Heart of ice

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  1. Friend x friend

    Two friends, friends since childhood, next door neighbors, practically known one another since they were just a few years old. The two were always close, they equaled each other out, best of mates! One, character A, was a cool and calm headed young gent, but he had a cold heart, he was insensitive and bitter, spiting people on occasion. His buddy, who you'd never assume to be friends with, was a tolerant young man with a warm heart, though sensitive, character B could stand up for himself. He had to when he was friends with character A.

    The two not only had a friendship, but they were closer, on a more intimate level. Through the years, character B had developed a crush on his best friend, their relationship spiraled to more, and even though character B desired a relationship, character A saw him as a personal toy. Though it hurt the young man, he continued his friendship with him, despite the misery he felt on occasion.

    If interested in the plot up above, send me a PM or post down below. c: ​
  2. Hi, I am interested :3