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  1. Hello all, Owlet here, the one and only of course. Since I have free time on my hands, I will be opening up portrait commissions for the low price of free! Most of this is because I need a little practice and because I enjoy drawing different things.

    Of course, I can do sketches, or full color works. I can do ones with lineart and ones that look more realistic and are without lineart. Of course, ones in color or with lineart take longer than others.

    Please fill out the form so I can know things about your character

    Clothing Choice:
    Any Special Requests:

    My Deviant Art if you want to look at more of the things I do
    Icefox16 on DeviantArt
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  2. Name: Alexa Hall
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Clothing Choice: something like a nice shade of blue, or something to compliment her hair color! Or no color is totally fine! Preferably a dress, so, like, thin straps, maybe, she doesn't like jewelry though.
    Personality: Alexa is shy, but determined. She will go for whatever she wants, but quietly, as long as it doesn't involve other people too much.
    Any Special Requests: if you do use color, which is not required at all!, her hair is long and blue! Her hair reaches to her lower back and her eyes are an icy blue color with hints of green (yes, I love the color blue!).Her hair is usually a bit tousled, and her eyes are wide, often compared to a pixie's eyes.
    Other: n/a!

    I really appreciate this if you do it for me! If not, that's fine! ^~^ (also sorry if this was meant for PM, I can move it there if you'd like!)
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  3. Seems we have that in common! I love tealy blues and blues in general so I might end up rough coloring it!
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  4. I have two, if you have the time and don't mind. :3

    Name: Mika Braun
    Age: about 23
    Gender: female
    Clothing Choice: she would wear a black tank top with a gray hoodie over it, likely unzipped. She'd have blue jeand and combat boots
    Personality: she is kind yet is quick to anger when her friends are threatened. She's loud at times and tries her best to look at the brighter side of things-but ends up looking at what could go wrong quite often. She suffers from depression but tries not to let it dictate her life anymore.
    Any Special Requests: if you use color her hair is light purple and in a short, slightly wavy bob. Her right eye has an eyepatch and her left is blue. She has a tan complexion as well.
    Other: she'd probably have a mischievous smirk on her face

    Name: Andrew
    Age: about 23
    Gender: male
    Clothing Choice: striped hoodie over a plain t-shirt. A beanie on his head, blue jeans, and sneakers.
    Personality: usually quiet and practically an introvert. He doesn't get out much and prefers being indoors most of the time than socializing with most people outside of his family and friends.
    Any Special Requests: if you use color (you don't have to) his hair is a bit messy and blonde, stopping a little past his ears and his eyes are brown while he's paler than normal due to being inside most of the time.
    Other: n/a at the moment
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  5. I'll get that after the first one!
  6. Thank you
  7. Here is the sketch! Go ahead and make any sugestions now! Make sure you are happy with it
  8. I have one sketch done! Tell me what you think of it, if it needs changes or alterations, and I'll get on it!
    Picture (open)

    2-Female Eyepatch.jpeg
  9. I like, but the only thing is that the eyepatch is on the wrong eye. :3
  10. Oh so you meant looking at her it's on the left. I was under the impression it was her left
  11. It's her right eye that has the eyepatch, her left eye is the blue one. I probably should've been a bit more specific. Or at least worded it better.

    By the way, I really like your art style.

    Edit: yeah, looking at her it's on the left
  12. Aww, thank you~ It's just a rough sketch for now, I will flesh it out and make it cleaner tomorrow
  13. You're welcome. I'll be waiting for the awesomeness to come. :D
  14. Lovely! I like how it looks already! :D
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  15. *feels really bad because she hasn't finished the sketch alteration yet*

    I'm sorry!!!
  16. It's okay. I might also ask for a few more requests in the future. If that's okay :3
  17. That's totally fine! I am getting to work on it right now
  18. Alright. I didn't want to bother you but after a while I got a bit concerned there. :0
  19. here are the flat colors, hope you like it!
    Huge Drawing

    2-Female Eyepatch Color.jpg
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  20. I also made a smaller version
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