Heart of the Tomb Raider (MxF looking for F, see inside for details!)

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Alright so I have the bare basics for a plotline here, but basically I'd like to try out an RP based off the Tomb Raider franchise.

What I had in mind was to do an OC x Lara paring, where I would play the OC and you would play Lara Croft (perhaps the original video game one, but I'm cool with whatever version you want to go with). I think that MC would be either an archeologist or somebody who's involved with researching and studying ancient artifacts. I imagined that they might meet up either through a mission (she goes to retrieve an artifact, he happens to be after the same one and they work together to bring it to wherever they were taking it) or by giving them a previous history (like they were friends in college or something).

The main plot would focus on the two of them going on a quest for a really big artifact (something akin to the Ark of the Covenant, where it's known for its mythical powers and legendary status) while dealing with all kinds of issues such as rival treasure hunters, perhaps a secret organization determined to use the artifact for some nefarious purpose, etcetera. But along the way they would find comfort within each other and develop a relationship which could carry over from a past experience (ex. if we go the college friend route, they could have slept together one night in a drunken stupor, but never spoke of it again for fear it would destroy their friendship).

Anyways if you're interested post below or shoot me a PM!
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