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  1. So lately I've been craving a heartwarming 1x1 here are my plots, comment or pm me if interested. I would prefer if you were an adult (not saying they will include smut) but if you are interested and not an adult still PM me :)

    1. An orphanage with a few boys in it who act as "brothers" and protect each other from the abusive owner.

    2. A man adopts a little boy after wanting a child for a long time. Would focus on their developing relationship, son would be between 5-7.

    3. A father finally gets custody of his young son after his ex wife passes away.
  2. I'm up for the second idea ^^
  3. I am still looking :)
  4. I prefer playing female characters, what if we did the orphanage one with a girl and boy except no romance? (My preferred one.)
    Or an older sister has to take custody of her baby brother after the parents are either killed or declared unable to care for him?
    Or a mother gets her son back after the father passes away?
  5. Still looking
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.