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    My Character: Alexander Devereaux or Alex"
    Okay, son make sure you've got everything, I need to speak with the movers." My dad, William,
    said and gave me a weak smile before walking down the sidewalk toward the drivers of the two large orange colored trucks parked on the side of the road just in front of our house.
    My blue eyes that are now full of bottled up tears turn toward the house that I had grown up in. I had lived here since dad and mom brought me home from the hospital after I was born, sixteen years in all I had been here. But it wasn't only the house, but the entire town including Benedict High School that I was sad to leave. At Bendedict I had many friends, and my popularity was immense. What was most spectacular about Benedict was that I could be myself, meaning that I was out of the closet about being gay, this of course was something that annoyed the hell out of dad. Dad never said anything to me though since I made him proud by being captain of the school's fencing team, the fencing team is also what brought me my popularity.
    Since I was captian of the fencing team I had lead the team to two state championships. I am good at fencing because I am short and small in size, which makes me quick and springy.
    It was here in this town I realized I was gay, I was about ten, I realized that I am not like all the other boys because I am feminine in the way I walk, talk, and do things. A couple years later I developed a crush for a fourteen year old boy named Zach, we had kissed and the very next day he broke my heart. I hadn't dated since then and forced myself not to crush on anyone.
    There were plenty of good memories and bad memories in this house. Last year things got really bad, dad and mom had been fighting for weeks everytime they fought things got worse, it got so bad that mom asked for a divorce and that was that, mom abandoned me to live with dad. Mom had been comfortable with me being gay where as dad hated it but bared it.
    I tried to forget but how could I when someone I loved was missing from the family?
    I walk quietly through the now empty house, stopping to look out of randome windows from time to time, it seemed so strange now that it was empty. I hear the engines of the moving trucks outside turn on. I walk back down the stairs where dad is standing looking at his watch. "Ready kido?" He asked, I nod in response and walk out to dad's black explorer and get in the passenger side, throwing my backpack into the backseat after getting my ipod out and sticking my earbuds in my ears. Dad gets in and and pulls out of the driveway, the moving trucks follow us.
    We drive along for about an hour in complete silence, there has been little poision between dad and I after the divorce. Dad breaks the silence. "I know you don't like the thought of boarding school but Ithink once you see Darmoore Academy you'll like it, I mean there fencing program is one of the best in the nation." He says trying to lighten the mood. I don't say anything, I know Darmoore had been a long tradition in our family line. My great great grandfather Olvier Devereaux attended and every male had attended since then. I hated that I was going to have to rebuild my popularity all over again, but there would be nothing but boys as at the academy, at least there was one upside to it.
    The main reason I was being sent there is because dad had been offered the position of Head Master, a job grandpa had held for years before his passing a couple of years ago.
    The four hour long trip finally concluded, it was about 9:00pm when we arrived at our new home, it was a beautiful home, surrounded by woods and fields, not like our other home which was in a town surrounded by other homes.
    We spend the evening moving things into the house, we don't sort through everything we pretty much just set out the beds, something I'm ready for. The next day I wouldn't see the house again until summer. Tomorrow I would start at Darmoore, I just hoped the dorms were nice.
    The next morning was rather hectic, I showered quickly and styled my hair into it's usual emo style I dressed quickly in my uniform which consisted of black slacks, a white button down shirt, black tie, and black blazer. We could wear what ever shoes we pleased wheich Iwas happy for, I didn't think I could part with my converse.
    Dad and I ate a silent breakfast. After which we we went over an extensive check list of books and such I would need while I was at school. Once we were sure we had everything we were out the door and heading toward the explorer. I throw my fencing foils and suitcas in the back. Since I was joining the new school's fencing team I had to have my practice equipment. I buckle up and we're off.
    We drive for about 45 minutes until we arrive at the school, the school is beautiful, it's architecture is that of a castle with several tall towers and multiple huge buildings sprawling out along the enormous grounds of the school. The school is on the boarder of a great expanse of woods and fields which makes it even more interesting, at least it's in a beautiful place. The school is surrounded by a cobblestone wall the entrance was through an iron gate above which iron twisted into letters read Darmoore Academy. We drive up the cobblestone drive to the main building. The main building and welcoming center is a huge white stone building that seems to shimmer in the morning light.
    My dad lets me out and leaves to get to his office. There are crowds of guys dressed in there uniforms going here and there, a few guys were tossing a football back and forth.
    My first day was luckily a off day, the entire school did as they pleased today this would give me time to adjust to the school.
    I walk into the main building at get my schedule and given a key to the dormroom I would be sharing with someone.
    I wonder around cluelessly for five minutes and become irritated. I notice a guy laying under a tree, a very good looking guy. I sigh and walk over to him, my arms behind my back. "Hi." I say to the guy. "I'm Alex, new here. Um do you know where the dorms are?" I ask shyly. When meeting new people I was very shy, a trait I was never able to shake out although I was highly popular at Benedict. For a moment, I don't think the rather smug looking boy is going to answer perhaps he didn't hear me, his eyes were closed.
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    Name: Tommy Joe Ratliff aka "Kitty"
    Age: 17

