Heart of a Criminal (Sunset x Insanity)

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  1. Fox 8 Detroit News; 06/18/13

    Another chaotic day here in Detroit Jasmine, will things ever change? I'm afraid not Dom. Today we had another mass murder by the mysterious rising gang being known as "Royal Bloodliners" at the Charter Bank near by. But just how 'royal' are these criminals? Well who ever they are, it seems like they are having a bit too much fun. If the Detroit Police don't catch them, I'm sure they will anger another gang that would want to put an end to them. I heard the one who is making all the commands has never been seen before. That's right! According to some private locals, they say even the gang members don't even know who it is, amazing. Amazing indeed Jasmine but I believe all of this is just some phase. I bet it isn't a gang at all but a bunch of brats running around pretending to be like some of the big names! Dominic, what are you doing? Royal Bloodliners are no joke and you are going to get all of us kil-

    We interrupt you for breaking news; Fox 8 Station has just been attacked by yours truly Royal Bloodliners. Please remain calm while we make sure none dare to speak foolishly of us again....


    Like any city, there are sewers that run underneath connecting to one another. It has become popular to the homeless to stay in these sewers to keep out of scorching temperatures, bad weather, and from view. Society never thinks about these poor people though as they are worth nothing in their eyes, nothing at all, not even a cent. Now these people are completely forgotten by the public making it as if it was only a myth. But among these poor, suffering people is a group who have the highest respect yet none dare to even say their name. The ever so Royal Bloodliners reside in these sewers as it is the last place an officer would imagine to check nor would not want to due to the stench in some areas.
    Furthest away from the center of Detroit in the sewers is just but a small fraction of the group; The Royal-Tee's where the master mind of it all resides. Yet few are ever caught near that section of the sewers.

    Steps could be heard on the concrete ground of the sewers slowing to a halt. A man's weight, silent breathing, a knock to an iron door. The man was dressed in a trench-coat that looked like it has seen much better days, his black combat boots were a bit dirty, and his face was that of man who looks like he hasn't seen sunlight nor a shaver in years. "Sunny, you ready for your big day? Think it's a great thing you are doing to finally reveal yourself to the family, it will help build the trust. Don'tchya think?" Behind the iron door, heels could be heard clicking to the ground as if someone was approaching it. Once the clicking has stopped, an iron slot on the door slid open angrily. Revealed behind the slot was a woman with fiery orange hair with an oriental kitty mask covering her face. Sunny murmured; "No" before opening the iron door. There she stood in a combat tan pants, a very small top and a fur jacket that matched her pants. "Once I reveal myself to the family, I am going out....I miss the local attention. Maybe we shouldn't of killed everyone at Fox 8!" Sunny laughed as she walked past the man who retrieved her as her heels clicked to the ground. Glancing back at him from the masks black beady eyes, she turned around a corner and disappeared. "Do you at least have a plan?" He shouted at her, but she did not respond.
    After what seemed like hours of maze work, Sunny reached another Iron door and opened it calmly. Within sat a bunch of criminals with "RB" marked on their clothing, each one staring at her as if she was a stranger but before anyone could cause damage the man from before appeared behind her."Before you is the beautiful Miss S that you all heard so much of." Each criminal before her bowed and welcomed her. Sunny walked up to them, but one of them stopped her questioning her mask and accusing she could be a fake. Sunny lashed out punching him in the gut causing the criminal to collapse to the ground then slowly placed her pale hands on her oriental kitty mask. With a mental deep breath she moved it away from her face revealing sparkling blue eyes and soft pink lips. "Anyone else want to question me..."
    Hours passed, the meeting was over and Sunny was already above ground on the roof tops scouting the area. Now where can I get some attention? Her focus quickly landed her at a local park that was surrounded by people, young and old. Ah- This is it! Alone, she scaled down the building by some of the pipes, once she reached the ground she casually walked to the park. No one knew who she was or that she was part of the Royal Bloodliners, but she couldn't help to look a little too excited for something...

    Sunny (open)
    Sunny (open)
    Sunny (open)
    Sunny (open)

    "I am far from psychotic, but no where close to being normal..."

