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  1. Vencion was his name as the dragon god of Protection and Law. His body was much larger than most dragons as his wings were massive and able to cause winds to blow down a castle wall if he so pleased. He had came to earth because he had heard of a kingdom that had a corrupt law system. But as he had came in the knights, warriors and mages were all ready for him and a nasty fight had entered and he had fought with everything he had but it alone was not good enough. So collapsed to the ground gently in pain and his blood soaked the ground around him snarling at warriors that rolled their eyes and saying he would die within three hours.

    The dragon growled and snorting he laid limp on the ground only his nose moved as he breathed and caused an uproar of wind in the place of his life. It was an hour before he heard someone walking around and too much in pain to move he said nothing he just laid there limp only breathing nothing more. A warrior was there with the other mage and sighed “so yeah this dragon came and attacked us, all we need to know if it's dead yet, report back when you learn” the knight said with a venom laced words before it turned and walked off leaving the girl and the limp bloody dragon that was massive. The dragon growled slightly but it could have been dying the blood was all around it scars and scratches on its body and slowly it let out a deep huff as the wind that rushed out its nose made everything go flying around him away and a boulder rolled away from its nose from the strong gust of wind.
  2. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/characters/evelynn-rose.5258/

    The day was going by normally as she served the drinks men coming up to her saying there usual advantages as she went through the tables ignoring there roaming hands prepared to do use her tray if nessicary. The day was going by so slowly as everything went through there own daily routines. Smiling and walking around she placed down everyone's beers talking up the usual conversation with all the regulars. As the men all winked and asked when she was going to take there request and spend a night with them. Smiling she would laugh them off but I inside she was growing more and more angry at the thought that these guys were not going to take the hint she was fully not interested -yet they tried.

    As she put the tray down looking out the window she leaned on her elbow hoping for a time where she wouldn't have to be grabbed at just to eat every night. The thoughts of staying in this place made her want to smack herself with a tray, the way life was going she was never going to be able to able to leave this place. The thought of forever being a bar maid, made her want to rip her head off but she had to stay strong. She had to dream of a life better than this, she had to keep hope that her life would give her more.

    Walking behind the bar she turned to the door when she heard the sound of someone busting in. Everyone in the bar turned as he started to talk crazy about some dragon being in the town. Everyone in the bar started to laugh at him even the nights in the corner turned there noses at him. The man begged for everyone to listen finally a knight stood up and walked him out of the bar. Looking out the window she watched them carefully the knight trying to calm hI'm which did not seem to be working. Looking down she looked back at them but this time the knight was looking up at something his face skewed in disbelief as if he could not comprehend what he was seeing. Moving closer to the window she looked up her eyes not forming the image of what she was seeing.

    "A dragon..." She whispered slowly as she looked up at the sky. There was a huge dragon flying in the sky everyone ran to the door and the window trying to see what everyone else what was in the sky. The Knights all grabbed there swords and ran outside as people panicked all running trying to get to there homes as a knight yelled for all the nearest mage in the area. Evelynn ran outside as the people pancked pushing past them trying to get the knights.
    "It's not doing anything leave it alone!" She yelled but it was to late the mage all released at once along with the Knights bows.

    In the matter of minutes there was a beautiful magestic dragon in the air and as she saw it falling to the earth in a loud crash that shook the earth. Tears forming in her eyes as she ran to race them there yelling at them. "How could you he wasn't doing anything!" A knight came and grabbed her from getting any closer to the sceen at hand as she saw a knight looking over the dragon. It wasn't long before they called him dead and walked away from the scene the knight holding her let her go as she fell to her knees tears in her eyes.

    As everyone cleared out she got up and slowly started walking to the giant beast that was once a happy creature of the sky. "I am so sorry..." She whispered to the fallen beast as she approached closer putting a hand on his snout feeling the small breaths it was taking.
    "Please pull through....please"
  3. The large and powerful creature that laied slain on the ground gave a powerful snort from its nose causing a large gust of wind to blow past the girl and its eyes slowly opened to show large orbs of golden green color as it looked right at her. Before closed its eyes once more before its body started to mist up slowly as it started to shrink down to the size of a male with long black hair and covered in many wounds. A dragon that could shift was a powerful creature now reduced to that of a human form. His black hair was stained with small drops of blood and he coughed in pain and curled up on his side as his shirt was torn up and bloody, he was very weak and tired he needed to get healed.

    The warriors where back in the bar talking about the dragon and what they would do about killing and using the dragons claws and bones as magical sheilds and weapons. The warriors gloated and boasted about their victory over the mighty dragon and soon they would go and search for the body and take what they needed from the powerful creature.
  4. Closing her eyes she continued to shhh calming words to the beast. Trying to make his last moments somewhat calming running her hands slowly across him. She knew the odds of it feelin her gentle human touch was mostly likely impossible but Evelynn had to do something she could not just stand here and do nothing for it. It wasn't I her to let someone take there final momen's alone. "It will be okay, I promise you... it will all be okay." Whispering calmly the beast let out a long breath blowing her dress and her hair it was warm causing her to smile lightly. "Shhh" trying to calm it more she started to sing a little lullaby closing her eyes keeping close to it.

    As she sung she noticed the smoke all coming around her in a weird blur. Scared she fell back onto the ground looking at the beast but the smoke was so think nothing was able to be seen. Blinking she coughed trying to get back to it Evelynn wanted to be there for it something inside her told her it needed her. By the time the smoke cleared she looked around the area but the beast was gone. Her brows formed together as she looked around for it, how could something that big just disappear like that.

    "Hello?" She yelled looking around the area but a beast was not what she found. As she looked there was a man on the floor bleeding and cut badly. "What the?" Whispering to herself she knelt down beside him and cupped the man's face as gently as she could. Everything in her was confused and not sure what to do but as the man opened his eyes gently she gaxed into them and she knew this man was her beast. Letting out a shocked breath she looked around Evelynn could not keep him here. Grabbing his arm gently she lifted him letting his full weight fall on her, he was heavy but she needed to get him out of here no one can know what he was.

    Following through the shadows she made her way to her house lucky to not be seen by anyone. Which was a bit easy since they were all at the bar celebrating this man's death. Once she made it to her house she placed him gently on the floor getting up she grabbed all of the healing supplies she could. "Do not worry.." She spoke softly into his ear as she caressed his cheek gently. "You will live..."
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