    Another fucking day at hell... I mean Darmoore Academy. Ever since I got kicked out of my last school my parents made me attend this damn boarding school. They think it will 'fix my attitude' and 'make me a better person'. Well they can fuck off. I'm not changing who I am just because they tell me too.

    Anyways... I'm Tommy Joe Ratliff. I'm 17 and openly gay and single. Yes, I'm gay. If you have a problem with it, just fuck off. I've known I was gay ever since I was thirteen. My parents didn't even suspect anything, which I don't know how since I always brought guys over. Yet again I don't look gay or even act it so whatever. As you probably have figured out I don't really care what anyone says or thinks of me.

    I guess you can call me the bad boy rocker. Ever since I was ten I've always loved music. I don't sing but I play bass and electric guitar. I'm not popular but I do have some great friends. There's Adam, 17, - he was actually my first boyfriend. We got together two years ago but last year we realized that we didn't love each other anymore so we broke up. We're still best friends though and moved on from our past. I got my nickname 'Kitty' from him because he thinks I look like one - or because of my attitude. Finally there's Ashley, 18, - she's practically my sister and the most badass girl you could ever meet. Whenever I had any problems, she was there for me. These two are my small 'glamily' as Adam calls us. They're everything to me and I don't let anyone mess with them and they do the same with me.

    When I came out to my parents last year they pretty much disowned me. They could care less about what I do or where I go. They pretty much act like I'm dead. They shipped me to his hell-hole thinking it would 'fix me' and 'make me normal again'. It's fucking sick. I'm sorry but I'm not stopping being gay EVER.

    Anyways... enough about me and let's get to now.

    It's a nice day out, sunny with no clouds. Thank god it's a free period for me. I'm chilling, laying under a tree, listening to my iPod. Metallica blasting in my ears, my eyes closed getting lost in the music. I was about to switch to another song when I hear a guy talk to me. I sigh and take out my ear buds, sitting up back against the tree. I open my eyes and can't believe my eyes. This new guy - I know cause I've never seen him before - is fucking gorgeous. Black hair, piercing blue eyes, fair skin and his bottom lip double pierced on the right side. So fucking sexy. Get it together Tommy! he asked you a question! my inner self snaps.

    "Um, hey." I reply, putting my iPod away. "I'm Tommy. Yeah, I was about to head to mine." I answer. I get up and grab my Metallica bag. "Come on, I'll take you there." I say smiling. I start leading Alex down the path to the dorms. "Do you know what dorm you're in? I know there's a few open ones in my building." I ask, glancing at him as we walked. I got dorm room 11-7, two rooms down from Adam and Ashley's 11-5.

    [sorry it's long, since I didn't really do a char sheet I put in his story in the beginning ]
  3. When the guy opened his beautiful eyes my mouth fell open slightly, then when he stood up I blushed brightly, this guy was a God!!! Blonde hair, bright hazel eyes made brighter by the dark makeup around them, beautiful complectio... He looked like a total bad ass... I knew at once I muet have him!!! Wait, what??? No, he probably isn't eve gay or bi, and even if he was I had promised myself that after Zach I would never love another soul again. But damn, this guy was unbelivably hot, probably taken as well.

