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Healthy eating?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Minibit, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. 90% of resolutions are to do with ones health, and while exercise is definitely important; a lot of us make our first step toward health in the kitchen

    What healthier choices do you make in your food? Do you follow a strict diet, or try to choose the lesser evil? Do you worry about fat or carbohydrates or salt or artificial additives or all the above?

    Personally, I'm a huge sweet tooth, so cutting baked goods or sugars entirely is just not possible. Instead I quit pop and sugary juices, and try to limit my bread/wheat product intake. Instead of snacking all day on sweets, I limit my sugar fix to one dessert after dinner.

    I don't really worry about natural fats like the fat in meat, butter, etcetera; those fats burn off pretty quick with a little exercise, but I avoid hydrogenated fats like canola oil etcetera like a plague

    I have learned a whole new appreciation for Soup, fruit, raw veggies, dinner leftovers, salads, tea, and milk
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  2. I personally love food but I'm strict with it. I won't eat anything "fatty" except twice a week, and when I eat it's in small portions spread out through five meals.

    I'm not that big of a sweet tooth, so staying away from those is simple. I also split my nutrition in a rather unique way than most where I eat mostly protein rich foods in the mornings and evenings and stick with carbs in the afternoon.
  3. Over all I eat healthy cause I like to look sexy. I eat a shit load of vegetables (a shitton of spinach), low fat meats and protein sources like fat free greek yogurt and cottage cheese. I just stay away from heavy, fatty foods day to day and eat small portions throughout the day. I drink tons of water as well.


    I have my moments when I'm not training where I eat everything in huge quantities and drink all the time. I call it my recharge period.