  2. Misako (open)

    Misako felt a chill go down her spine as she watched the news. She quickly turned off the TV and got up. She grabbed her jacket from its spot next to the door and tied the ribbons. She took a deep breath. It was a bit scary, thinking about those guys running around loose in the city. She opened the door and stepped out, smiling. She had school, but she was up a bit early so it wouldn't hurt to stop somewhere and sit for a bit. She thought about where to go, and she decided the park. She walked into the park, looking around. She sighed silently at all the people. She sat down on a bench, her legs feeling a bit shaky. She still wasn't very used to people due to homeschool. But now, she was so excited for her first day of real school. She looked at the sky. "So pretty..." She said and slightly giggled. She just couldn't get over how excited she was.
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  3. The park was full of life and to Sunny that meant more fame, more witnessing eyes. She also knew she had to plan things out carefully but maybe it's okay to be a little reckless just this once. Flinging her tan jacket out of the way she revealed two semi-automatic guns and took into arms aiming to both sides of her. "Alright you lousy people of Detroit, RoyalBloodliners has a gift for you today! We're painting the park red today! Ahahaha!" Sunny at that point lost her cool and begun shooting at random people who were walking not noticing her at first, or those who ran off trying to get away from her; but everyone was in danger. As people started to fall to the ground, she knew it won't be long before the police came trying to stop her. Luckily her escape route was all planned out as she has an escape ride just waiting for her.
    Bullets fell to the ground like diamonds in the sky. Sunny had some dignity though as young children were untouched though their crying did annoy her. Afar she noticed a blond girl just sitting at the bench, scared, yet strangely Sunny felt a pull. Was she to shoot this girl who looked more innocent than ever? But before she could finish her though the sound of bullets doubled as some shot past her. "Halt! Don't move you are under arrest!" It was Detroit police and as expected some news cast from a different location. It was either time to pull out the big surprise or run...
  4. Misako saw all the children, growing frantic. It was all happening too fast. She quickly stood up when she heard the police. She couldn't think straight, but one thing came to mind. She had to do something. Even though the girl was killing people, she still didn't feel it would be right to let the cops attack her. Without thinking, Misako ran in front of the girl. "Stop!" She shouted, holding firmly in front of her.
  5. The young female that caught Sunny's attention rushed up before her, protecting her from the police? It felt like the time around her froze as the female shouted at the police but before she could snap back to reality, she watched a bullet come right at them. Unfortunately Sunny could not move fast enough to push the girl down to the ground and the bullet struck the girl. Sunny could see where the bullet landed but she was upset now that the cops struck the girl. "Hey you pigs! Only I do the killing around here! Now look at you guys... You call yourself an hero!?" Grabbing from the back of her belt was a small hand made bomb that was crafted by one of the members, she threw it towards the police causing an explosion to their cars. Smoke filled the park rapidly which gave Sunny enough time to escape. In a low tone; "Girlie, you okay?" She didn't know why she bothered asking but she thought it would be polite enough to ask as her glimmering blue eyes met the civilians.
  6. Misako had her hand where the wound was, weakly putting pressure on it. "I...I..." She couldn't get out anything more than that, but she still forced more out. "A-are you okay...?" She asked, ignoring the other girls question. Misako looked dead serious as she asked the question. She waited for a response from the other girl, the pressure on her wound getting softer. Everything was starting to fade, but Misako was still trying to stay awake for the response. Her wound hurt bad, and she could feel the blood on her hand. Her eyes were barely open, and she forced them to stay that way.
  7. Sunny's face grew pale as the civilian spoke, this young girl was dying for a foolish reason. Looking up she seen that the smoke was clearing and her get away time was growing shorter. Looking down at the girl, she sighed; "I don't know why you were foolish enough to jump into the crossfire...But you possibly saved my life." Sunny bent down to take the girl into her arms, with a slight struggle to get back up she darted off away from the scene. Hidden in the distance was a grey van with the man from before in the sewers, his face appeared shocked as he watched Sunny rush towards him with another woman in her arms. "Hurry and open up the back and get me a medical supplies or something!" The man quickly opened up the back as Sunny jumped in.
    Placing the woman flat on a towel that was laying in the back, she begun to tie a ribbon around the female's eyes. "Sorry, but we can't risk you seeing too much. Hang in there though..." Carefully, she begun moving pieces of clothing away from the wound so she could get a better look at it. The van was already in racing motion to return to base, Sunny was carefully trying to remove the bullet. Both Sunny and the man remained silent to prevent any information leaking. This is going to hurt, I'm sorry... Digging into the wound carefully, the bullet was withdrawn from the body. Sunny put much pressure on it before she begun stitching it up...
  8. [Sorry for taking soo long! I was busy.]

    Misako tried not to scream in agony, keeping her jaw clamped shut. "W-where...where are we...?" She choked out. Misako was thinking of her actions very carefully. She had seen this girl kill all those people...but something had forced her to jump in front of her. Why? She had been scared when she saw the news. She had been scared when she saw her. But she still did it, with no mind for herself at all. She didn't say anything else, continuing to think over her actions and why she had done them. Had she seen the girl somewhere before?
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