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  1. Plot points:
    • Two college students are good friends (possibly dorm/apartment mates, but preferably just close friends) who spend a lot of time together.
    • Both female, one openly gay.
    • The 'straight' one has quite a few bad straight relationships and is always counting on her friend when things are bad.
    • The lesbian is in love with the 'straight' one.
    Ideally i would like to play the lesbian who has the hots for her friend and ideally a relationship would blossom eventual but NOT in a creepy "I LIKE YOU AND I'M GAY SO LIKE ME RIGHT NOW." way, hence the quotes over "straight". Haha.
    I know we can't always get what we want so I would be open to more ideas as well, if someone is interested in this.

    Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions. :)
  2. This sounds interesting. I'm willing to play the "straight" one. :)
  3. i'm still hella stoked on this idea and have yet to have an rp fleshed out with anyone.
  4. Well, we can work it out now.?
  5. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the message. :)