs
    Height: 5' 10'
    Body build: Light muscle definition
    Eye color: hazel
    Glasses or contacts: Glasses on some days
    Distinguishing marks: He has quite a few tattoos
    Hair color: Originally blonde but he does dye his hair various colors
    Type of hair: soft curls
    Hairstyle: Mainly messy
    Voice: has a Russian accents
    Usual fashion of dress: anything comfortable
    Favorite outfit: anything that includes a beanie or a scarf... He really loves scarves
    Jewelry or accessories: always has a scarf, or a beanie or bracelets

    secretive, resistant, intuitive, strong-willed, passionate, creative, independent, generous, loyal, hard-working, untamable, ambitious, stubborn, complex, perfectionist, defensive


    Color: Green
    Least favorite color: pink?
    Least favorite music: country and rap
    Food: anything that taste amazing


    Hobbies: Skateboard, roller skates and weirdly enough making jewelry
    How he/she would spend a rainy day: reading or playing in the rain
    Extremely skilled at: besides jewelry making, cooking. He loves food~
    Extremely unskilled at: baking
    Nervous tics: He'll start chewing his lip and he'll play with his bracelet
    Peculiarities: Doesn't like his food touching

    Extra Traits

    Disorderly and messy
    Prefers relaxing
    Loves animal

    Zodiac Sign
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  20. Accepted! So detailed, wow. I long to fill out a form like that. (~^O^)~

    Let your Heartbeat guide you to your soul mate~!