Heart of a beast(M looking for F)

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  1. At a pet shop on the corner, there lies a large dog. Well, the old man of the shop claims it's a dog. Most people assume it to be a black-furred wolf. It looked like a wolf and was big enough to reach all the way up to most people's waist when on all fours. He has been there for a month now, waiting for someone to pick him up, but everyone is too afraid of his appearance. That is, until a young woman finds him, sees the hurt in his eyes, and takes him home. What she doesn't realize is she has bought much more than a simple beast . . .
    That's the setup of this role-play. My character is (at the outset) a large black dog that looks like a wolf. Spoiler alert, he's actually a shifter of sorts that can change between a wolf appearance and a (mostly) human appearance. That is not normal in this world, but his origins will be revealed later on in the story. He initially will remain nearly always in his wolf form, but as time goes on a relationship will blossom between the two and we'll see what happens.

    Important note: For the beginning of this role-play, my character will not be taking his human form in front of his new owner. Their trust will form in time, but the first part of the role-play will require a character acting entirely based on the actions of another, rather than what they say.

    Posting expectations: As long as you give me enough that I can form a decent reply, I'm not too persnickety about posting limits. As a general rule of thumb, try to get out at least one paragraph. More is always good, but I don't want people to write fluff just for the sake of increasing their posting length.

    Character: I have no pre-made character for someone to use, so feel free to do what you prefer, however they must fit within the following criteria:
    -Between ages 17 and 19
    -Must be female
    -Must be living alone, or mostly alone, specifics are up to you (parents are dead, ran away from home, family is away on business, whatever you prefer)

    Other than that, your character is your own to do with as you will.
    If you like what you see or would like more information, please PM me to let me know.

  2. I would like to try this seems really interesting actully.
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