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  1. I'm moving the Health Care conversation coming up in the Canadian Federal Election thread over here before we derail it.

    Isn't that still an issue for people in Poverty who can't afford to throw that money down?
    Yea, but don't they still get hit with a Bill afterwards?
    Sometimes we stuck with massive waiting times though.

    Like my Dad once had to wait 24 hours before seeing staff, his appendix ended up bursting on his way to the hospital room as a result.
    This as well as Prescription Medicine.
    Which can add up to quite a lot to people living in Poverty.
  2. As a note, some prescription medication is subsidized, so it's cheaper. Also, some provinces have welfare plans which you can use to discount or even entirely remove the cost of medications. Plan G in BC will entirely remove the cost of psychiatric medication if you cannot afford to pay the cost for it. That includes antipsychotics (both type 1 & type 2) and antidepressants.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.