Heard of Trigun Maximum Anyone?

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  1. Well, has anyone heard of it? I am in love with the series, and could really use a group to round up and roleplay with as some characters from that series. This isn't a group plot, I'm just wondering who at all is into the series cause I have had NO luck in finding anyone to have an RP with in that Trigun MAXIMUM verse. Now, what I want sounds rather simple, but it should be a lot of fun! I've done it before with a very big success rate but my old group ended up moving on after a big partaker in our verses ended up passing away.

    I just need to know if it's anyone's favorite series like it is mine. I have a lot of ideas that we can do, I just need you to pick a character and let me know if you're on board to make our own TRIGUN MAXIMUM verse.

    I know this is basic, and isn't very flashy or whatever, but I hope that doesn't hinder you away from a RP.

    Hope I can hear from someone soon.
  2. I know of Trigun. Watch the Original Trigun. Never seen Maximum. but I'd love to do something in the Vain of it.
  3. It's a fun and easy read man, if you'd like to give it a go, I can give you the link for it so you can read it. Otherwise, I will tell you that the manga (Trigun Maximum) Is a complete turn around from the anime, 10x more in depth and much more involved with the characters. You get to know them a lot more than you did in the anime, and even still, the anime left out two awesome characters as well.

    But excuse me, I'm starting to ramble.

    If you'd like to jump on board the trigun cast, just pick a character and let me know so we can get to plotting and recruiting more people. OK?
  4. Wolfwood. any day, the smoking, drinking, bad ass preacher with machine gun, rocket launcher and pistols. Because he's awesome. Also He's got the coolest weapon.
  5. Alright awesome, I'll take you down as a member, I'll start doing everything officially once we get at least five people who are up for doing this.
    So far we'll need

    Vash the Stampede
    Meryl stryfe
    Milly Thompson
    Legato Bluesummers
    Elendira the Crimsonnail
    Livio the Doublefang
    Razlo the Tri-Punisher of death
    Dominique the Cyclops
    Zazie the Beast
    (any extra Gung-Ho-Guns optional)

    Long list, I know, but you came to me quicker than I thought, I have faith that I can fill this list out no problem.

    Do you want some icons for Wolfwood to RP with? Or are you good on your own?
  6. Can I suggest we set this away from having Vash, as he kinda has a immunity to all natural weapons (SPOILERS).
    maybe we set it before the events of trigun or something. that way whoever plays Milly doesn't have to play out the romance between milly and wolfwood.
  7. Has an immunity to all natural weapons?

    I have no idea what you mean by that, Vash is constantly shot, cut, and mangled half to death in both manga and anime. His body is practically like ground beef because of that, and in the manga he almost dies like 3 time because of that very thing.

    As for romance, there really doesn't have to be that kinda stuff here. That will lead on a more personal level, I'd kinda like to keep this verse free of having to much of that stuff.

    No one has to do anything really, you just play out your character. There's no forced romance, or things of that sort.

    Am I making sense here? I feel like I'm rambling.
  8. Ok, let me Rephrase that. Vash is Technically immortal.
    he is a creature from outside of time, thus cannot 'die' as it were, sure he almost dies. but never does. also angel arm ect, Either someone has to play vash very well or he has to be skipped.

    also a full cannon cast is kinda boring. just personal experience.
  9. Well, again, I'm referring heavily on the manga, and even in the anime he isn't someone "outside of time" he's a plant. And yah, he CAN die.

    Knives ended up dying in the manga, which is why I am refering to it a lot heavier. Because Vash can die if he runs out of power and his hair turns completely black.

    (hope I did that right, I'm still new here, trying to figure everything out.

    And we don't have to get a ENTIRE cast together. Just the important people, and from my experience its been rather successful.

    OC's will be allowed though.
  10. Plants are powered by creatures outside of time, one of the guys says it in the manga. I can't remember where. but anyway, I'm just voiceing my concerns. but I'll trust you.
  11. I don't recall ever even reading that, ever. I'd really like to see where it says that though if you have any sources. I'm seriously interested.

    I do recall a scientist referring to the plants as "Humanities Pandora's Box" It's kinda similar to what you're saying.

    But if you're iffy on it, you honestly don't have to come on with me. I can understand if you don't want to do this wasting your time on something you'd lose interest in. Just think it over for a while if you'd like.
    I'll be around for a while, not going anywhere anytime soon, maybe.
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