Hearing Things

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  1. When you write, can you hear your characters speaking, be it the dialogue, or just chatter? Do they interrupt conversations with non-fictional people? Do you ever have to put them in an imaginary box to get them to be quiet?
  2. I do sometimes say the dialogue quietly out loud to myself to see:
    Possible inflections and how it might sound to others
    If I can reasonably get the "tone" correct with the words selected
    How long a particular bit of dialogue would take to say

    That sort of things. For voices, it depends if I know my character well or not for if they have a certain "voice" in my head.
  3. That happens to me a lot, lol. When I get so wrapped up in my Roleplay I have a bad habit of reading my text out loud, in the characters voice. Worse still sometimes I read the replies how I imagine them sounding.
  4. Like Kitti, I will occasionally play out dialogue to see how it would sound in real life and I occasionally assign voices to characters in my head. However, that seems to slow my reading down, so I do not do it very often, only when I feel it is necessary for a scene to have an impact. My characters do not talk to me either, they seem to be content with staying fictional, except that they occasionally make decisions that I thought they would not. If they want to give me advice, then when I think about them, things will just click into place and make sense in the context of the character.
  5. The imaginary corner isn't enough to get some of my characters to shut their mouths. When I'm writing especially, they basically do all the work and just chatter while i'm writing sometimes. They also tend to comment on things I read or look at. Like art and stuff, they'll comment on it. It can be annoying and entertaining at the same time. ><;

    Luckily, they're a different kind of voice than the hallucinations I got on bad meds.
  6. Yes & yes, yes, & yes! I, apparently, have a VERY active "imagination". xD
    Though, my friends all absolutely LOVE it! :3 It's made some very interesting stories. <3
  7. Yes to alol

    Although I usually use this 'chatter' to write petter intoducts. hell I still do the 'pretend fights' of my chars when the time comes. I'll be all standing up and punching the air and stuff.

    i'll speak my chars lines in a voice i think they'd have... GO CHILDHOOD!
  8. Hearing voices in your head is a bad sign, you should all contact your nearest mental health provider. All jokes aside no. I use to...but concluded since others will read them as they may, there was no point.