    I looked down to hide my blush when he spoke. "Um nice to meet you Tommy I'm Alexander, but you can Alex, or Lex. Some of my friends Call me Lex so I guess you could call me that of you want, I guess it doesn't matter..." I rambled. Fuck I was already making a fool of myself by rambling on. "Sorry didn't mean to ramble." I said as my blush grew brighter.

    Before I could fuck up anymore than I already had I let him lead me to the dorm buildings... When he said his room number I felt my heart skip a beat... "Um i'm 11-7 as well, looks like we're roommates." I said shyly... "I could ask for a room change if you'd rather be left alone." I said.

    ((No worries I love long replies, it gives me more to work witb, I dislike replies with just a handful of sentences your opening post is awesome, Tommy is such a hotty ;) ))
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  4. [thanks. It's Tommy Joe Ratliff, Adam Lambert's sexy Kitty guitarist <3 IKR!!! He's so fucking sexy I just wanna.... um... yeah... ;)

    oh and he has brown eyes, not hazel :P]

    I can't help but smile as I catch Alex checking me out. "Okay, Lex it is then. My friends call me 'Kitty' so you can call me that if you want." I reply smiling. Judging by how Lex was looking at me, he was probably wondering if I was gay or not. From how he was looking at me, he was definitely gay. I knew just by looking at him that he was my type - black hair, blue eyes, just a rocker look. I could tell he was more shy but I figured his personality would come out the more I got to know him.

    I can't help but laugh as he rambles. "It's okay. I don't mind, sometimes I can ramble on too." I say smiling, looking at him. I can't help but smile more, my heart skipping a beat when Alex says he's in my room. "Yeah, I guess so. You won't need to, I like you already Lex." I say reassuring him with a smile.

    After a few minutes of walking, we finally get to our floor of the dorm building. "This is our floor. Luckily we didn't get the floor where it's a constant party." I say as I walk with him down the hall and to our room. I smile noticing Adam and Ashley's room open, waving as we pass their room. "That was my ex's Adam and friend Ashley's room. They're extremely nice and open-minded. If you ever need help with anything, they will help you." I tell him. I then stop in front of our room and open the door with the key.

    "This is our room. Sorry for the mess, I wasn't expecting my roommate to arrive until next week." I say slightly embarrassed with the mess. I walk over to my bed on the right side of the room and take of my bad, placing it on my desk. "You have the left side. We each have a dresser, desk and closet." I explain, sitting on my bed. "Oh and not to be mean but please don't touch my babies. If you do, I will kill you." I say, showing him my guitars and bass in the corner of the room.

    "We got lucky and got one of the two rooms with a bathroom and small living area with a kitchen in it. Adam and Ashley got the other one. You can visit them whenever you want to, they don't mind at all." I tell him smiling. "Oh and if you don't have the room key yet just go to the DA's room on the main floor and Monte will give you it. DA is Dorm Adviser by the way, Monte keeps this dorm in check and under control somewhat." I explain.
  5. I had the faintest notion that this walking sex symbol was checking me out which made my cheeks burn harder and my heart thump faster. You know what fuck my past promises to myself if this sexy guy wanted me, hell I would surrender in a heartbeat all he had to do was say the word. It was looking at me as if he already knew I was gay.

    When he spoke my nick name with his sexy sexy voice my heart fluttered lightly, and then he revealed a perfect smile. He already liked me? Was he just trying to make me surrender to him, because it was working. I followed him through the halls listening to him talk about Ashley and Adam, and that is when he revealed that Adam was his ex. Mentally I was thinking Yes!!! I have a shot with this bad boy. On the small room tour he showed me his babies, I could tell he was a rocker which was yet another turn on for me.

    "Well you layed the rules down, don't worry I can folllow those rules, and I'm taken care of key wise."I said and dangled my key for him to see. "Oh and um, just so you know I'm gay." I said shyly.
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  6. I can't help but laugh a bit when I notice him notice me checking him out. Blush creeped onto his cheeks instantly and my heart skips a beat. He is so fucking cute! I think to myself. I knew my charm and sexiness was winning him over. I was going to make sure Alex was mine before this term ended. Hell, he was already turning into putty in my hands, I could just say I want him and he would probably let me take him.

