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  1. Hello! oWo;

    So my friend recently gave me their old Cintiq, and I need to practice using it.
    I'm only offering headshots/portraits because I suck at bodies and I don't wanna disappoint anyone hardcore lmao.

    So, since I'm super fucking slow at drawing and shit bc of health reasons, I'll currently take a small amount of requests, and then if I need to, open a wait list.
    My art can be found on my deviantart.


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  2. Ooooh! Could I pretty please get a headshot of my character, Jikei?

    Jikei Narisawa on Toyhouse

    I think he'd look good in your adorable style!
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  3. Sure thing! :> He's adorable!
  4. Yay! Thank you! I'm soooo excited! >u<
  5. Still open? :3