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GROUP RP PLOTTING Heart stealing Prince

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Nathchi, Jan 26, 2014.

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  1. The City Electus (open)

    In a world far away from the human world rests a dark city called Electus, it is not far from the bright city bonam fortunam, the two cities that are in the same world has been at war with each other for millions of years. At first the dark and light city lived together but then betrayed each other. The king called Electarius the XIII that made the city Electus, fell in love with the Queen Lux who was from the bright city. The Queen made a promise to the king but then betrayed him by marrying Diebus, a king from another world. Electarius got frustrated and never wanted to feel the pain from love and made sure to make it hard for the Queen and her people. When the people got to know what would happen to them, they became frustrated, sad and confused, the cities who once lived together had now benn shattered.

    Millions of years later, in the year 996 a boy was born, the boy got named to Nocte which means night, and already at age 6 became prince of the dark world, it now hangs on him that the city Electus does not collapse. One of his ancestors named Opprimere came on how to get power to the world so that the world does not fall apart, it is through the heart. He found out that if you took the black hearts of people, black-hearted form of jealousy, hatred or revenge against anyone, the city gets more power. And every year, four demons, knights or guardians get to go outside their city and out to find 1000 black hearts. The stronger jealousy, hatred or revenge, the bigger power to gain in the heart.


    Prince Nocte (open)

    Nocte looked down at the book with a quiet gaze and was away from the real world, he read about important spells and magic tricks. At his age, and as a prince, it is important for him to learn about the defense, it was his father who taught him that before he died. One of the servants took hold of his shoulder and he came to life from the book. -"Sire." The man said, looking at Nocte. -"It's time." Said the man and Nocte understood, he closed the book and began to walk. He walked through the large gold-clad hall filled with bunch of dark objects and accessories for the wallpaper and ornaments. - "So have you decided which ones you will choose for this mission?" Asked the footman and Nocte sighed faintly to himself, he listened but did not want to tell him now.


    This is an intro to a fantasy idea I've. We can do this one x one or more but since the're going to be 4 people andventuring outside the city, we don't need more. I'm going to be one of the 4 as well, or esle I can rp two and you take two if you want. Or I take two, you take one and then someone else take the last one, etc.
    As the intro said, you can be a demon, a guradian or knight if you want. Remember that this is the dark world so don't come up with a... knight of light for example.

    Tell me what you think and if you're interested, write some info of what you want to be and about your character please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.