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  1. Ok so i was reading a book and something popped into my head that sounded good.

    A long time ago wizards set out to lock all the demons into spell books that they can use to fight with later they wanted to rule the world. They failed to rule anything because once they locked up the demons into the books they learned to summon the demon back and make them do their bidding they must first sell their soul and while many of them did this most of them where to scared of death. The demons still in the books where lost in time and very few people even remember the stories they heard as children about them. as time went on all but one group of creatures forgot about the books, vampires remembered and always tried to find the books and having no souls they wouldnt have to sell anything to get the demon out. Many of the vampires still think that all of the books where either lost or where destroyed and have since abandoned the search. One vampire has since found a book said to hold a female succubus in its pages and he wants to use her for his own reasons...

    i was thinking that this would be a 1X1 and that i would need a male vampire. i didnt really want this to be dirty or anything i was kinda hoping that it would be more like he releases her and tricks her into being his property and so while she fights the urge to kill him she finds that he isnt so bad.

    please tell me what you think and if you would any ideas on how to make this better... im sorry i know its not the best since im speed writing it because my key board is about to die and i wanted to get this written before i go on the long trip to the kitchen to get batteries.