    When I called him his nickname 'Lex', I seen him surrender even more. When I told him Adam was my ex, I swear his face lit up. He just met me and he was already surrendering to me. Letting me flirt and charm him with no problem. I showed him our room and noticed him 'melt' more, especially when I showed him my babies. Looks like I found his turn on, me being a rocker.

    "Great, You can do pretty much whatever you want just don't burn the room down." I reply laughing. He shows me that he got his keys and I nod smiling. I then hear him tell me he's gay and my heart flips. "No offence but I figured that out when I first seen you. You probably figured it out but I'm gay too." I say smiling. "Oh and you don't have to worry about me and Adam. We got together two years ago when we were both fifteen and last year we broke up. It was fun and amazing being together, but we just realized that we were just meant to be friends." I explain. "Oh and yes, I'm single." I add, winking knowing he was probably wondering that.
  7. What is really hot about Tommy is that he knows he is sexy and don't mind showing it off, I was practically undressing him with my eyes, and I think he liked that. I threw my bags and fencing gear onto my bed before sitting down and turning my attention back to Tommy. I could heat what he was saying but I was to entranced by him to worry to much about what he was saying until the last thing he said, He was single!!! My chances were secured now.

    "I-i'm single too." I stuttered and looked down at my feet. "I've not been with anyone since I was 14." I said nervously as memories flooded back of the cruel way in which Zach had broken my heart. "Besides a guy would be crazy to date me anyway, apparently I'm nothing but trouble." I said softly
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  8. I could tell Alex liked me already. Hell I bet he was undressing me mentally which I don't mind at all. I notice him through his stuff on his bed then sitting down and focusing on me again. I could tell he wasn't really listening to me... that is until I said I was single. I swear he just lit up when I said that. Hell he looked like he was ready to take me right here and now.

    I can't help but smile more when he says he's single too. "Seriously? No offence but how the hell is a hot guy like you single?" I can't help but ask shocked. The fact that Alex - my new fucking hot as hell roommate - was single didn't make any sense to me. "I'm sorry but any guy that rejects you is fucking mental. You're extremely hot and have an amazing personality. Any guy would be lucky to have you as a boyfriend, hell I would die to have a guy like you." I say smiling, looking at him.
  9. "You can have me!" I burst out and immediately clapped my hands over my mouth, damn that sounded bad."I-i mean you are single and I am single so um m-mabe we could um you know get to know each other better." God, I sounded sounded like a total fucking idiot. I mean what in the hell was wrong with me? I never felt shy or nervous but here I was melting into this guy's hands.
    I looked at him biting my lip shyly. "I'm sorry it's been awhile." I said softly
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  10. I can't help but smile more when Alex bursts out that he could have him. This guy was completely surrendering. I get off my bed and walk over to his, sitting down next to him, leaving some space between us. I listen to his suggestion of getting to know each other better which I'm guessing is his way of saying he wants us to get together. I chuckle a bit at how adorable and shy he was being right now. "It's okay Lex. I want us to get to know each other better too." I reply, looking at him.

    I could tell Alex was getting nervous with me. I figure he's probably not going to make the first move so I decide to make it. I move closer to Alex, my brown eyes locking with his blue ones. I slowly lean in, not wanting to rush anything, slowly closing the gap between us. My eyes close and I capture his lips in a soft gentle kiss, one of my hands gently on his cheek.
  11. I did not expect him to kiss me and when he did I was glad, his lips were like fire against mine. I pushed my lips against his and let out a soft moan. His lips wer soft and warm and hard to pull away from... in fact I had no intention of pulling away. It had been so long since the last time I was kissed, the last kiss broke my heart, but the way Tommy kissed me promised nothing but passion... I just wondered how far he would go with me, would he love me or just use me for sex? Right now I didn't care, all I wanted was his lips. I moaned again as I grabbed the front of his jacket and pulled him ontop of me as I laid down on my bed not once breaking the kiss.
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  12. I knew I surprised Alex when I kissed him. I thought for a moment he would just pull away but he didn't, instead he started kissing me back. Kissing him was fucking amazing, sending my body on fire. I hear him moan and smirk against his lips. I knew he hadn't been in a relationship since he was fourteen and I figured he was sixteen, so I wouldn't rush things with us. I wanted him to know that I wasn't going to hurt and use him like the jerk he was with before.

