Heart of Darkness ((Celestial X Lithël))

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  1. Cassidy Palmer was only 19 when she died. She hadn't really wanted to die, but she enjoyed entertaining the idea of it. She liked to imagine the people that might come to her funeral --- to wonder what sort of things they would say and remember about her while standing over her lifeless body, watching the casket descend into the earth.
    But actual death? She hadn't truly wanted it. Her mother was supposed to come home and find her lifeless body, right on the brink of death --- but not beyond saving. She swallowed one pill after another, picturing the horrified look that her mother would have when she found her lying on the bathroom floor.
    This was meant to be a statement about her misery. I cry for help that her friends and family wouldn't ignore. She would be rushed to the hospital, her stomach would be pumped, and she wouldn't be ignored anymore.
    But her mom didn't come home that night.
    Cass waited as her life slipped away, praying for her mother to walk in. Only when she found she no longer had the strength to reach for the phone to call for help did she realize what an awful mistake she had made.
    Her sole stood up, stepping out of her body and looking down on the grotesque body laying there on the floor for a moment before everything went black.

    When Cass awoke, she was was in pain. She tried to move, or even determine where the pain was coming from, but she could do neither. At first their was only darkness and pain, but after a while, she became aware of herself and what she was. Though she could not see, she could sense what and where she was, she could feel the other shrubs around her, and when their thorns became tangled with hers, it hurt.

    There were others here, too. Moving, gasping, and crying out. Running through the thorns, chased by snarling animals. The pain was nearly unbearable. Cass could feel her branches breaking and bleeding as the animals crashed over them.
    What is this? Why is this happening?
    Cass had no way to tell how much time passed as she sat their in pain, unable to move as she was perpetually trampled over and over again. Was it days? Weeks? Years? This place was timeless.
    After a while her memories came back to her, and she realized exactly where she was --- this was Hell.

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  2. Hell was a hideous place. Since a couple million years, God sent them there, to be obliterated and lost forever more. But yet, Lucifer, the great one, was nowhere to be found, so there was hope. It was stupid to have hope in the circumstances they were facing: they were in the abyss, lost forever, no way to scape, burdened with the wheight of the their beloved's sins, in charge of hurting the ones they loved.
    But, oh yes, there was a but! But there was a way out. It appeared that the abyss was somewhere inside the spirit world, and a mayhem there break the walls of the abyss.
    God was missing, so it was easy for them to do anything they wanted, so now, a lot of demons were looking for their proteges. AS such, Agrael was using a wooden machete to break the bushes and learn about every damned in that circle, his circle. He'd find his soul, sooner or later.

  3. Cass desperately wanted to cry out as her branches were cut away from her --- but, she had no mouth from which to cry. If it was any consolation, she felt as if she were connected to the person behind the blade that tore through her limbs.
    Please, help me.
    And too her utter amazement, the figure replied and she could hear him.
  4. Well, well, you're rather calmed to be in hell, aren't you? Said the demon Ok, i'm too, but i can run, at least. So, tell me about you. Asked Agrael as he brake the branches to hear her story and thoughts
  5. I didn't want to die.
    Cass was overwhelmed with excitement --- she could barely remember the last time she hear a voice apart from the one inside her head.
    I really didn't. I wanted my mom to come home and find me so I could live. I just wanted to feel alive.
    The scene of her last moments replayed in her head --- the bottle, the pills, the bitter taste in her mouth as she swallowed one after another, the heaviness in her arms as she tried to reach her phone to call for help. All of it flashed through her mind as it had more than a thousand times by now.
    I don't want this, I never wanted this.
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  6. This is punishment not to violence, but to stupidity, then. What you were specting? That after that all would be fine? If she never listened to you, why would she now? You'd be got to an asylum to rot. Half an eternity in the abyss made much more damage than his words could do. He was, in fact, one of the most equilibrated of all Elohim. Many had their torment turn them into monsters of many sorts, but he... Was simply full of hipocresy. He has done something like it, fighting alone against an army to slow then and help the whole group.
    You know you're at hell, right? How would you like to tell me about your past you.
    Then, he made (it, currently) her tell him about his past lives, about the essence of her very soul
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