    I slowly deepen the kiss, making it a passionate kiss. I wasn't going to use him for sex. Even though I literally just met him this morning, I was already falling for my sexy roommate. He moans again as he lays back on his bed, pulling me on top of him by my jacket. I break the kiss and start attacking his neck, leaving lovebites on both sides.
  13. I pouted when he pulled away from my lips, I thought he was stopping, instead I felt him press his lips to my neck, I could feel his teeth bare gently against my flesh which was a major turn on for me, I wanted him to leave leave marks all over me, so I could show everone that I belonged to him. I was definitely turned on right now and the bulge in my pants proved that. "Fuck, that feels good." I said in a breathless whisper as my fingers tangled onbhis golden hair. I hit my lip trying to surpress the sounds of pleasure that he caused to come from my mouth but I couldn't... I was completely under his spell.
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  14. I can't help but chuckle when I see him pout. Yes, we were moving quite fast by jumping straight into a relationship but I didn't give a fuck. As cliche as it sounds, I wanted Alex since I laid eyes on him. I loved his black hair, I loved his piercing blue eyes, I loved his fair skin, I loved his personality... Hell I fucking loved everything about him. I loved this moment, marking him as mine for everyone to see.

    I can't help but moan feeling his fingers tangled in my hair. I pull away from his neck and look down at him. I chuckle watching him bite his lip, fighting back another moan but failing. "I know we just met but... I fucking love you Lex." I say already breathless. I lean down and passionately kiss him again. I smirk feeling his growing bulge and grind down on him. This was the real reason I was called 'Kitty'- my dominance, my fierceness, my inner wild cat. Once I had my prey, I marked them, claimed them as mine, I protected them. Alex was my prey and I was his predator, his hunter. He was mine and I was his. I am his Kitty.
  15. He loved me? All in all we had only exchangd a few sentences and he says he loves me. Truth is, Infelt the same way, the moment I laid eyes on him I was in love. I hoped my feelings didn't end up being false, and I prayed I wasn't jumping the gun. But Tommy was well worth the risk and my heart was telling me to go for it. "I love you too" I replied breathlessly beforr he attacked my lips again.

    This time I opened my mouth to him allowing his tounge in to play with mine. Suddeny he ground his hips down against my bulge sending pleasure throughout my whole body. My back arched as another moan escaped my lips, I was loving his dominance, his passion, and obvious want for me... I was his prey and I wanted him to attack with all he had. I wanted him to fuck me and make me his right now. "I want you..." I growled against his lips.
  16. I know I jumped the gun telling him I loved him but I didn't care. Ever since I laid eyes on Alex, I wanted him. Yeah, it's the cliche love-at-first-sight crap but that's what happened. I wanted to show Lex that my love for him was real, not a false love like he had before. I knew we were taking a risk but it was fucking worth it.

    I can't help but smile, my heart skipping a beat when he says he loves me too. He opens his mouth, granting me entrance. I slide my tongue in his mouth, our tongues dancing together. I could feel pleasure through my whole body when I grind our bulges together. I hear him moan again, his back arching pressing our bodies together. My Kitty-side was starting to come out more and more then I heard the words I was waiting for. "I want you..."

    Those words sent my body on fire. He wanted me just as bad as I wanted him. My eyes go dark with lust and want, with the need to take him. I break our kiss, taking off my jacket and throwing it in some random direction. I smirk looking down at my helpless prey, straddling him. I lean back down, kissing and nipping up his neck to his ear. "You're all mine Lex. Only mine." I purr into his ear, nipping his pierced ear-lobe, my hands going up his chest under his shirt. I leave another love bite, grinding down on him again.
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